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Part 2 of 2 (Follow-Up for Year Zero)

“Whether you succeed or not is irrelevant, there is no such thing. Making your unknown known is the important thing–and keeping the unknown always beyond you.”

-Georgia O’Keefe

For those of you hoping for a more peaceful and less intense year ahead, it could prove to be a pipe dream. Humanity has long ago ;eft the age of quietism, we now live in an age of intense collaboration, unrelenting upheaval from many fronts od development, and a tense creativity that will be pressing everyone to step up to a completely new phase state for our species. We are the midwives, birthing humanity into its collective adulthood, it is a wrenching transition as we see the last desperate gasps of humanities chaotic adolescence.

That we are still seeing the dying embers of religions, economies, mindsets, and cultures that we are rapidly outgrowing attempting to go thermonuclear, it is putting us all in a precarious place and it will require a great deal of patience, maturity, and bravery from each of us to avoid defaulting to factory settings which would seal our doom. It is a dangerous time, as beginnings are always fragile, and it will require careful negotiation and long term diplomatic stance as we ease ourselves into a new ethos. 2016 proves to be no different, as it is the early years of this transition in an age that will hopefully be remembered as the Accelerando, the point in time when humanity made the leap to a more articulated consciousness and ushered in the eco-technic age.

In the interest of offering an outline of how each of us can navigate these more opportunistic times and maintain some semblance of integrity here is what each sun sign can summarily expect 2016 to potentially look like (Pluto will be used as the focus to hone the focus for 2016 as it is the most transformative of the astrological ciphers):

 Aries: April 19th-May 13th: Reform School

AriesLoki was the trickster god in the Scandinavian pantheon of deities and also a very good icon for Aries, a headstrong, hot around the collar figure with a gleam in his eye. That said even Loki eventually settled down, cleaned up, and started night school. It appears 2016 will be the year that Aries decides that smashing the brick wall with one’s head is hardly effective and instead get a degree in quantum mechanics and nanotechnology and create a particle gun that vaporizes said wall. Perhaps maybe a little less sci-fi than that, instead some travel to foreign lands is in the cards, or really just any experience that broadens horizons, and expands the mind, and with the Plutonian bend on it, this signals these experiences could be deeply transforming and can evolve the personality.

It also means that Aries a decidedly self-focused sign is now being asked to broaden its horizons of moral concern to encompass the planet itself and all the beings that are currently on it. Aries is encouraged to re-examine its entire philosophy of life and discard an ethos that exalts hyper-individualism, and instead embrace one that speaks the virtue of a symbiotic mutualism, for a sign highly focused on the singular framework this present an evolutionary opportunity.

Taurus: May 14th-June 19th: Hot and Bothered

Taurus  Taurus is often misconceived, Scorpio often gets the distinction of being the sex fiend of the zodiac, Taurus. What’s more is 2016 finds Pluto the god of sex hanging out in your 8th house, the native house of Pluto and also the house of you guessed it sex. What this means is that the Bull gets to spend 2016 living up to this unacknowledged truth, and of course it goes much deeper than simple rumpy-pumpy. Pluto is gritty and reminds us that inside we are all still wet. This is not the romantic, idyllic picture of sex as recreation but the under the motherboard, instinctual side of it, where we confront power, powerlessness, empowerment, struggle, and a life and death intensity.

Taurus spends time really getting to the heart of what they want, and when we are honest about the most intimate thing that humans do, it tends to spill-over into every other area of our lives. Another thing that could become apparent is an emerging attraction for foreign cultures and people and a tendency to sexualize said people, lovers may come into your life this year from distant lands, or cultures vastly different from your own.

Gemini: June 20th-July 20th:



CH474182 Lovers of the Sun, 1923 (oil on canvas) by Tuke, Henry Scott (1858-1929); 123.2×91.4 cm; Private Collection; Photo © Christie’s Images; English, out of copyright

Gemini, is said to experience relationships in a cursory way. 2016 could emerge as a deviation from this, presenting a profound yearning for more depth in their partnership and relationships with others. It could be as extreme as experiencing an unaccustomed depth of feeling in a new or existing relationship that is catalyzed by a trip in a foreign country or it could be an extension of existing work with others that heightens into a new dimension of intensity (my immediate sense is becoming involved in humanitarian work, namely surrounding issues related to the Syrian Refugee crisis or other work involving foreign lands).

Pluto, as with any of the outer planet transits, approximate the experience of sloughing off anything that is inauthentic. Gemini will find that it is disabused of illusions surrounding others, what becomes painfully obvious under this transit is that fake friends are exposed, secret enemies revealed, and what you thought you understood to be true of others is just not so. Essentially what it signals is that relationships and intimacies that are not based in reality will disintegrate and be blown away by silent titanic forces. That this could emerge in seemingly cataclysmic displays of high emotion can be disconcerting. Not to worry Gemini, when the ashes have finally settled you may find you have fewer people in your inner sphere but the ones that remain will be authentic and worth your effort. In essence it will not present a profound loss to you, but a blessing in a dark mask.  The other factor to consider is that this process will be very gradual, and will seem to operate in the background until it becomes more obvious. Another dimension to this transit is the possibility of feeling a connection to humanity and those in distant lands so profound it is best defined as religious, it’s an experience more of us need to be having as it will finally nail the coffin shut on the concept of an atomized self.

Cancer: July 21st-August 8th: The Pain Body

CancerCancer has honed its nurturing instincts to a hair trigger sensitivity, what Cancer rarely does is aim that compassion towards themselves. So accustomed to taking care of others they rarely remember to take care of themselves and it is 2016 that is changing the focus from outer to inner and they are compelled to engage in self-care. Namely as it pertains to the body, and their overall health. An overhaul in certain habits is being called for here one that leads to permanent and profound lifestyle changes. The focus becomes health and wellness, and a focus on the practices of health from foreign cultures could become very instructive in this endeavor.

Western medicine has always had the edge when it comes to treating conditions and figuring out biological causes for various pathologies, where it has been weak is in prevention (although this is changing thanks to exposure to other cultural practices and stunning advances in technology). Cancers quest in 2016 is health and wellness, benefitting from the best of all the approaches on the table. There’s a caveat here: this is not an excuse to ignore Doctor’s orders or to circumvent solid medical protocol, nor is it an invitation to consider unproven treatments from what is deceptively called “alternative” medicine. Instead it is a reminder to follow what your Healthcare Practitioner suggests and to integrate it into your routines, and run anything new by the good doc before introducing it. I would also suggest getting a check-up to make sure you are running well and that no chronic illness signatures are present, and if they are found nipping them in the bud is good practice.

Leo: August 9th-Sepetmber 15th: Going off the Rails

LeoLeo is a playful sign, and known for its ability to be affectionate and warm, and also a bit of a drama queen. That said this year the Lion gets to shine in all of its finery as Pluto occupies the signs native house (the 5th). This house is concerned with three primary functions, creativity, self-expression and pleasure. Like Taurus, Leo gets to enjoy a year of sexual exploration and pleasure, unlike Taurus it will not carry such heavy intensity as Leo is not compelled to find the deepest instinct or the most outlandish fetish to indulge but instead for the sheer joy of doing it! It means that Leo can take the brakes off and dive into pleasures where there has always been a sense of restraint. The pressure will be on to push Leo out of reluctance and to fully express into what brings them joy.

Pluto here clamps down and provides intense compression and an explosive creativity the only way to relieve the strain is to express openly and fervently. For those Leo’s who find themselves involved in artistic endeavors this could prove to be a prolific period of development. One thing Leo needs to be wary of is excess, a lack of caution, tactlessness, and gambling. There may be more willingness to take risk but this can bring extreme losses if the situation deteriorates. There is also a need to acknowledge biological limits here, you can get too full, take too many risks and pay to high a consequence, so do play, and do it exuberantly, but remember to practice safer sex, risk management, and wear your seatbelt.

Virgo: September 16th-October 30th: Investigation Origins

VirgoVirgo is an anal sign, I mean that in the best way possible, it excels at analysis (note the word anal in analysis) and making sense out of vast information that would otherwise blend into a bland and vague morass. Virgo is capable of taking disparate functions and uniting them into an efficient, and effective system that synchronizes everything and makes the world work. 2016 for Virgo’s has them doing the harrowing work of systematically examining their origins. Whether we are talking delving into genealogy and figuring out the victors, villains and victims, possibly unearthing the skeletons in the family past, to exploring the origins of humanity, life, and the Universe itself. Virgo becomes obsessed with deciphering their origins, were they emerge, and what the wiring is under their motherboard.

Virgo being a diligent analyzer will do this in a very fastidious, and possibly obsessive way. 23 and Me the startup that offers genetic analysis could see its business go up if Virgo proves to be on this path of origins. Virgo undergoes this deep investigation as a way of better understanding their place in the world and the Universe itself a namely to better understand what role they are playing in the next stage of evolution. Knowing history in a broad sense also helps to understand what one can personally do to put the curb on destructive cycles of history which keep repeating generation after generation. What’s more because all of us have origins in countries distant to the ones we are born in, being of ancestral populations with vastly different cultures offers a unique perspective which could help guide us in the creation a more international culture (s) that better unites the world in a common language.


Libra: October 31st-November 22nd: Chatterbox

LibraLibra as an air sign lends itself to being talkative, even more so with Pluto traversing its house of communications, digital technology, and the immediate environment. Libra may find itself in 2016 being particularly concerned with making a difference in the local environment and with exploring curiosity. Libra may experience a ferocious curiosity about the lives of siblings or people in their neighborhood. Pluto deals in extremes so it could be a kind of life renovation, if Libra wakes up one day deciding they hate everything about their current décor I would not be surprised if they smashed a credit limit or two on foreign imports for home decorating (Moroccan lamps, Persian rugs, and the like). On the more thoughtful plane, Libra may find itself more involved in local politics than it ever has in the past. I envision Libra’s all over the world spearheading a campaign to welcome new refugees from effected areas to their neighborhoods, and making them feel welcome and accommodated and further putting pressure on local politicians to ensure infrastructure is in place for them.

For those less activist inclined there just may be a radical change in one’s personal communication style, an obsession with fact-finding or a completely new field of thought. This transit would definitely contribute to Libra’s symbolic namesake, Books! Libra could see themselves obsessed with reading all they can on a fascinating new subject and with the Sagittarius element in place, it could involve foreign cultures, perhaps Libra becomes obsessed with anthropological ethnographies or some other suchness that describes the intricacies of cultures other than their own. In any case Libra may just find it hard to shut up this year, they are charming so the rest of us are likely to indulge them in the gift of gab, what they speak of will not be superficial.

Scorpio: November 23rd-November 29th: Security Check

ScorpioScorpio is a sign that finds itself most at home when dealing with Plutonic transits or issues as this is the native ruling planet for this sign. Most will experience Pluto in 2016 being in the second house and stoking issues of security, values, ethical considerations, money, resources and the way we measure value. It shares the distinction of this transit with its sister Ophiuchus who shares this stretch of the ecliptic plane. Scorpio is normally comfortable with issues surrounding security and resources and often is good with managing these for others, and under this transit which will dominate 2016 Scorpio will be building on these tendencies. Specifically Scorpio will be honing its uncanny capacity for resurrection by turning seemingly worthless resources into assets this is not limited to physical artifacts as Scorpio also has a knack for resurrecting lost causes as well. I envision Scorpio revamping any number of currently defunct projects and being diligent at trouble-shooting weaknesses that have led to the downfall. Scorpio may find itself being much more generous with it resources under this transit and may find they have much more on offer in the way of resources. Scorpio also undergoes a re-orientation in what they find valuable and could potentially discover that much of what is valuable is not found in its monetary worth but a great deal more in its redeeming social value, and its ability to improve the lives of others.

Scorpio under the Sagittarian influences of Pluto in that sign may find that it creates value from the products and values inherent in other cultures from foreign lands. If Scorpio finds itself in global finance or a humanitarian organization this could look like setting up a fair trade agreement, or perhaps a micro loan program. For issues a little closer to home it could involve being instrumental in setting up a neighborhood coop that distributes needed items to those in need. It can run the gambit from the most world focused to the immediate environment. One final dimension to consider is similar to Ophiuchus, Scorpio will be undergoing a re-assessment of their most fervently held values and potentially changing them in radical ways, for instance if Scorpio thus far has been relatively accepting of the fact that consensus reality is seemingly fixed, by the end of the transit, Scorpio may intimately understand that social reality is constructed and another world is always possible if one can find the will to build it.

Ophiuchus: November 30th– December 17th: A crisis in Conscience

OphiuchusOphiuchus is pre-disposed to being a conscientious objector, and is quick to disrupt the stream of values that empowers boorish nationalism, brutish insularity, and economic and social inequity. This year may prove to be the apotheosis of this process as Ophiuchus undergoes a massive shift in its ethical orientation in the world possibly to exposure to foreign cultures and differences in value systems. It is a fruitful time for Ophiuchus as this sort of re-orientation while wrenching often broadens the horizons of those undergoing the transition. Ethical stances that are too narrow in focus are on the chopping block in 2016. If Ophiuchus has been holding any reservations around the efficacy of the skin enscapulated ego this year may illuminate for them why this entire mental praxis is inherently destructive in a w that increasingly requires unilateral action.

Ophiuchus could benefit this year from an examination of alternative economic systems (the 2nd house concerns itself with economics), both personal and collective. A focus on mastering a new approach to personal finance could pay dividends. Further, Ophiuchus may involve itself in projects to change the world economic system to better reflect emerging realities, the current paradigm is ultimately unsustainable and in need of new approaches. After all I said and done what Ophiuchus held as valuable before this change will be radically altered, and ultimately it means the snake-bearer may be leading a whole new life guided by a new set of ethical considerations that are more cognizant of a global world.

Sagittarius: December 18th– January 18th: Identity Crisis

SagittariusSagittarius is a very internationally focused signature, and currently it is experiencing an identity crisis or at least a change in how it has come to know itself. During this transit Sagittarius is undergoing a significant reconfiguration of its identity and to the extreme its physical appearance. Sagittarius is coming to know itself more intimately than it has ever had to, with deep seated issues arising that will confront the Archer with a need for personal transformation. I would envision that a change in appearance will be chalked up to a change in dress perhaps inspired by global pressures that are changing the aesthetic sensibility to acknowledge diverse cultures. I would even go so far as to suggest that a trip under the knife may alter appearance. Another factor is that Sagittarius could be finding themselves undergoing physical changes because of a radical new fitness regime, a surgery (let’s be honest some of us will go under the knife to shave the years off, or change our identity) or change in lifestyle.

Sagittarius is known for its breadth, and now it is exploring the extent of its depth. This could prove new for many of the Archers. Sagittarius is prone to bombastic statements without fact checking, this tendency is being brought up for review and will no longer suffice, Sagittarius is being purified of this tendency and instead is being given the keys to finding more depth perception and recognizing that having evidence makes for a stronger position. 2016 is all about self-empowerment and the complete transformation of identity, a radical shift in the concept of who you know yourself to be.

Capricorn: January 19th– February 15th: Staring into the Abyss

CapricornCapricorn finds itself with a planet in the, the 12th house which has the unsavory reputation of being the landfill of the zodiac, essentially a place where everything considered refuse is placed. Pluto loves to dumpster dive and hanging out here gives the air of an archaeological excavation in this case fragments of the psyche are being unearthed for another look. Capricorn being pragmatic and efficient will struggle with the intensity that an unflinching look at the shadow can entail. The temptation will be to avoid this assessment altogether and defer to getting drunk off Gin, putting on their sexy partners underwear, playing hooky and listening to Underworld B-sides while surfing the lurid categories on Pornhub.

I cant honestly say I blame Capricorn, it is gut wrenching to endure an honest assessment of the repudiated elements of the self, but do it you must or it will become the source of your undoing. Capricorn naturally wants to avoid going into anything chaotic and tends to compartmentalize, which cannot be done when an honest assessment of the psychic midden is called for. Capricorn is on an earnest search to recover anything of value that can be extracted from the ectopic basin and used as a catalyst for the creation of a completely new self, in the meantime it is appropriate to simply gestate in this embryonic state.

Aquarius: February 16th-March 11th: Future Tense

Aquarius (1)Aquarius is the precursor for the future, often feeling as if they were born 2-3 centuries behind when they should of, The mind of Aquarius is future oriented and largely unconcerned with the discomfort that the future causes in most. 2016 is shaping up to be a strange and brave year for Aquarius. Pluto is currently traversing the 11th house for Aquarius which is the native Aquarian house. This house usually concerns itself with visions of the future that are being manifested, democratic traditions and humanitarian causes, and of course friends. Pluto is gritty and edgy and often confronts us with concerns of life and death intensity, it also works covertly and it is something on the scale of the infinitesimal that turns out to be the catalyst for a profound and deeply transformative experience (it blows everything open).

If friends seem to come out of the woodwork in ways they are wholly unaware of that seem to trigger unacknowledged blind spots this could be why. Aquarius is being asked to confront the inborn terror of the future that plagues the Aquarian ethos, with Sagittarius in the mix (Pluto’s current costume), the terror has an international flavor, and it concerns the state of the world. Aquarius is compelled to investigate its place in the Universe and figure out what it was born to be in this world, and what role it is playing in human evolution (no pressure). Another surprise in store is that friendships tend to intensify with Pluto, in some cases taking on an erotic dimension, while others seem to inspire revulsion, if this is so it is because the native is changing.

Pisces: March 12th-April 18th: International Diplomacy

PiscesPisces is naturally inclined towards perceiving the world living in harmony, the John Lennon song “Imagine” is a Pisces Anthem. Interesting that at this time Pisces may become obsessed with understanding international politics (Pluto in Sagittarius concerns itself with foreign cultures). Pisces is potentially also undergoing a massive transformation in their social status, and their career standing, with Pluto it speaks to extremes so it can go either way with very little ambivalence. Pisces does well to avoid their normal hazy perception about the direction they are going and is wise to get clear on what it is they are moving towards however vague the goal may seem.

I mention an interest in foreign cultures and travel because it could be that an opportunity arises involving these themes. Pisces jumps at adventure and a chance for major change in their lives and Pluto means a more radical change, perhaps there is career move in the cards that requires a change in location, everything from re-locating to the other coast, or even to another country could come up. If it is not a literal move, then it is an imaginative one, a creative project involving Pisces intensively researching a culture different than its own and being creatively inspired by what is discovered that has an influence on their subsequent work output. Another dimension is that Pisces may undergo a radical re-assessment of their public standing and could become an authority figure on cultural sensitivity or for being an outspoken critic of xenophobia, insularity, or instinctual nationalism encouraging a more internationalist ethos. Either Pisces undergoes a potentially transforming experience in social standing.


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