White Hot Chaos

Control_chaos-1Hello Space Cadets!

Welcome to the seventh month of the sidereal year.  July is upon us after a bumpy June and hard aspected June with that difficult T-Square having many of us clamoring for cover to avoid the blast wave. It’s safe to come out now, we have traveled forward in time and the fallout has long cleared into the light of a shining new day. The smoke has cleared and the debris settled so much so that everything is regenerated and building itself anew!

July has sprung upon us all and it has a much lighter and playful energy. Curiosity and intellect will be dominant themes for those of us attuned to the archetypes at work. Knowledge becomes the modus operundi whether it be the mystical as reflected by the Mercury-Neptune trine of July 19th, or the more prosaic basics of life as imaged in the continuing transit of the solar helion through Gemini, and the Mercury and Venus ingresses into the eponymous sign.

Jupiter the big, hot,sexy hi-top makes his way into the sign of his exaltation, Cancer. It is here that the cosmos throws him a big party and makes sure he gets everything he ever wanted, and all he wants is to make everything larger than life. Don’t be surprised if the month finds many of us lusting for life, and feeling very frisky, it may be hard to concentrate on the tedium of work as we will want to bang on the drums more than anything. Overindulgence and excess are aspects to keep in mind as they tend to be more easy when Jupiter is going through his more beneficial transits. It will be easy to see the big picture and touch our expansive feelings as we contemplate the depths and what;’s more he hangs out here for some time yet (generally one year), so what’s great is dealing with any big-time feelings will finally get resolved and em,emotionally many of us could be feeling optimistic and radiant.

Ravenous Perceptions: July 1st-July 13th, 02014 SYT: Mercury Retrograde Ends and goes  direct en route to  Gemini,  Mercury enters the sign Gemini:

Insatiable curiosity and the tireless quest for knowledge characterize this ingress into this most favorable placement for the eternally youthful Hermes. the incessant stream of “why?” makes an appearance and like a young child we may find ourselves filled with wonder, awe, and curiosity at this most enchanting world we find ourselves enmeshed in. Collectively it could signal a time of intellectual advance and possibly a time of easy communications, that said we must watch out for an effluent stream of information and realize that the quality has to be carefully sorted through to ensure we are not buying a book of lies. Critical thinking is a must at this time and becomes effortless, as fact checking is prioritized.

Lust for Life: Jupiter Enters Cancer: 07/06-08/02014 SYT:

Jupiter finds himself in his zenith as he enters the sign of his exaltation. In the sign of the protector and nurturer of life he really shines. Cancer is the ultimate mother of life on earth as its ruling planet the moon is responsible through it s gravitational pull on the Earth, for stabilizing the tides, and regulating the fluctuations on the planetary surface, making it habitable, without the moon we would all be in trouble. During the earliest evolution of life on Earth the moon acted to create regular tidal intervals that made went regions at the shoreline where early life could develop and form habitats, from this all later complex reiterations of life emerged. With lusty Jupiter here we find an insatiable desire to protect and preserve life, a greater awareness could emerge at this time, on the collective level, to protect the life support systems of our planet and do all we can to protect and preserve the diversity of life-forms found here. Personally many of us will simply lust after the good things in  life and find ourselves becoming expansive vessels to let all the joy of life in, to celebrate the being that we live and have our existence within.

Cojunctio:Heaven and Earth Unite: Venus enters Gemini: July19th, 02014 SYT:

It’s always refreshing when the lady of love enters the sign of the twins as it is a sign that lends itself to her charms. Coupling become the dominant theme as we may seek out a more erotic connection with others. it could also signal a coming into what is most desired and an ease at communicating them to others. Deciding what is truly valued undergoes an examination and an analytic approach in a kind of search and destroy mission, it is later communicated. Collectively it could signal a time of greater dip0lomacy and using words to work out our differences instead of taking to the battle field, but no promises politics rarely ever go so sweetly. Beautiful words however can often sooth the savage beast. We may also find we can’t seem to shut up, as the chatter reaches a fever pitch.

Vox Occultus: Mercury-Neptune Trine: July19th, 020214 SYT:

Along with a beautiful ingress of Venus into Gemini we find the Muse forming a harmony with Mercury in a sign of fast transit for him. The imagination unites with the voice and there is an effortless confluence between the greatest mystical insights and there ability to be communicated through the medium of words. There is a dark side to all of this as our words can be used to deceive and confuse. Keep communications clear but also allow for the highest potentials to speak through as well.

Upstream Color: Sun enters Cancer: July 21st, 02014 SYT:

The Sun radiates it’s life-giving light into the  sign of primeval life, and adds it’s solar strength to Jupiter. The party may have just started but now the Sun steps through the door and the disco ball alights, the song gets faster and the party becomes frenetic, what Jupiter has made large the Sun now illuminates and lights up like the downtown lights. Feelings are highlighted now and one does best to put a soft focus on them. The world could see itself opening to the desire to preserve life and provide the best to as many as possible, or not, it’s our choice ultimately.

The Big-Bang: Sun conjunct Jupiter in Cancer: July 22nd, 02014 SYT:

Just after the Sun enters Cancer, he fuses with the Jupiterian juggernaut, and the two fuse into a kind of cellular being, much the same way ancient mitochondria began as inter-cellular parasites and were ultimately assimilated into the membrane of the first eukaryotic cell. A cheerful outlook and a ma


*SYT: Sidereal Year Time





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