A Civilization that Flies: The Pluto-Libra Generation and Sustainabilty


(Author Disclaimer: This post was authored using Tropical Astrology, and predates the transition to sidereal 13 signs Astrology)

The Pluto in Libra generation is the transitional generation between Generation-X (Pluto-in-Virgo) and The Millenials (Pluto-in-Scorpio). We are the edge-dwellers born between the years 1971-1984 (roughly: Pluto has long retrogrades so it can vary). Our generation is known to be a very charming one and we are the go-betweens coordinating efforts between the Pluto-Virgos (which precede us) and the Pluto-Scorpios (which proceed us).

The Plutonian function is never subtle and can be summed up in three keywords: Eliminate, purge, and redeem. It effectively eliminates corruption, rot, decay, and toxins, and purifies everything it touches by transforming it completely. It is literally regeneration from the ground up. It produces an intense focus on the matters pertaining to whatever sign it happens to be transiting. In the case of Libra it gives an near obsessive focus on the importance of relationships and standing on equal footing with the “Other”. It asks us to examine how we project onto others and why we need to have enemies for self-definition. It is a challenge to find the most authentic identity within the context of how we relate to others as equals.

Our mission impossible should we choose to accept it, is to literally initiate a dialogue that will transform the very foundations of civilization. An exploration of Libra’s symbols bears this out. Libra is the scales in this case the scales of justice. It creates a focus on fairness, equality, and how we are just. Libra is also a civilizing sign, in its mythology and associations to various mythological goddess’ it deals with the agreements that people make to make life in community possible. It is the impulse in each of us that honors the liberty of others and respects their inalienable rights (what is further interesting is that when the U.S. Constitution was signed Saturn was in Libra, that planets sign of exaltation, Saturn deals with responsibility, teamed with Libra it is symbolic of social responsibility).

Further the scales represent balance and equilibrium. The biggest obsession of our generation will deal with the need for balance and to find the equilibrium needed to occupy a liminal space between generations and act in the role of Initiators (Libra is a cardinal sign which has to do with beginnings and initiating actions). We are in effect tasked with initiating a dialogue around bringing the planet’s people back into balance with each other and our available resources.

On a personal level our generation will have an intense desire to create relationships with each other based on shared values, fairness, and equality. The women of our generation are empowered to take a stand and be their most authentic self, the men are encouraged to find an enlightened way to engage each other and women (whether gay, straight, or everything in between). The focus will be how to create relationships which harmonize two distinct individuals onto a common ground which honors partnership and liberty. We are here to demonstrate that love is a principle which goes beyond feeling. We are rooting out any corruption around how we relate, which means a commitment to radical authenticity with each other, and a fearlessness around exploring our beloveds in their depths. We are talking deep, rooted, and transformative love.

Specific areas where we have seen this on a more collective and social level are the recent Supreme Court decision to repeal key components of the DOMA law which have now put GLBT folks onto equal footing or near equal footing to engage in the marriage contract. The other area we see this manifest is this generations commitment to preserving the cultural integrity of the world’s people’s. This generation boasts more academic majors in Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology, and Antiquities (both the artistic and business sides) than any generation before it. Interesting to note that during the transit of Pluto through Libra in the 1970’s our culture saw the ascendancy of multiculturalism, plurality and the post-modern de-constructivist philosophies of cultural relativism.

On a collective and Interpersonal level we are witnessing a commitment to the following areas of engagement: social justice, international diplomacy, human and civil rights and freedoms, the balance between personal liberties and social responsibility, and finally the fair redistribution of wealth, and putting the human species back into balance with its planetary resources. This last piece is significant in that it will put us on a path towards sustainability and building a civilization that is airworthy (Libra is an air sign). It is the essential piece in preventing a collapse of global civilization and passing on a legacy of a workable world to the Pluto-Scorpio generation whose task it will be to complete the process that we initiate for them.

The intensity of the Pluto-Scorpios will broker no interference in the deep transformation of all our collective agreements. They will not be keen to inherit a world based on greed, deceit, injustice, and dwindling resources. They will tear down any corruption they see and transform the world whether it is welcome or not, let’s give them the best footing to do the deep dive on. This is my plea to my generation we cannot afford complacency.


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