Star-Vision: Hamronization and Autonomy

Artist's_Conception_of_Space_Station_Freedom_-_GPN-2003-00092A Space Faring Species? Only if we choose life at the time of our greatest historical crossroads

It seems that there will be no still-point in the stellar movements we are all collectively living through, the point of dynamic equilibrium will be found within ourselves. The only we can successfully navigate the dynamic times we are living through is by sitting in eye of the hurricane, that point of absolute calm that exists at the center of the tumult. Avoiding the capacity to do this  and we are spun out into the chaos of the storm. The reverberating frequencies of our times are not going to abate anytime soon, the century ahead will be filled with evolutionary leaps, upheavals and constant transformations call it humanity’s initiation into collective adulthood, and planetization. We are participating in the birth pains of a global civilization that will see our world born into a time when it is a fully connected, interconnecting organism, in which we as the sentient species act as a kind of planetary mind or brain, each of us a neuron working in concert to create an intelligence larger than the sum of us. The theme of this month is very much about this dynamism, about balancing our sense of an atomized self with the visionary perspective of that self enlarging its sense of its own boundaries.

It is the dance between autonomy and harmonization required of an increasingly global framework. After many dynamic months shaping the contours of 2014, it seems, the trend will only continue with the theme being a transformation on what is defined is Self and Other, increasingly the distinction is becoming fuzzier, and Self is beginning to overlap with other in such a way that the two are no longer distinct. The backdrop of the month is certainly speaking to this albeit in a much more active and rapid way. It is putting selective pressure on our ability to concede to a visionary directive which can transcend simple material concerns and with a clear-eyed pragmatism rooted in long-range arcs, and a distant hope, lead us to a longer sense of Now. The overwhelming feel is one of taking to heart Carl Sagan’s logic underpinning Pale Blue Dot”which is we are evolving towards the capacity to share this tiny world with each other. The vision is simple, no one succumbs to the effects of poverty any longer and out of our thrust towards planetization we are becoming a completely self-sustaining, intercommunicating organism.

Pale Blue Dot: Uranus in Pisces -Mars in Virgo-Pluto in Sagittarius T-Square :06/01-06/30/02014 (and Beyond): Direct Contact is: 6/25/02014

The T-Square that defines the background frequency of June is putting additional pressure on this much needed leap in our understanding of ourselves. Uranus and Mars are acting as catalysts, energizing Pluto at the apex,  with potentially explosive results as the chain reaction reaches critical mass. There is considerable pressure on using our innovative mentality towards crafting a new spiritual vision of humanity, and actively engaging with the practical concerns of a living planet, with certain limitations, especially present is a need to connect our actions with our ecological awareness. We need to begin aligning our collective behaviours to what we know about our planet and its limits, that is what this transit explicitly speaks to. We must begin to take to heart and live out the vision of Pale Blue Dot, the idea that we are on an interconnected, living planetary system, our spaceship floating in the ocean of space. We must learn to share this planet with one another, and what’s more is that the threats to our collective survival are no longer alien or external, they are generated from our own actions and beliefs, and our beliefs are no longer serving our desire to thrive here on this Earth.

The Pluto in Sagittarius transit will continue into 2024 C.E. and will have us continually examining our beliefs, actions, and greater impact on the larger world as these are all issues that Sagittarius is said to correlate to. The specific emphasis is increasingly on our foreign relations as this archetype is said to deal with foreign lands and cultures. Pluto as the great transformer and purifier is compelling us to go on a revision of our most sacredly held beliefs those that would fall under the province of philosophy, religion, spirituality and culture all areas said to correlate to the Archer symbol set. This T-Square is energizing the Plutonian impulse to purify and renew whatever it touches, and part of that is discarding beliefs which are potentially holding the seeds of our own destruction. Self-fulfilling prophecies of the Eschaton, Armageddon, or the end times, Jihad, climate change denial, rabid nationalism, hyper-capitalism with it’s short-term vision, and many other philosophical and religious stances are all up for review and with any luck will be placed finally into the dustbin of history as philosophies which could have spelled our doom, our extinction as a species on a vulnerable Earth. Further, another Sagittarian area is the Laws and legal codes, and an increasing importance will be placed on the harmonization of laws throughout the world so that legal codes begin to reflect one another. The establishment of the World Court and various other tribunals are the first fledgling steps in this direction.

With any luck we will cross the chasm and find our way and recognize the fragile origins our hopefully long human legacy. The darker side of Plutonian energy is the threat of global terrorism and we certainly have many historical examples of this going back to the Early days of Globalization, about the time that Pluto and Uranus conjuncted each other in the 1960’s. This represents the other shoe dropping, the completion of a Uranus-Pluto cycle and the initiation of a new one.

Adding pressures to this volatile and yet alchemical mixture are the Uranus in Pisces energy which is symbolic of our desire to create innovative technologies which will continue to dissolve the distinctions between us, and help us see our common human heritage and the common ground of our being this planet Earth. Technologies which will continue to materialize a global mind that will allow us to become a self-sustaining, full intercommunicating collective organism while at the same time preserving our various cultural diversities. Further, the technological arc will be founded in the idea of uniting Humanity in a common language and a common culture that also allows us our unique cultural signature (again echoing the theme of autonomy and harmonization).

Mars in Virgo is adding the need for a realistic visions and a hopeful pragmatism which allows us to address the practical issues tied up in planetization and a the foundation of an international civilization with a possible future as a space faring entity(spreading the Virus of life throughout the cosmos). It encourages a vision of Self with a larger definition of it’s boundary, no longer will the “Self” be seen as the skin-enscapulated ego but instead our “Self “will expand in definition to encompass the community of life on this planet and its critical life-support systems. It is the practical ecological understanding which echoes Mars’ transit through the sign of the Earth Mother (Virgo). Mars in its function of cutting through falsehoods will further aid the Plutonian search and destroy mission by cutting away beliefs which no longer serve the aims of moving towards sustainable global civilization, and ensuring a long human legacy in the Cosmos.

The T-Square energy will be felt all month long, but will go direct on June 25th, where if we are sensitive to the subtle cosmic echoes, we will feel the pressure to transmute our ideals, identity, and concepts of self to reflect our participation in a much wider framework, one that extends beyond our skin to encompass the entire planet, we have literally reached that cultural bottleneck in the evolution of our species. Ours is a crucial era as the decisions made within the next 20 years will set the tone for many thousands of years to come especially in light that Humanities technologies and cultural lineages have become forces of nature which can now shift the planet’s entire Operating System (Chemistry, Physics, and Biology), largely because their scale has become planetary.

Fragmented Thinking: Mercury in Retrograde through Gemini: 06/05-07/02/02014

To add to the intense T-square frequencies of June, is the always dreaded Mercury Retrograde periods lasting nearly five weeks. The typical response is to freak out, but really all Mercury retrograde periods signify really is a need to review, revise, and redo one’s affairs. With this one being in Gemini, the focus will be on details, relativity,  the all disparate and diverse practical concerns. Make sure there is plenty of petrol in the tank and that all repairs have been made on the car before engaging any long term trips. Be sure to get accurate directions before going on short trips and expect delays in seemingly small details (don’t be surprised if traffic lights seem to stay red for an eternity, or on the normal commute to work every road seemingly is closed or under construction). In a broader context it will be a time for larger projects to review the minute details that are fundamental to their work, making sure any official or legal documents are squared away is huge, being clear to revise any contracts or pacts to make sure the terms are fair and mutually agreed upon, and a need for international bodies to review and go over tiny details, to potentially avoid a diplomatic incident  are all essential. The take home message: Mind the details!! Gemini is a master at dealing in the details, and playing the trickster game of life, play the game, be mindful of all the characteristics that shape how the game is played.

Co-Evolutionary Relationships: Venus in Aries Trine Pluto in Sagittarius: 06/09/02014

Our ability to connect to the visionary is high-lighted today, it becomes easier to align our personal desires to the greater visionary context of our larger evolutionary relationships to our planet. Sagittarius is the clear-eyed visionary who can pragmatically overcome various material and internal concerns to move towards the heights of a spiritual (not religious) vision. Venus in Aries allows us to desire to do it for ourselves, our sense of Self can easily expand to embrace this more visionary outlook, and it becomes effortless to align our desires to our more ideal vision of who we are in the world.

An Intimate Struggle: Venus in Aries Opposition Saturn in Libra: 06/13/02014

Under this transit relationships tend to hit delays and snags and specifically need a more careful and pragmatic approach. It is encouraging a need to slow down and think deeply on the matter and make cautious decisions on how to move forward that balance desire with duty, autonomy with harmony, and self and other. Self-consciousness could become particularly piqued at this time as we contemplate how we fit into larger social agreements that we are enveloped in, it is the question of balancing the self with society at large and pointing out areas where our cultural traditions are destroying liberty, and where they are expanding the definition of what liberty is.

Extreme Behavior: Mars in Virgo Square Pluto in Sagittarius: 06/14/02014

Reinforcing the previous day transit which has all feeling self-conscious is a more volatile transit starting the next day which has us potentially make rash decisions and behaving in extreme and bizarre ways that are outside our normal range. It is a transit that calls for caution and for thinking before acting as we may find ourselves being more extreme and impulsive. A mind towards balancing the pragmatic with the visionary is called for, and avoiding extreme behaviors, behavior will ideally reflect a more thoughtful and practical approach  as we are acting towards our ideals. Self-Awareness can peak today and we may find ourselves being far more effective at dealing with crisis or crossroads, there is a tendency to act in effective ways, providing they are not in the extreme, which by default they tend towards.

The Benefactors: Venus in Taurus Sextile Jupiter in Gemini: 06/18/02014

The two great Benefics unite in sextile (read sex) and bring out the best in each other. It signals an opening to enjoy life’s pleasures and with Venus being at home in the other sign it rules (Taurus) this tendency is heightened. Taurus correlates to preservation, gardening, the body, physical limits, the senses, and finance. Economic and financial matters have a much easier time going forward as the parties involved tend to be more receptive to each other. Relationships find an ease under these transits as well as people tend to be open to one another. Jupiter in Gemini tends to magnify our thinking processes and nuance our thinking towards a more relativity oriented perspective which is to say we see every shade of grey in a big way and our thinking becomes more varied, diverse and far less rigid. In broader context on the world stage getting ideas and concepts towards longer time arcs are easier to manifest into the real world, good ideas find fanciers easily under this transit so that innovations whose time has come can more easily make their mark on the world.

Conjunctio: Sun Conjunct Mercury in Taurus: 06/19/02014

Desire and will align with thought under the auspices of this transit. If you seem like an open book more so than normal or are not usually forthright, this is an opening to that potential if you should feel compelled to. There is a sharpness and a deliberate and carefully rationed response to decision making, as well reflecting the more patient and slow moving Taurean energies. the psychological focus is on the body, senses and the physical concerns. In a broader context it is an easy time make decisions that have far reaching effect on physical planetary systems. The thrust of this moment will be independent thinking along the lines of the limits imposed by Natural Laws and how we can come into alignment with the needs of our body and the planetary body at large.

Particle Accelerator: T-Square Goes Direct: 06/25/02014

As mentioned above today marks the direct opposition and square patterns that make up this longer term transit. A particular sensitivity to the frequency of this transit is more easily felt, as the powerful energization of planets occurs and puts pressure on the need to transform our philosophies, ideals, and spiritual concepts. Refer to the above entry for more details on the dynamics of this transit.

Hidden Dimensions: Sun in Gemini Trine Neptune in Aquarius: 06/29/02014

In particle physics which is to say Quantum Mechanics there is a working theory called String theory that posits that there are innumerable dimensions wrapped up in vibrating strings of energy smaller than quarks (the smallest know particle objects), this is an apt metaphor for this transit, as it has to do with being able to embrace and be sensitive to the aspects of reality that are more than meet the eye. The World we live in is not the world as it occurs in fact, as there are many interactions we cannot see. This transit enlivens our imagination, and opens our vision towards being able to acknowledge that there is more than meets the eye. It opens our senses to the hidden dimensions. On a more specific note it may signal an advance in our ideas or our relationships to technology. The ongoing transit of Neptune through Aquarius signals a transformation in our aesthetics and spiritual understandings surrounding Science, Technology and the Urban environment. With our species becoming increasingly an urban species with nearly 70% of our population approaching the time when it will be based in urban centers, this transit is telling. With the Gemini influence surrounding will and desire it becomes easier for us on a personal level to embrace hidden dimensions of reality and to dream in a nuanced way of how technologies can unite us and solve salient existential problems and deal with species wide threats. In harmony with this is the Neptune in Aquarius transit which suggests how we can improve our cities to address these existential  issues, and how our scientific awareness can begin to shape our behavior in ways that give manifestation to our collective ideals.

Be sure to Join HiC and me for the broadcast version of the June Star Report this Sunday (6/8/02014) at 10:30am, link is below!


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