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Astrology Disclaimer:

Astrology isn’t a religion. We’re not sure it’s a science, either. It’s magic, maybe. (likely it is a form of vague agnostic mysticism) But, as with feng shui, say, things affect things. So as long as we don’t go blaming our problems on the stars, as long as we assume responsibility for our own actions…well, hell, a little auspicious coincidence and applicable wisdom can’t hurt. And so, with that grain of salt…enjoy!

~ The Editors at Elephant Journal, and some editing from Prometheus Jones


Humanity has as of yet to become an interstellar civilization. We have to first achieve eco-technological civilization (Type 1 civilization on the Kardashev scale), which is defined as a civilization that gets all of its energy requirements met from renewable sources such as wind, solar, geothermal, wave and nuclear fusion, and has mastered the vagaries of its environment. Further said civilization has stabilized its population, eliminated warfare, achieved world governance, is capable of controlling most of its planetary function which includes control of the climate, and weather, as well other geo-physical functions and is also capable of geo-engineering without causing massive destruction to the planetary biome. Another salient feature of such a society is that it is space faring, and has explored most of its local stellar system, and has established outposts on world’s in its local system

We may achieve this feat in the next 150 years and when we do we will be well on our way to becoming interstellar. Before we do this there is much social evolution and progress that needs to be made before this capacity can exist. It is this social development that begins here and now in our era. It will be marked first by a unilateral cooperation that will only be facilitated by abandoning policies and cultural systems that seek to divide humanity into primitive tribalism (split by religious, economic, and social affiliation)  and also by contending with systems of privilege and power that continue to enslave and oppress vast swaths of humanity, many of these based on insignificant social constructs of gender, race, religion, and other concerns that are of superficial difference (this is not meant to denigrate their current importance but to point out that they should not be criteria to justify discrimination and disenfranchisement from the social dialectic).

The tense T-Square that defined most of July as it lasted until the 18th, saw a number of traumatic and eye opening events that apply a selective pressure for our species to wake up and evolve beyond our limited tribal mentalities  July in particular brought many social issues into very clear focus with a series of tragedies that revealed the world is very much mired in a tribal mentality (I don’t mean this is the enlightened sense of tribes of mind bu tin the sense of it taken to its extreme in which it leads to xenophobia and a kind of blindness to otherness, and a disregard for common humanity). From June 21st through July 5th we saw a number of terrorist attacks, from suicide bombings, car bombs, and a rampage in Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport departures gates, which slaughtered dozens and injured 250 more after a few minute rampage involving guns and three assailants in suicide vests. The attacks were perpetrated by Daesh (otherwise known as ISIS or ISIL), and spanned seven countrires including Iraq, TurkeySyriaLebanonBangladeshSaudi Arabia and Yemen. The death toll approached 1000 people and those injured in the spate of attacks measured into the upper hundreds (these are not just numbers but flesh and blood people with their own agency). All of these events occurred during the end of the holy month of Ramadan among Muslims, once again proving that Daesh is not at all Islamic. The lack of outpouring of support is a resounding failure of our ability to understand ourselves in a planetary context and as an international species. It is also a crisis of Faith in that our species has yet to rise to a greater self-concept that encompasses more than can be defined along national lines, a vision of the sacred which is cosmic in scope instead of tribal.

These religiously motivated events also point to a need for our vision of “G_d” to expand beyond a tribal framework to one of cosmological proportions. We must go from gods of the local human grouping to one that can hold the stars, galaxies, DNA, and the diverse and exuberant community of life forms. It is the Star Goddess versus Jehovah, a futuristic interstellar spirituality that sets the tone for future developments and facilitates our eventual diaspora into Space, so that the virus of life may spread its bio-luminescence into barren corners of the interstitial space of the outer darkness.

A little closer to home we saw the Police assault and murder of two black men Alton Sterling the father of five, in Baton Rouge Louisiana. Following this blatant demonstration of institutional racism we saw the homicide of Philando Castile at Police hands mere days later in Minneapolis. Once again highlighting a sense of white supremacy backed by tribal institutions of structural racism running rampant and killing innocents. The outrage thankfully has been palpable with many wondering what more they can do to turn this around. There is quite a great deal that can be done, the first is to recognize our inextricable link to each other and our inherent connection to the communities of color, as we are all linked by a common humanity, this will then dovetail into better educating ourselves on these salient issues and then getting our bodies out in the world to demand that our social matrix change to recognize this injustice. This astrologer personally does NOT wish to see another person of color turned into a crime statistic or be another human sacrifice for political expediency! In a word, yesterday, today, tomorrow and always Black Lives Matter! When we can begin to expand the scope of our moral concern to go beyond tribal, national, and familial concerns than we will have entered the accelerated phase of human evolution, and have secured our interstellar destiny.

For the August transmission I have decided to take a detour from the standard frequency of predictive Astrology and instead focus more on the evolutionary implications of the practice. Astrology is ultimately a system of mystical insight, a sort of vague agnostic mysticism designed with the sole purpose of developing the personality beyond the constraints imposed by its initial conditions. It is to say it acts as a strange attractor designed to cause a perturbation, a slight change in the ground state of the mind that provides selective pressure to push it into a new phase state and a more complex functionality. The sole implication being that the limits imposed by evolutionary conditioning on human nature can potentially be transcended or at least augmented through a change in the mental programming, which can bypass the more primitive systems which disconnect us from our neural centers that deal with higher operational systems (moral judgement, reasoning and so on). In essence, I would like to present the evolutionary potential that each of the stellar signs contains within its symbol set, and suggest the direction that the natives of each sign can take to develop their full potential. For August instead of a narrower focus on transits and aspects I am suggesting the more refined and longer developmental process inherent to each sign. Further, it speaks to themes in human evolution where we must begin to evolve the so called assumptions about “human nature” (which is largely the result of a epigenetic interaction with environments if social environments bring out the worst in us that is what will manifest, change the environment and you change the gene expression). We are at a juncture now in our evolution where we must create social environments which bring out the better angels in our nature.

August can be the window in which a journey to the apotheosis of each sign is initiated, and an set the tone for years to come. Now entering hyperspace, let’s go! (This month’s posts were heavily inspired by the work of Astrologer Olga Vasilchuk, who does incredible work with the Moon’s Apogee, known as Black Moon Lilith, be sure to check her out!).

Aries_InversionAries: April 19th-May 13th: Bloodless Combatant

Keywords: “I am”

Mandate: “I am Alpha, the Initiation”

At the deepest core of Aries lies a being that knows it is courageous and indestructible and a large result of this is a recognition of the visible and turbulent (violent) expressions of evil (that accident of evolution) that is seen at a global scale (the very things that keep us in the swamp mentality preventing a leap in understanding that would eventually take us to the interstellar). Acutely aware of impiety, rudeness, and strife aimed deliberately in antagonism towards them, they are able to diffuse these administrations. Aries is currently on a trajectory where they are exorcizing both the demons within themselves and in the species in general, this largely by internalizing the great struggle.

The native is overcoming destructive tendencies and ancient enmities (malice towards perceived enemies) and is committed to diffusing the conditions that lead to the expression of “evil”. A demonstrated heroism is apparent although in more subdued ways for those a little more reserved in personality. Aries’ mission now is to reform the worst offenders in the best ways they know how, this most effectively done with taking on the mantle of a just cause, for which there are many to choose from. It is entirely possible that this personality has developed exemplary oratory skill and can inspire many to noble actions.

Prime Directive: To bring harm to none, and to cultivate fearlessness, a warrior that does maim or wound.

Taurus_InversionTaurus: May 14th-June 19th: Bodhisattva Malibu-Barbie

Keywords: “I Have”

Mandate: “I am the Structure of the Universe”

 Taurus can reach an evolutionary state where they exist beyond need and the compulsions that it gives, let me qualify what I mean by that. Taurus understands internally a state of abundance and that it is increased only by equitable sharing as it empowers others to increase the wealth. Along these lines Taurus understands the need to create an economy and society that has super-abundance as a cornerstone and ergo seeks to cast a wide net of distribution so that the majority of persons may benefit from the common wealth. It means that a state of mind is created which becomes a social guiding principle that facilitates a world in which the fear of poverty and debt is eliminated both personally and collectively.

Taurus affirms scocio-spiritual values that oppose art and culture (areas that this Venus ruled sign has implications over) which exonerates the lowest common denominator and crass values, namely opposing darker instincts such as greed which horde the abundance of the world and concentrate into too few hands. Taurus is realizing that excess and dissipation keep them imprisoned to an outdated value system based on vulgar materialism (as opposed to a spiritual materialism which sees the inherent value of the materials of Earth, and uses them in ways which extend their duration), and keeping up with the Kardashians, an extraordinarily limited way of living that ties value, worth, and identity to money and objects which provides no real basis for a sustainable self, not to mention fueling cycles of hyper-consumption that are effectively unravelling the integrity of the planet’s eco-system.

Taurus is relinquishing their sense of needing to possess (possession obsession) and instead is realizing its role as caretaker, refuses hoarding as private property is theft from the commons (not the same as personal property mind you), and is allergic to excess and imprudence. It is along these lines that an acquired resistance to rapaciousness has been attained. Attaining this Taurus finds advantage in all activities and pursuits and can create prosperity ex nihilo (from nothing).

Prime Directive: To dismantle a system of rapacious consumption, to dis-accumulate and embody the abundance of the Golden Calf.


Gemini_InversionGemini: June 20th-July 20th: Surveillance Scanner

Keywords: “I Think”

Mandate: “I am the Polarity and the resonance”

 Gemini embodies a metaphor, in Kim Stanley Robinson’s Novel  ‘Aurora’ we are entreated to starship that is travelling to Tau Ceti a stellar system 34 light years from Earth. This starship has multiple sensors and cameras that create a continuous surveillance system that monitors all the activity on the ship and will quickly identify any threats. It is a metaphor for where Gemini is headed in its development and mainly this involves Bunkum detection with an itchy trigger finger. Gemini in this state is onerous to deceive, as it immediately identifies slanderers, flatterers, seducers, and demagogues. There is an instant impression of the nature of falsehoods and distortions of fact which are rejected.

Gemini has acquired the awareness of the methods of disinformation and deceit and is simply not having it anymore. This applies in a global sense that the days of the demagogue are numbered and that all those who continue spread misinformation are cleanly in the line of fire for Gemini (watch out Climate Change deniers, you are slated for exposure). Gemini makes a concerted effort now to fight against deceit in all of its forms and what’s more seeks to disclose falsifiers to public scrutiny ala Wikileaks and in the style of Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange, and Edward Snowden. In a more personal sense this second sight has enabled Gemini to amend even the most hostile conditions into catalysts that turn the precedents to Gemini’s favor.

Prime Directive: Deconstruct lies, keep the channels of communication open and honest, and exalt lucidity and clarity, and refuse to deal in deception.

Cancer_InversionCancer: July 21st-August 8th: Homing Signal

Keywords:I Feel”

Mandate: “I am the Tide of Life”


Cancer is engaged in an archetypal journey where they are harmonizing with the archetypal mother and father. This could look like getting a genetic test to decipher ancestry and genetic propensity, re-establishing a relationship with their own biological parents or guardian figure.  More meaningfully it means they are potentially becoming parents themselves to their own children or they are protecting the habitat of humanity and life here on Spaceship Earth. Part of this is exposing traitorous cowards attempting to snatch the future from humanity through rhetoric and confusion. Primarily this resembles calling out demagogues who use ethnocentrism and nationalistic fervor to mask dark intentions.

Historically Cancer has had to contend with their inner indecencies, a refusal to despoil human ideas in favor of narrowly focused nationalistic priorities that reify a culture of domination. In a word Cancer is embodying the accumulated history of their nation. It is falling to them to excoriate the darker realities of the national ethic so that cultural and spiritual traditions of their tribal group do not accumulate more grimy atmosphere. Cancer is calling out entrenched cultural institutions that perpetuate a system of unearned privilege at the expense of other disadvantaged groups. Further Cancer is doing this at an international level realizing that the world ahead cannot have any more super powers, as we must begin to balance national policy against international necessities or it will be an endgame, a race to the bottom for humanity that will destroy our home world and its cultures.

The capacity that Cancer has developed in this regard is adaptability to changing conditions and modifying their customs and behavior to reflect global citizenship and as such they feel at home wherever they are, because they perceive the whole world as their home.

Prime Directive: Love your caretakers, seek to understand your ancestry, transform your nation and investigate your origins.


Leo_InversionLeo: August 9th-Spetmeber 15th: Glamor Corrosion

Keywords:I Desire”

Mandate:I am the Creative Spark”

 Leo is abandoning its long standing calling card of glamour and projection in favor of a more authentic approach. Arts and entertainment fall under the Lions purview and along these lines Leo is becoming adept at scrutinizing banal celebrity culture and the empty sentiments of the entertainment industry. No longer satisfied with the Hollywood sideshow, and expressing a range of emotion from outright contempt to cold indifference ( gone is the gnawing envy) to celebrity these bastions of unearned privilege that reinforce an industry which has historically been implicated in perpetuating stereotypes and actively excluding vulnerable populations from its storytelling engine. Leo now realizes that we are all stars of a much bigger show, better than any summer blockbuster, the celebrities of the best reality show there is Life on Earth. What’s more in that the show is live and improvised and has better special effects than any from CGI. Leo now knows and explicates the idea that we are all involved in the greatest drama there will ever be the total transformation of civilization.

Leo is now engaged in a relentless battle against the harmful illusions of a culture of make-believe, one that uses its media to distract people from the real issues. of the day and feeds a system of hyper-consumption that is devouring life limb from limb. Further because Leo falls under the symbology of children and the self-expression of youth, there is a sense of wanting to protect young people from the harmful elements of society, and the empty sensuality of consumer culture by criticizing the brazen advertisement of multi-national corporations that glamorize products that are health destroying and nurture social degradation. Leo is purifying what love is divorcing it from greed, invigorates creativity to enliven the idea that another world is possible, and takes responsibility for their love and creations, including the implications it has on others.It is from this emerging perspective that Leo hones their natural flair for drama to charm others and what’s more to create a new glamor one that exalts an emerging culture in line with the realities of Terran life.

Prime Directive: seek to empower others especially those who are vulnerable and give them the stage to voice their concerns, find glory in dismantling media distraction and advocate for the voice of the young, they are after all the ones who bear our cultural legacies.

Virgo_InversionVirgo: September 16th-October 30th: Immaterial Girl

Keywords: “I Scrutinize”

Mandate:I am the wiring under the Motherboard”

Virgos are masters at working with the material aspects of life, they love textures, with textiles being a denizen favorite (makes sense given that Virgo does have ties to fashion and a generally harmonious relationship to their physical body including a desire to drape it in fabrics). It goes beyond that of course to encompass all the physical aspects which makes life pleasurable from monetary transfers to technology and especially the sectors that deal with agriculture, health (including medicine and healthcare delivery), ecological systems (the life support of planet Earth) and technology hardware that facilitates the Internet. It is in the mastery of these complex systems that Virgo can be said to be a professional at virtually everything, what’s more Virgo knows how to optimize modern technology to great effect.

Virgo represents the idealism that gave rise to the Civil Rights Era of the 1960’s and because it occupies the lion’s share of the zodiac it carries a big karma around this development. It represents the powerful juggernaut of planets Pluto and Uranus that travelled through the signs Leo (1950-1972) and Virgo (1973-1988) in conjunction during the period of that social revolution. It saw the dawn of the Computer Age (1969, with the rise of the Internet called DARPA back then), The Green Revolution (1930’s-Late 1960’s although these changes were most dramatic in the late 1960’s), The Civil Rights Movement (1963-Present), The Modern Ecological Movement (1970, with the creation of the first Earth Day) and attendant to it the rise of the Eco-Spirituality Movement, which saw a revival of ancient pagan traditions (1975-Present),  The discovery of the Polymerase Chain Reaction (1983) and a series of technology transfers especially in medicine that improved life expectancy in many developing nations.

As such this legacy is continually developed and of course there is a dark side to all of it as Pluto continued its transit through Virgo which saw the emergence of HIV/AIDS (1969- the first AIDS death of Robert Rayford in St. Louis and then in earnest 1978-1983, the year it was fully described and the genetic evidence was discovered), The Black September hostage situation (1970-1971), also known as the Jordanian Civil War, and The Iran-Contra Affair (1985-1987) Which is to say there is always an attendant shadow cast to all developments that has to be contended with, all of these events fell under the purview of Leo-Virgo which provided powerful challenges to both established power (Leo) and the social and environmental systems underlying them (Virgo), that many of the changes were surprising and unprecedented (Uranus) and irrevocable and permanent (Pluto) is hardly surprising. Virgo is now carrying this legacy into the modern period and where it has been lit up recently was during the Uranus-Pluto square years (2011-2015) and going forward the Pluto-Saturn Synods (2017-2019) all of which will be happening in signs that square the sign Virgo and as such provide challenges to these legacies.

This could have some very beneficial manifestations namely the second green revolution could occur to meet the challenge of creating a sustainable food system to meet population pressures that will top out at 9 -11 billion in 2050. This second revolution could see a convergence between biotechnology (that has been thoroughly divested from corporate influence if we play our cards right), organic, biodynamic methods and permaculture to create a food system that adapts to the challenges of Climate Change, creates sustainable food security, eliminates the need for pesticides (if get the Science right) and maintains ecological vitality by mimicking the natural systems in the biome. Another promising area is on the HIV/AIDS front, with the advent of PEP (Post-Exposure-Prophylaxis), PrEP (Pre-exposure Prophylaxis) which shows protective factors as high as 99%, effective ART (Anti-Retroviral Treatment) designed to get to UDVL (Undetectable Viral Load) which massively reduces the infectivity of the HIV + person (by 96% according to one study), and the combination of the two which can lower risk to <0.5%, we could begin to see the pandemic begin to stall and start to make major progress in bringing it to an end. Further there is a promising vaccine know as SAV 001, has recently gone into third phase clinical trials (the last step before it makes it to market), if it proves successful it could be commercially available as early as 2017 (in time for the Pluto-Saturn synods, talk about your meaningful coincidences). All of this represents a reinvigoration of the crises started during the Virgo transits and in this case the challenges that will bring about their resolution.

Okay let’s take a breath (that is quite a great deal to take in for just one sign, but the Virgo evolutionary project is immense) and change track for just a moment. It is because of Virgos knack for self-possession and its talent for scrutiny that it can instantly identify true healers, doctors and technicians that are working towards the healing of the deep wounds of humanity. Virgo is raising an important ethical issue and sounding the alarm on the alliance between capitalism, corporations and science and technology and highlighting the dangers of science and technology that is devoid of spiritual or human concern, a structural problem that emerges when it is married to the profit motive.

Virgo struggles against the tendency to be overly pragmatic and fights against a corporatist mentality that dis-empowers the every-human. and relegates them to a banal and bland quotidian reality. Virgo is also battling the tendency of reductionism and the civilization built on it which reduces humanity, life and the natural world down to a system of lifeless mechanisms, Virgo advocates for a more organismic view, much like the one that is emerging out of cutting edge science which is beginning to acknowledge that the Universe is defined by interconnection and relationships at all levels of functionality and nothing occurs in isolation or occurs without impact on related systems (ecological worldview- very Virgoan). It is here that the power to discern gives Virgo sub-atomic vision that helps to cuss out details and nuances that lead toward a profound and salient solutions to significant problems.

Prime Directive: Be fearless in doing the gritty work of building a new world, put yourself into the crucible, create the systems that will re-align humanity with the natural world.

Libra_InversionLibra: October 31st– November 22nd: The Social Peace

Keywords: “I Balance”

Mandate: “I am the trending toward equilibrium”


Libra is the arbiter of justice and the social peace that makes mutual aid possible and the existence of a civil society, I dare say it is a symbol of civilization (a state of existence Humanity has yet to achieve, as its current manifestation is incredibly primitive, and I mean that in the pejorative sense). It carries a large responsibility and potent power to define the conditions that social congress occurs under. It is from a honed sense of fairness and justice that Libra operates in the world and of course it here that its greatest influence lies in terms of collective evolution. It is setting the social, legal and customary frameworks for a just and sustainable civilization, one worthy of the name.

From this honed perception of social justice the native perceives the oligarchs, and established powers that would attempt to thwart the goal of a more latitudinous social arrangement, using the criteria of fairness and justice as a guide (interesting that the ancient Egyptians believed that the Goddess Ma’at was a representation of the balance of the Universe, and it is a potent symbol of Libra as one of her symbols was the scales that the heart was weighed on after death when traversing through Daawat, the Underworld as depicted in the Egyptian Book of the Dead). Libra holds the balance of society in its hands not to mention that it is correlated to the scientific principle of the conservation of energy and mass, a function that keeps the universe in relative equilibrium. It is here that Libra unmasks these darker intentions and makes them clear for the world’s outrage to see.

Libra has seen behind the veil of deception, been exposed to the injustices all around us, known “evil” and corruption and not succumbing to these Libra has the clear vision and foresight to defend justice, equal rights, and equality of opportunity, guided by the anarchist precept that an injury to one is an injury to all. The directive is to struggle for a stateless world, and an ethical social climate, a struggle against the neoliberal conspiracy that seeks to drown the world in externalities and senseless paperwork.  This lends Libra the capacity to listen and consider impartially a diversity of philosophies and synthesize then into a brief which honors the integrity of each one, and out of this create a multifaceted approach to any social problem whether collective or individual (the personal is political).

Prime Directive: avoid endless debates and deliberations, seek fairness and impartiality, empower your allies and harmonize opposing factions to establish a social peace/creativity.

Scorpio_InversionScorpio: November 23rd-November 19th: Demon Stalker

Keyword: “I Will”

Mandate: “I am the Cosmic Mystery”

 Scorpio understands that many of the outward dramas we see in the political realm are the result of internal struggles both individual and collective with the “demons” in our own inner worlds. The ancients would have given these names, we moderns are more apt to call them by our experience of them, greed, avarice, malice, hatred, rage, prejudice, demagoguery, and the like. In our theological traditions of the West, we seek to banish these demons and expunge them from our experience. In another theological tradition coming further from the East (Hinduism) there is a long standing tradition of stories in which demons were instead of being destroyed were compelled in the service of protection specifically the protection of sacred bodies of water and other holy places. It is this internal conflict that Scorpio understands very well and is playing a role in collective evolution through in this case ameliorating both the internal and external conditions that give rise to these usurious emotions in the first place. Scorpio easily exposes philosophies that facilitate the darker instincts in humanity and seeks to harness our inner demons in the service of a higher purpose.

Through this framework Scorpio is aware of the ways in which insidious ideas spread and are reinforced which encourage the worst in the human animal, ideas such as rabid nationalism, isolationism, superiority, or upholding systems of authority which are built on dark histories of extreme violence, genocide, and cultural erasure. Scorpio is ready to have tea with these demons and recruit them into the service of a higher ideal. Scorpio is recognizing their immense capacity to harness collective power in the service of planetary apotheosis, and knowing this they are becoming active participants in the human drama and global-planetary processes, in a word they are subverting illegitimate power and turning it on its head, empowerment from the bottom up this time around.

From this authentic consciousness emerges the capacity to configure language and images to captivate the public mind and possess the blessing of inspiring the masses to initiate paradigm shifts in social arrangements by a simple symbolic act.

Prime Directive: Turn your internal demons into protectors and allies, fearlessly experience ego deaths and regenerate your resources, mastering the powers of redemption, you unbind the stigmas, reputations, and conditions that have afflicted you and Humanity.

 OphiuchusOphiuchus: November 30th-December 17th: Primordial Spark

 Keyword: “I Dare”

 Mandate: “I am the Pregnant Void”
Ophiuchus has held a deep fear of persecution, and for good reason its history has effectively been suppressed and erased beginning first with its omission from the Ptolemaic zodiac (the basis of modern tropical Astrology), the punishment of Medusa, and into modern times with the threat of loss of reproductive rights for women and the violence directed at GLBTQ persons and other sexual and gender minorities. There is a concerted need to get past an ingrained self-defensiveness and recognize that the world is an evolving place and that the Snake-Bearer has a major role to play in the transformation which will bring about an end to the Patriarchy that has made Ophiuchus the target of its rage and violence.

Ophiuchus is relinquishing the need to place themselves into exile and social isolation, instead recognizing the potent catalysis that social gatherings play in the greater evolutionary sense. The Snake Bearer is gradually catching on that there are people who genuinely crave their company, experience, knowledge and wisdom, as it is the experience of a lost and repressed world as the Divine Feminine continues her subtle siren song into our cultural imagination. There has been a long history of others feeling uncomfortable or alienated in the presence of Ophiuchus a reality that is finally changing as Ophiuchus comes into the knowledge of its own potency. These of course are the basic underpinnings of an interstellar personality, and cohesion is a necessary step in the levels of cooperation needed to go off-world.

This new found capacity for collaboration with others has endowed Ophiuchus with the ability to read people with high precision and understand hidden agendas and ulterior motives which Ophiuchus does not hesitate to expose to the light of public scrutiny, a particularly useful skill for the more desperate times we are finding ourselves living in.

Prime Directive: Open to collaboration, relinquish a sense of being alienated, and revel in the bloom of your potency, yours is a powerful and timely legacy.


Sagittarius_InversionSagittarius: December 18th– January 18th: Spirt of Wanderlust

Keywords:I See”

Mandate: “I am the higher uses of intelligence”

 Sagittarius is developing X-ray vision and is capable of seeing false prophets, misguided teachers, and deceitful politicians (sadly there are a lot especially those who obscure and confuse the scientific consensus around cogent issues from Climate Change to Genetic Engineering). Further the Archer is becoming aware of misinterpretations of many spiritual teachings, exposing cultural appropriation and miscommunication of intent, and the ways in which religious dogma is used to justify regressive and divisive positions. It is a streak of the rebellious which is not usual the natives character as there is a tendency for social conformity, a trait that is being outgrown in favor of a course correction.

This new sense of autonomy and iconoclasm emerges out of an intimacy with the with the darker forces at work in political and religious constructs that are currently conducting society, natives have avoided capitulating to its temptations whether they be power, influence or money all of which are illegitimate means to social change.

Sagittarius is learning to be deliberate and to disclose orthodoxy, superstition and falsehoods in politics and ideology whether they be the almost religious beliefs of neoliberalism and capitalism, or the creeping pernicious of corporatization. Reveling in heresies which actively challenge the enforced conformity and anti0intellectualism of (too) Late Capitalist society. The transformed perceptual apparatus translates into a capacity to read contemporary realities correctly and to come up with the essential ideations just in time without constraint or expending much energy.

Prime Directive: Conformity is suicide, the social image is false, refrain from proselytizing, nothing is true so everything is permitted, develop admirable objectives, and maintain your commitments.

Capricorn_InversionCapricorn: January 19th-February 15th: Luciferian Tendencies

Keywords: “I Utilize”

Mandate: “I am the spirit in matter”

The ultimate objective of Capricorn is to discern and recognize sadistic and fascistic personalities and to decode totalitarian regimes, and instigate rebellion against authoritarian schemes. That this is the prime objective is timely given that authoritarianism is currently on the rise in the world in various cleverly disguised manifestations, the most insidious being the philosophy of neo-liberalism which deifies the invisible hand to deliver what it can never offer.
Capricorn lucidly understands the methods through which that accident of evolution called evil is able to infiltrate the material world, and the ways in which cultures can feed the worst daemons or egregores within them (defined as the spirit of a culture, the set of idioms that take on a life of their own and replicate like organisms). Further they understand the responsibilities and the weight of them that they are entrusted with and are the embodiment of the concept that with great power comes great responsibility. Capricorn is designed to persevere even in the presence of the worst antipathy, or the randomness of fateful events. Capricorn understands that their fate is tied to the fate of the community of life that envelopes them, when they can consciously accept the sacrifices on behalf of others. Much like the archetype Lucifer to which their sign is attached taking on the burden of hell and in a different telling collecting his tears in seven jars and dousing the flames of Hell, which freed humanity from despair for all time thereafter.

5140262356_e16498393b_b When residing at this awareness Capricorn acquires the capacity to conduct anything and see every process to the completion of its cycles. This is to say that Capricorn has the tenacity to persevere even under pressures that would make others crack. Capricorn here is also not content with the empty promise of words but is committed to actions. In terms of the turning point that Humanity faces, action is what is needed now, it is great that the world for the first time agreed to halt Global Warming to no more than 2 degrees Celsius and possibly even less than that, now it needs to be implemented and this is where the importance of acting becomes the dominant theme.

Prime Directive: maintain your integrity in the face of immense pressures and choose your strategies carefully, be deliberate.

Aquarius_InversionAquarius: February 16th-March 11th: Deep Time Architect

Keywords: “I Know”

Mandate:I am the Strange Light of the Future”

The ultimate objective of the Waterbearer is to reach an articulation in the ability to identify untrustworthy, capricious and deceptive individuals, there is almost an immediate recognition of said individuals when the ability has been cultivated to its apotheosis. This is of importance to this future oriented native as it is through the action of collective effort that long-term future visions come to fruition and having any who are not aligned with an evolutionary trajectory can prove destructive to the unfolding processes at work in actualizing the future.

Aquarius has the unique super-power of being able to provide for true need, not the ephemeral desire manufactured by advertising under the auspices of cyclic consumption but the needs people truly need from energy, food, water, and shelter to the enriching social matrix that brings meaning to human existence. Along these lines, Aquarius has the authority and ingenuity to design the technologies whether they be hardware or of consciousness to provide and deliver living requirements. It is here that Aquarius has the uncanny capacity to use living and dead energies to create islands of negentropy (the opposite of entropy or the tendency towards disorder and the Universe running down).

Aquarius, contains a brilliant competency to renew and transform chaos. These natives often understand the harm that can come from negligence and hubris, especially its impact on humanity and nature (being that the environment is the common ground we all share, and without we cannot exist in our physical form). Acutely aware of the danger that comes from scientific, economic, and political actions when lacking an ecological awareness. This is particularly pertinent in relation to contemporary civilization which has only recently begun to integrate this awareness into its practices and applications. There is an instinctual understanding among these sign natives that the current trajectory of late Capitalism cannot be allowed to continue as it could very well lead to the extinction of the human species and a great many of the life-forms currently on the planet. Aquarius is carrying the burden of building a new kind of civilization one in which technology is designed to enhance the planetary life support systems and the sciences are to be used in service to life and humanity, an important portent given that civilization has achieved a planetary scale.

future_city__1__by_josueperez79-d54dkleGiven the heady responsibilities this sign must contend with there is a tendency towards a nervous disposition. Ultimately the Water-bearer must avoid this and work towards psychological equanimity. Avoid stressors and nervous overload as best as can be managed (air signs in general benefit from a meditation practice of some kind as it calms an over-active mind).

The prime directive that is central to the Aquarian impulse is consciously addressing utilizing science and technology towards the prevention of that accident of evolution we call evil. This must be done in the same way that the Aquarian consciously addresses the adverse consequences of the scientific and technological revolution (which emerged 400 years ago during the Enlightenment, and represented the final legacy in our divorce from nature, a fracture we are now attempting to heal). This revolution was certainly a necessary development in the long technological evolution of humanity (beginning first with stone tools and ultimately to the microchip). At this station of awareness the native attains the capacity to be decisive regarding the strange light of the future, grounded solidly in the contemporary moment allowing the native to live in advance of their time. It is through this Promethean consciousness that the framework of Humanity’s stellar diaspora will be solidified, if we cannot manage the problems of our era, and secure our place on our home world, than there is little hope of ever achieving the mind-frame needed to go off-world, as we will take our destructive colonial mentality with us to new worlds and summarily destroy them. When we have achieved an ecological consciousness and understood that nature of the universe is relationship, then we will have developed the psychological technology needed for off-world exploration, it begins first with cultivating an enduring curiosity and a deep love for the mystery of the cosmos.

Prime Directive: Find clarity between terror and astonishment, decipher to the best of your ability between beneficence and maleficence, avoid over-committing yourself to long-term projects that you lack the capacity to complete.

Pisces_InversionPisces: March 12th-April 18th:  Cultural Reboot Engine

Keyword: “I believe”

Mandate: “I am Omega, the Culmination”


“The most important thing to realize about industrial capitalism is that it is not organized to meet the needs of the people who participate in it. It is not the first system for which this has been true, but it is the latest version and it dominates the world. It’s true that capitalists have to produce things that people need (or, if not, to persuade them that they do) in order to sell goods and make a profit. If, as a result, capitalism does happen to meet the needs of people, that’s fine, but that is not the point of the system. The point is to allow individuals to compete with one another in order to maximize personal wealth. How this affects everyone else is, within fairly broad limits, largely beside the point.- Allan Johnson, “If not Capitalism, What?”

The ultimate objective for Pisces is to effortlessly be cognizant of occult (hidden) enemies, manipulators, and seductive sub-programs. A rough translation of this is being able to spot the sub-routines that run in our minds that have been placed there implicitly through culture, advertising and all the ways in which the world has used perception management to deceive us into perpetuating a culture of dissociation and enslavement. The world made by late Capitalism, has become a seductive and insidious memetic software which has enslaved our perceptions to such an extent we believe that there are no alternatives to this world of alienation and inebriation. Pisces is working to break the glamour that has been projected

il_570xN.192043093Pisces, further has explored all the nuances of the dark side of life and has been initiated into the secret gnosis and yet out of an evolved sense of self (a self which does not stop at the skin encapsulated ego) the native does not use it at a detriment to others. Pisces, because it is the holder of the doors of perception is developing an immunity to false consciousness as defined by the supremacy of the invisible hand, that poltergeist that defines so much of our social reality, it is the water we swim in and the air we breath and few of us can conceive of it directly due to its ubiquity. We assume it is the only alternative, even though it is an illusion. Pisces is waking up from the dream and is now immune to the insidious nature of the cultural veil, there is now an almost biological resistance to addiction and engineered vices.

Pisces through an informed and prudent use of hypnosis is casting a new dream, a cultural reboot which seeks to wipe out the viral programming that has enslaved the contemporary mind. There is a turning away from the sorcery of the dark arts by using them as a vehicle through which the demons of a culture of make believe can be vanquished and turned into the service of a culture of life, the demons that have most of us sleep-walking through life blind to the destruction our culture is responsible for. Pisces has internalized the evolutionary struggle of humanity and through their contending with personal illusions and fears, and a sober analysis of motivations behind actions, Pisces is exorcizing the accident of evil from the existential experience of human beings, in a word they are transforming the dark within themselves and at the heart of the world.

The mission of these natives is the struggle against pseudo-religions or false consciousness. These pseudo-religions can take many guises, Neo-Liberalism being the most apparent one (the philosophy of the free market has taken religious undertones with its reliance on the invisible hand of currency and the idea that it can deliver human necessities even though in practice it never can as Capitalism is not predicated on meeting human needs but creating the conditions for individuals to compete for wealth). Further this mission includes rooting out the sects and elites that would seek to entrench their hegemony and keep the culture exactly as it is even if it means that billions suffer with having no access to the minimal existential requirements. One area of significant influence that Pisces excels in is the arts and it is here that perceptions can be shifted with the greatest of impact because art hits us on multiple levels of consciousness most important of which are our implicit biases the exact matrix of which replicates culture in the human mind.

When residing in this awareness Pisces becomes a denizen of that realm between the worlds, with a foot in each one that of the imagination and the “real”. In this place the capacity develops to transform all the worlds and unravel the web of lies, including the ghost webs that manipulate perceptions to serve false gods, it is the power of the dream-weaver who has the power to take a new story and turn it into the reality of many.

Prime Directive: Transform the world from within by addressing fear and illusion.

In summation for August, it will be a period where the focus will not be exclusively on the external (making the world a better place)  but also on the internal (making yourself a better person). I will see you all next month Space Cadets!

Cancer Full Moon

New Moon in Cancer, August 2nd, 2016

Capricorn Full Moon

Full Moon In Capricorn, August 18th, 2016

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