Prometheus Jones is a punk rock anarchist from outer space, who managed to find himself at home here on Earth. He continues in his fascination with the universe from his station  in geosynchronous orbit just above the Earth’s surface, following the sidereal-terran day period of 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4 seconds. When he is not in orbit he likes to spend time at his apartment in San Francisco, with his cat Salem. You can often find him at the Twin Peaks lookout in the dead of night looking straight up at the sky identifying Orion, and watching the shimmering wanderer Venus. Prometheus is deeply bothered by injustice and uses this as a forum to change that reality, he believes that all life should be on equal footing and have equal chances at a prosperous life as this is the best way to maximize existential potential.  Prometheus is an Aquarius obsessed with the future  He stays crunchy in milk, and is as ethereal as the Unicorn of his namesake. Prometheus is a Queerdo  versed in Astrology as a form of semiotics, Science, Ecology, Social Justice, Feminism and Soft-theism with a large dose of Nuerotheology.  He is also self-identified as a witch and pagan, with an extraterrestrial origin. Prometheus is a strange attractor, riding the chaos waves that create cosmic coherence. He plays well with others, is user friendly and generally  clever.


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