Lust for Life


Jupiter and Semele by Gustav Moreau, dated 1894-1895, a description can be found at:

Hello Space Cadets!

Forgive the lateness of this post it has been a wild ride since June came down the pike and swept us up in the eye of the hurricane. July is upon us finally and promises to find many of us in a much more steady and lusty place than the hard edges of June. If the last month had many of us clamoring for cover to avoid the blast wave as the tense Plutonic T-Square went direct on June 25th, then July promises to be the regeneration that always follows the fallout of an explosive Pluto contact. Time has marched forward and the skies have cleared, there is debris everywhere but also signs of a completely new manifestation emerging from the ashes.

July will have a lusty sweetness about it followed by an insatiable curiosity and quest for knowledge facilitated by the Solar transit through Gemini, the entry of Mercury and Venus into Gemini, the end of the Mercury retrograde and it’s direct ingress in Gemini on July 13th. The energy of the moment will be moving at an accelerated and will fragment into a myriad of diverse pathways, let a thousand flowers bloom! The general feeling potentially is one of intense hunger for information and knowledge, a questioning attitude attenuated by a battery of questions and an inability to stop talking. Communication is high-lighted by it’s ease, that said there are tense aspects that will muddle the waters some and possibly lead to disinformation and potentially destructive behavior if the illogic is followed to its logical conclusion (how is that for a circular argument).

Mercury goes direct starting July 1st and quickly transits through the remainder of Earthy Taurus before debuting in the exalted position of Gemini. Here he is able to be quicksilver and fast and his energies are freely moving, it’s as if he is sublimated and goes through a massive change in phase state going from solid to gas in one fell swoop. Entering Gemini on July 13th, in the days leading up to the ingress the energies will seem to lighten and words will no longer betray or confuse meaning. If many of us find ourselves asking salient questions, seeking out information and sorting through the myriad streams of it and asking questions this could signal the why to the equation. Communication always comes with ease during these transits, a great time for anything having to do with making plans, or deals, signing contracts or anything that requires a g reat attention to detail and precision. Collectively we could see intellectual development perhaps novel new approaches to old intractable problems.

If there are mystical questions pushing at the growing edge a transit is tailor made for that exploration beginning the 19th, when Mercury will trine Neptune in the airy vehicles of Gemini and Aquarius respectively. Science fiction dreams are the theme, and the solution to some vexing scientific questions could come in the form of n imaginative leap in which the answer comes through inspired vision. In any case a good time to tune into the frequency of compassion and through the symbol of Aquarius representative of humanity it could be a time to see our connections to the collective mind of the species. Mercury-Gemini brings reason to the process and gives us the precision of the mental process in harmony with creative imagination a truly inspired time.

Venus enters Gemini on the same day of the Mercury trine, and reflective of the strong mental energies, our ability to connect will now be amplified through our words. There is a feeling under this transit that we have all the irons in the fire, and variety is the spice of life, or perhaps the life of spice! Curiosity becomes the motive on all romantic and social levels, sociable, articulate, communicative, interested and engaged are buzzwords. Many may find themselves animated and fun more so than usual, granted there may be a certain emotional distancing and aloofness characteristic of the air signs. Attractions are catalyzed now with words and bonding occurs more on the psychological level. There is a dark side to this trajectory int hat there can be a tendency towards fickleness one of Gemini’s emerging edges, its shadow.

The truly big news of course is that Jupiter makes his grand transition into the sign of his exaltation and a party is thrown in his honor and as he rubs that genie lamp he is granted all the wishes he could ever imagine. Jupiter the big hot, sexy hi-top yearns for all the wonderful things in life and he promenades into Cancer we are beset by a yearning lust for life and big feelings. We may find a protectiveness and desire to nurture life that is uncanny and ever present. This is sensible given the lunar nature of Cancer. The Moon,  Cancers planet of ruler-ship is responsible through its gravitational pull on the Earth for regulating the tidal forces and stabilizing conditions on the planet’s surface that facilitate life by creating a homeostatic environment in which it can evolve. In the early evolution of oceans, this tidal regulation led to regions of wet and warm areas along shorelines that made it possible for the first eukaryotic organisms to thrive, eventually it would be those same organisms that would innovate the technology of the Sky that would ultimately become the envelope for more complex life forms. This impulse is expanded and enlarged , with Jupiter here our desire to nurture and nourish life in all of its forms reaches a white-hot intensity. Collectively it could signal a concerted effort towards preserving the integrity of the planet’s vast life support systems (again, only if we choose this option, we are forever at choice in the matter, the Multiverse merely provides the impetus).

Jupiter will make contact with the Sun in the form of a conjunction on the 22nd, one day after the sun enters Cancer. In this particular aspect the energies involved are said to fuse into a single matrix, imagine if you will two subatomic particles fusing in the nuclear sense and forming heavier elements, much as what goes on in the deep internal spaces of stars. In this case, tremendous regenerative power will be magnified by Jupiters’ expansive tendencies, much can be accomplished especially in the arena of feeling, sense, perception and the collective need to protect the integrity of the planet’s ecological systems the womb in which we all have our being. I feel enough has been said here about this conjunction and it is better to let it settle and let the insights come naturally.

It’s not all fun and games this month as some tense aspects are predicted to occur in the trajectory. One involves Pluto and the other Uranus, and even though they may take work the results from engaging them are always far reaching especially when dealing with the trans-personal planets. Starting the 22nd, Mercury forms an opposition with Pluto and we may find ourselves feeling very suspicious and vulnerable, we will question our own and others motives possibly to a fault, inventing dark imaginings and conspiracy plots where there are one, if this is not carefully navigated and we don;t keep our wits about us, it could lead to self destructive behavior, subterfuge, sabotage, and less than honest communications. Collectively it could lead to rumors which may lead to diplomatic incidents, that said, I hate to use this tool in a predictive way as existence is far more probableistic than any system can adjust for.

Following closely on the heels of the above is a Mercury Square to Uranus. The great tension created is dynamic and useful in that it leads to a quickening of the mind, a tendency for quick intuitive insight, and radical departures from current trajectories, a chance for course correcting if we have gone too far off the flight path. There is a tendency towards non-linear thinking, and massive shifts in worldview with both collective and individual results, a feeling of upheaval is not uncommon in all of the taken for granted ideas occupying our minds. A marked tendency to challenge, shock, and instigate change to the status-quo, will be in evidence and if we play our cards right in abundance, perhaps the old prejudices will simply not stand the eroding powers of reason.

Finally the month finishes out on a note about keeping motives pure with a Venus Pluto opposition occurring on the 28th. We could become aware of the subtle ways in which others are manipulating to control us or on the other hand we could be attempting to cajole and manipulate others into seeing things our way ultimately neither of these approaches will prove successful under this transit, as it will be seen for the conceit that it is. The word to the wise is keep your nose clean and your motives above board, transparency will pay dividends and keeping secrets will not, and will only lead to useless power games, true power comes from empowerment not domination.

Well there it is space travelers another beautiful month shaping up for better or for ill based solely on how we choose to deal with the cosmic echoes. I will see you all next moth in the meantime, keep your ear to the ground and your eyes to the skies.

Love Prometheus, the Astrologer

Important Dates:

July1st, 02014 SYT: Mercury  Direct: The Quickening

July 06-08/02014 SYT: Jupiter Ingress into Cancer: Lust for Life

July 13th, 02014 SYT: Mercury Direct Ingress into Cancer: Ravenous Perceptions

July  19th,02014 SYT: Venus enters Gemini, Mercury Trine Neptune: Upstream Color

July 21st, 02014 SYT: Sun enters Cancer: The River

July 22nd, 02014 SYT: Sun conjunct Jupiter, Mercury opposes Pluto: Condensed Chaos

July 25th, 02014 SYT: Mercury Square Uranus: Radical Departures

July 28th, 02014 SYT: Venus opposes Pluto: Madness and the Muse

*SYT: Time format stands for sidereal year time, as seen in Felice Picano’s Science Fiction masterpiece “Dryland’s End”


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