Greetings Space Cadets! Happy Roman New Year.

Welcome to our dystopia. In honor of the January 1st Mars conjunction with Neptune in Aquarius, the January 7th Sun conjunction with Pluto in Sagittarius, and the January 10th Sun square with Uranus in Pisces. We shall explore the trope of dystopia and explore its implications for our world.

The above aspects deal with salient impulses: The first is the need to address actively (Mars) illusions and delusions (Neptune) at the heart of the mass culture (Aquarius). The confronting of sovereign power (Sun) with collective power (Pluto) on the world stage (Sagittarius), and finally sovereign power confronting the rude awakening (Uranus) of populist suffering (Pisces), which in the presence of no viable alternatives has defaulted to the dystopian option (soft authoritarianism).

Dystopian literature and film is instrumental in helping us to understand the paradoxical undercurrent of the human urge for a perfected world, and what can go wrong in the grand designs of these schemes. Further, studying it intently also helps us to avoid the doublethink and doublespeak that emerges when we are faced with an actual dystopia, which humanity has faced many times before in its history. Whether it is failing to design for the diversity of humanity or an inability to factor in natural calamity (Climate Change), the blind laws of nature (Evolution), political stasis which fuels entropy (Authoritarianism)  or the countervailing power of different minds (human disagreement). It is difficult to deny that there are some striking parallels between contemporary society and some of the dystopias explored in fiction. A cursory look reveals unsettling resemblances.

John Brunners ‘Stand on Zanzibar’ written in 1968 predicted the modern world with stunning accuracy including globalization, international terrorism, ATM card transactions, and continued social tensions. That this dystopia so closely mirrors our contemporary world should give us all pause. There are other U.S. specific examples:

The NSA spying program which had its cover blown in the Edward Snowden debacle, which exposed to the American people that their government was effectively spying on them without their consent and prying into the most intimate details of their lives is reminiscent of George Orwell’s, ‘1984’. In 2015 a delegation of three human rights experts did an assessment of women’s rights in the U.S. and were horrified by their findings. They commented on the 23% gender pay gap, non-existent maternity leave policies, affordable child care and the poor treatment of female detainees in detention centers. The most telling of the visit was the political hostility they experienced around reproductive rights. In particular the harassment they received as they entered an abortion clinic. In their country of origins abortions are provided by hospitals and general practitioner clinics and certainly do not have hecklers outside of them harassing women who go for treatment and care. Much of this is tellingly like Joanna Russ’ novel ‘The Female Man’.

The US woke up to the reality between 2011-2016 that our police forces are more akin to para-military forces that will use lethal violence on unarmed citizens for being the wrong skin color. That they are part of a bigger apparatus of state control, a police state which is identical to Phillip K. Dick’s ‘Cry My Tears the Policeman Said’. There are fringe groups with extreme religious ideologies who have hijacked the political process to introduce legislation like the First Amendment Defense Act which would protect those who discriminate citing religious concerns, which sounds analogous to the conditions that gave rise to the theocratic dystopia of the Republic of Gilead in Margaret Atwood’s ‘A Handmaids Tale’.

We are currently on a path of technological upheaval that could entrench dynastic wealth into the hands of a few corporate owners of these novel technologies and platforms, creating a society of stark inequality where the majority do not have access to these technologies as they are sold to those who can afford them. Technologies that could alter the genetic code (cloning, genetic engineering, and nanotechnology) or resemble and surpass human intelligence (replicants and artificial intelligence) and appearance and we are pursuing them in such fashion that we are failing to exercise caution so that what is designed to liberate us could instead destroy us (think the paradoxical nature of nuclear capacity, in its civilian uses it could power the world without altering the climate, and yet it can also be weaponized and used to vaporize cities and kill millions). All of this is covered in novel’s like ‘Oryx and Crake’ by Margaret Atwood, ‘Snow Crash’ be Neal Stephenson, ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep’ by Phillip K. dick and “Windup Girl” by Paolo Bacigalupi.

It seems that our society is dystopian in practice and utopian in principle.



Denizens of the U.S. have long had the privilege to consider dystopias merely effective literary or cinematic tropes. It seems that 2016 disabused many of us of this notion and many of us found ourselves waking up to the cold reality that we are effectively living in a dystopia. This of course reinforces the long cultural denialism we have had from the propaganda of a watered down version of our history. The U.S. has decidedly dystopian beginnings. Effectively built on the backs of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and the genocidal apocalypse of a first contact that was more War of the World’s than Contact A long history of violence, warfare and economic exploitation would seem to dispose the population to understanding how a dystopia could easily insinuate itself into the American cultural experience, then again the vast majority are poor students of history and often we believe the gift wrapped corporate propaganda version of our history. We have rudely been awakened to this fact as the dystopian nightmares we have inflicted on other nations are now coming home to roost in the first administration in our nations’ history to be profoundly unqualified to lead.

Brexit, the National Front in France, Victor Orban in Hungary, Rodrigo Duterte of the Phillipines dubbed the tin pot dictator, Andrzej Duda of Poland, Singapore and Vladimir Putin in Russia have all made clear that dystopian soft authoritarianism is alive in the post-modern world. Dystopia is certainly not limited to the political realm as the corporate control of the global economy can easily attest. Guided by the neoliberal philosophy that has led to the concentration of wealth into the hands of the elite few at the expense of the bottom 90% and the soul crushing austerity that defines national budgets and has led to the flat-lining of real wages for the bulk majority, even as productivity has soared. The wake-up call for the US came with the election of what has become known as the Cheeto dictator Donald Trump to the highest office of the land. If we thought we were living in Dystopia we haven’t seen anything yet. His cabinet picks are a laundry list of crony capitalists, bigots, racists, crypto-fascists and authoritarians some of whom who were considered too extreme for Supreme Court seats, It does not bode well for a nation that prides itself on the defense of civil rights and freedom.

There is hope though, as it seems another world is gestating in the looming darkness. It is a nascent world that may begin to address difficult intersections of history. Robert Reich and Rebecca Solnit both remind us that we have been through these dark periods before and the people have triumphed. The function of dystopian literature and cinema perhaps is to remind us that the dark regimes do not last and to steel our resolve to make a better world.

A novel approach for each sign this month in that each will be assigned a dystopian film which will set the tone for the month:

Aries: April 19th-May 13th


Aries_InversionBlade Runner is set in a dystopian Los Angeles in 2019 and in it we are introduced to Rick Deckard a bounty hunter involved in the “retirement” of human simulacra called replicants, in a word androids that are indistinguishable from humans. Replicants are used as slave labor in off-world colonies. After a revolt, they are banned on Earth, still this does not stop them as they can blend in seamlessly. The film brings up a number of subjects, space exploration, slavery and what it is to be human in the first place, and inverts these causing us to question human supremacy.

The parallel to our own reality is that we are on the verge of experiencing the technological upheaval depicted in the movie and if we are not careful its unfoldment could create this dystopia. A few developments mirror it, the Trump administration is considering slashing NASA’s Earth sciences section budget making satellite array observation of Earth obsolete, as the system ages out of functionality and predictive ability for Climate Change impossible, which is predicated on this satellite array. The rationale has been a desire to explore deep space and the interstellar medium (therefore the set-up for off-world colonies), while ignoring severe problems on Earth (setting the stage for a more dystopian Los Angeles as well as other destinations).

Beyond this some technologists have predicted that machine automation will begin to replace human labor which means many could be disenfranchised from economic participation (technological unemployment) and with wealth concentrating into ever fewer hands this represents a financial crisis unparalleled in our experience. It demonstrates that Capitalism is uniquely unqualified to handle future social developments and the rationale for a UBI (Universal Basic Income) is becoming ever more present. Aries whether human or replicant (Androids have inception dates which double as birthdays) would likely lead a slave rebellion and we find ourselves once again at that critical juncture of history where such a thing is called for. However Aries does, whether it is publicly or through a quieter subterfuge or the countless ways we are secretly transgressive action is the called for element. We must all become dangerous to a soft authoritarian attempt. Aries is the firebrand and freedom fighter of the zodiac and their understanding does not stop at mere human liberation.

Taurus: May 14th-June 19th


Taurus_InversionIn the movie Elysium, set in 2159 Humanity has been divided into two classes the wealthy who live on an idyllic space station in low Earth orbit with high technology which allows them to live indefinitely and free of all health ailments including cancer. The remainder of humanity is the vast majority of the teeming masses who live an impoverished condition of hobbling together a society out of the ruins of a technical civilization in a wrecked environment likely the result of extensive climate change and desertification and exhaustion of resources. The plot revolves around the attempts of a few renegades who attempt entry onto the ship to “steal” the technology and deliver it to those on the surface of Earth. The wealthy through an egomaniacal administrator played by Jodie Foster, heartlessly thwart any attempt to gain access, even at one point blasting a ship apart, filled with migrants from the surface colonies.

This is chillingly reminiscent of the US with its balkanized elites that hide behind enormous wealth, unbridled access to the marvels of technology, and an obliviousness to the fact that their rational decisions in private have created a wealth concentration that the vast majority of us must finance and further benefit almost nothing from. We have not reached the point where a concerted effort to change this  has materialized into a countervailing power strong enough to overcome the defenses of the ‘Elsysium’ elites, that said the moment is certainly ripe for one to emerge, and one that dwarfs the Occupy movement of 2011.

Taurus your task for this interval is to crack the code on how a new economic-political power could emerge in the US culture. The time has come to move beyond a bi-partisan politics and an economics designed by and for Wall Street. I call on you to do it as you understand the nature of finance, the use of resources and how it all converges to create a sustainable system, something sorely lacking in our current social engineering.

Gemini: June 20th-Julyh 20th


Gemini_InversionA dystopian film dispatched from 1976 chronicles the absurdities of a media owned by a few corporate interest that broadcast asinine and dehumanizing content for ratings. The apotheosis features the protagonist becoming the first person to be murdered live on television. It parallels the circus that is our own media.

Disinformation is insidious and is the currency of the alleged media. The most unsubstantiated information can pass for news so long as it bleeds it leads. We saw it happen in 2004 when evidence of Weapons of Mass Destruction were not found in Iraq, and yet it was used to justify the war there anyway. The media is cozying up to a soft authoritarian for the sake of access instead of actually doing any investigative reporting. We can only hope that someone will show the courage to defend the First Amendment and put it on the line to present the truth and state the emperor has no clothes.

Gemini has no choice, there is no silencing the critical thinking that emerges when the twins are lucid and both explicit and implicit modes of thought are active. Geminis is receiving the transmissions and working double duty to crawl underneath the weapons of mass distraction. Gemini gets the intelligence and avoids the double-speak. January is not a time to parse words or speak in metaphors, it is a time to be direct and point out the absurdities.


Cancer: July 21st-August 8th


Cancer_InversionIn Children of Men we are introduced to a decaying London and world after a strange epidemic of infertility has swept the world leaving everyone sterile and unable to reproduce. In this world society has decayed into nationalistic blocs with extreme xenophobia, poverty and forced deportation of illegal immigrants into what can only be described as concentration camps only without forced labor, the defining factor instead being grinding poverty.

There are few parallels to our own reality that can be made here, the world is not dealing with an infertility crisis, in fact quite the opposite, which could strangely enough lead to the same result. The only similarity is that we are committing future generations to diminishing returns and eventual poverty if we continue down the economic trajectory we are currently on. Cancer concerns itself with nurturing future generations and the welfare of life ovr the long arc of time so this is of particular concern to Cancer folks.

Your task then Cancer is to somehow remind the world of its obligations for leaving a livable world and workable economy for the future generations that will inherit said world. You must put a front of resistance that justifies policies and philosophies that continually mortgage the future creating a diminished world for the unborn to inherit. If you want history to remember you fondly you and humanity will make it their task to ensure that the world we do hand those yet to live is one they will want to live in.

Leo: August 9th-September 15th


Leo_InversionIn V for Vendetta England has descended into a fascist totalitarian state headed by a megalomaniac Adam Sutler. It is decidedly dystopian, Sutler is mocked publicly on television at a crucial turning point in the movie, and later the media personality responsible was ‘disappered’ in one of ‘Creedy’s’ bag bags (abducted by police and then sent to a political prisoners camp). The horror is complete in the recent public plea from Rump’s (what we are calling the cheeto dictator form now on) press secretary begging the public and media to stop criticizing him and begin working with him. Leo can only think disdainfully ‘uh-no, not going to happen, about fifth and never’.

Leo understands rulership it is the province of kings and queens, it also understands tyrants and thin skinned egos all too well, and because of this it can’t permit them to have free reign over anything. Leo has claws and is not afraid to cut a megalomaniac down to size, especially those with paper-thin brittle skin. Leo your task over the next interval is to not play nice. I will tell you this the opposition that mocked Obama throughout most of his administration is now asking the rest of us to play nice and not mock the current Orangutan in Chief. You need to rebuttal with not going to happen if the other side refuses to play nice than why should we. Leo with your dramatic flair and talent for performance I would like to see you ratchet the game up a notch and use mockery, satire and malevolent humor to great effect and mock and deride any personality that think they could aspire to be an Adam Sutler. It’s what you excel at, and I can imagine there are people in your own universe who could stand to have a little mockery knock them back to human sized, it is you prerogative, so use it.

Virgo: September 16th-October 30th


Virgo_InversionThis iconic movie features the results of what happens when a number of ecologic crises converge and re-order societal priorities, except in this case of Humanity adapting it shows most of us falling apart, to such an extent that the dead are processed into food. The movie featured the results of Climate Change, overpopulation, ecological collapse, species extinction and the attendant social effects including mass poverty, balkanization of economic classes (as the wealthy could afford unbridled access to dwindling resources) and a kind of slavery tied to resource exhaustion and economic exploitation.

It parallels our own situation as a blind elite continues on an economic path which is leading most of us to ruinous consequences that the elites will likely not feel or have to clean up after. This empowered by a political establishment that is blind to logic and facts and only becoming more bellicose and resistant to reason. Many of the issues depicted I the film are becoming our reality if we continue to do nothing. Ultimately we could so screw with the planetary operating system that it may not recover and instead go on a runaway path that creates a warming trend that will not normalize for thousands of years, and could send society into decline, eventual collapse and become ungovernable, much as the one in Soylent Green.

I mention Virgo, only because you are the majority of us and many of you grok this so profoundly that it terrifies you. That said fear should not paralyze, and you are demonstrating the necessary caution and urgency to deal with these problems that governments need to begin adopting. Your task over the next interval is to hammer out exactly how society can begin to transition towards a sustainable future and avoid the worst outcomes of a soylent green world.


Libra: October 31st-November 22nd


Libra_InversionThis British dystopian film features a society starkly divided by those who live “inside” highly dense cities and those who live “outside” the cities, access is tightly regulated and restricted by an individuals access to health documents known as “papelles”. The film mainly deals with the social implications of biotechnology on society. The film speaks to the need for access to vital services and the underlying principle of fairness that guides these systems. This is of course of significant Libran Concern.

The parallels to our current reality is definitely the threat to the Affordable Care Act that the incoming administration has signaled would be eliminated. Repealing it would put 30 million Americans without health insurance or access to a needed system, the essence of unfairness, instead of improving it & making it cheaper and more accessible the opposite is being considered. One area the ACA has been helpful to is reproductive healthcare, without which many women will be left stranded. Roe Vs. Wade the 1973 landmark Supreme Court decision that made abortion legal throughout the U.S.  is under threat of being repealed as well, creating a completely unfair situation for women who will now have fewer options for exercising autonomy over their bodies and their health.

I mention it Libra as I am hoping many of you will be become as outraged as I am at this state of affairs and put up a feisty resistance something borrowed from your Aries sisters and your playmates on the other end of the Libra-Aries axis. You have the unique diplomacy to resist in a way that is not threatening, and because of this you ca infiltrate deeper into the apparatus than many others can and once there you can cause the maximum disruption, given current pressing realities it is what you must do.

Ophiuchus: November 30th-December 17th


Ophiuchus_InversionIn Mad Max Fury Road, Charlize Theron plays a badass female character that also has a three dimensional character arc (she is not limited to a few one liners and leather clad boob shots). In it we see a female rebelling against the corruption of feudal system seeking to limit access to constrained and necessary resources and a male dominated social strata.

If this seems familiar to the experience of the US right now it would not be far off the mark. Besides the presence of unprecedented and historically entrenched gender violence and misogyny we have an incoming administration uniquely ignorant to the concerns of the environment and by association resources. Projects to develop oil resources which threaten the health of water resources and ecosystem services that keep us alive all in the pursuit of making a profit. A social platform with a suite of legislations that would roll-back the rights and protections of minorities that are already disadvantaged. I could go on, but it is not constructive, resistance is though, and in the case of the snake-bearer it will have to do with issues of gender transgression .

The Ophiuchan rallying call in the interval ahead is Galvanize the Goddess, because it is the only way we can assure that the future if feminine. The work of smashing the Patriarchy must continue unabated especially with the onslaught of legislation that seeks to discriminate on the grounds of gender identity (bathroom bills), repeal female autonomy and reproductive choice (Roe vs. Wade up for debate), and allow others to discriminate on religious grounds against people of differing sexual orientations (FADA). Ophiuchus it also work you are carrying with you into 2017, even if you happen to be rather staid and conventional there is definitely something in you that is defiant I am asking that you spend the next interval reaching inside yourself to find it.

Scorpio: November 23rd-November 19th


Scorpio_InversionIn a Clockwork Orange we are entreated to an entropic London in the throes of high crime and social decay. The main character Alex along with his Droogs, takes ultimate joy in three things Beethoven music, rape, and what he calls ‘the ultraviolence’. In a word he is an unfeeling psychopath with violent tendencies who murders and rapes at will and takes glee in shaudenfraud. He is ultimately caught and brought into custody where through psychological warfare and aversion therapy he is made into a respectable member of society, a treatment that ultimately drives him to madness.

The parallel to our own world is the criminal behavior of multi-national corporations and the economy which rapes the resources and communities of the world, and profits off the suffering left it its wake whether through war or exploitation It uses diabolical means to ensure that governments give it carte blanche through trade partnerships that once were civilizing now only empower this carnage. I mention it Scorpio because you are the master of the diabolical and the holder of the deep dive and are capable of using these tactics to manipulate a better collective arrangement, one that benefits the masses and unleashes collective power as a counter-vailing force against the prevalent madness.

Your task throughout this interval is to use the immense power contained in you to blow the lid on the corruption that empowers this criminal behavior. The first place is to campaign for the removal of the decision that gave Corporations ‘Personhood’, perhaps by exploiting the angle that if they want the freedoms of personhood than they should also be given the responsibilities including being punished for the commission of crimes. In a word Scorpio I want you to become a force that counters the accepted madness of the social paradigm and use you mysterious powers for liberating everyone from collective delusions, begin with yourself as we are all subject to some self-deception.

Sagittarius: December 18th-January 18th


Sagittarius_InversionIn the Andromeda Strain, a mysterious bacterium from Outer Space that has somehow managed to travel from a sister galaxy and lodge itself onto a satellite in a decaying orbit that ends up crash landing into a New Mexico town and causing a mysterious illness which turns the residents blood into powder. Ultimately a team of special scientists is called together into an isolated underground lab to contain and study the bacterium and prevent it from becoming an international pandemic threat that wipes out the human species and destroys life on Earth. At the climax of the film a researcher is able to stop it from getting out of the lab.

This parallels a threat that few wish to speak about as the dire nature of it leaves everyone with a functioning brainstem with pause. Namely we have allowed a thin-skinned authoritarian access to the nuclear launch codes which hold the fate of the entire world. This is a technology with the firepower to deliver a civilization ending blow and kill millions in an instant to say nothing of wiping cities from the planets face and causing ecological devastation to the immediate environment of their detonation. It is a scary precedent and a terrifying thought, that if launched it would take all of four minutes and once the decision is made it cannot be reversed, hence why it is so vital to never let the wrong kinds of leaders access to them.

Sagittarius is fully aware of the horror of this potential scenario and I implore you Archers with your optimism and your concern for global affairs to put these anxieties to good use and move into the avenues of advocacy that work towards moving the world away from the seconds to midnight on the Doomsday Clock and towards a world with far less present danger. If nothing more than to ensure that the next administration is wise enough to recognize the power they are holding. Ideally Sagittarius works towards the day when nuclear becomes a way to power cities and not a way to destroy them. We are a long way from disarmament, that said you can use this interval to begin laying the foundations for that day. You have an international mind that transcends cultural barrier sand allows for cooperation, and it is what the world needs now most of all.


Capricorn: January 19th-February 15th


Capricorn_InversionIn the movie 1984 members of society are controlled by totalitarian governments utilizing a police state and a surveillance society capable of intruding on the most intimate moments and using mind control technology that can change brain structure, erase memory or implant new ones. It uses extensive propaganda to prop itself up including a subversion technique called doublespeak, utilizing deliberately obscure and confusing language to mindfuck people, it is stunningly effective and justifies all kinds of atrocity.

The US is not as extreme as this movie would suggest, there are however some scary precedents that do point to some of the features we see in this dystopia. Namely a vast surveillance program in the NSA, a defense department that brokers in rumors of wars to justify its bloated spending and allocations, and an incoming administration which is made up of billionaires, and crypto-fascists. Betsy Davos has been made head of education and has pursued a program of privatizing education, a dangerous move as it would eliminate any oversight form the public or educational authorities and could be the on-ramp to doublespeak becoming the educational platform of various schools. Steve Bannon has been made Rump’s chief strategist, a crypto-fascist who has made statements and dismissals of his extreme outfit Brietbart news as not being fascist at all, a kind of doublespeak in action, with a media colluding to not say what these things actually are (white nationalism is fascism! ). I could go at some of the disastrous choices (Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, a man considered too racist to be given a Supreme Court judgeship).

Capricorn has the long view of time and recognizes that authoritarian regimes have risen before, even is seemingly free societies and that ultimately they do not last. They collapse either through the concerted revolt of their citizenry or die of their own excesses and hubris when the world finally stands up to them. It is this perspective you bring to the table at a crucial time when it is needed most. Your task over the next interval is to remind the rest of us that this will not last and that we do not have the luxury of complacency but must resist at every turn and always make vocal our refusal to submit. Capricorn any acquiescence at any period of the long plod up the hill is an admission of defeat, we must stay the course no matter how tight the crews get turned.

Aquarius: February 16th-March 11th


Aquarius_Inversion_2In the movie Blindness, a strange affliction in which people become suddenly blind leads to an international epidemic that empowers a totalitarian government, in an attempt to contain and control the situation. Along the way we are entreated to the nuanced leadership of the only woman who retains her sight, and we see both the monstrous and transcendent qualities of humanity.

Aquarius is nervous and on edge, they are watching as the dominoes are being set up for a catalytic event that could make it very apparent how much of a soft authoritarianism the next administration may prove to be. A few events of are of concern, there are Supreme Court vacancies which could easily be filled by Judges that swing far to the right, a recent decision among House Republicans voted to slash the power of a Congressional Ethics watchdog, and finally the appointments of the current cabinet do leave room for pause.

Aquarius is wondering what black swan event it could take to essentially wipe out the checks and balances on power and turn a country founded on resistance to tyranny into a tyrant itself. It wouldn’t take much one serious pandemic that weakens civil authority, an economic downturn leading to civil unrest, or the inertia of a politics that is so far out of touch with reality that the knock on effect of ignoring facts and evidence will become apparent. Aquarius, I urge you to stop panicking and instead get down to the business of crafting a resistance whatever that may look like however personal or collective it may become. You cannot waste this precious opportunity as it could signal the opening of an aeon where the tyrants of the world are finally removed and the emergence of a viable third way can fill the void the way in which a defaulting swing to the right has. We can’t waste time on un-knowables, we can only plan for them, and make sure that when the havoc arrives we are in a position to provide what is needed to those most effected, something that you water-bearers understand intimately as you are concerned with the matters of renewal and providing for what the people really need.

Pisces: March 12th-April 18th


Pisces_InversionIn the movie THX-1138 we are entreated to an underground dystopian society set in an undecipherable time in the deep future. The society is dominated by a totalitarian control of android police and the populace is kept under control through the use of powerful drugs which blunt all emotion, largely so they can complete highly precise and dangerous labors that have to do with controlling behavior and building more android police.

The parallels to our own situation are stunningly obvious. The US has ostensibly become a police state where behavior is monitored and controlled in various ways from consumerism to arguing over debates that are inconsequential and distract from the ones that are meaningful (such as the need for a new economy not based on extraction and exploitation). For the THX-1138 connection we look to the nations hinterlands and notice that in these rural communities is a burgeoning opiod crisis leading to spiraling addiction rates and shortened life expectancies, among a demographic that has been battered by the decisions of Washington politicos, economic inertia, and policies that have favored the wealthy over the rank and file. What’s more our economy breeds alienation and dissociation from the social world, which creates ripe conditions for such epidemics to emerge. Factor in economic dislocation and feelings of powerlessness over systems which entrap many individuals into the cycles of history and it is hardly surprising this is happening as conditions have created it.

I mention this Pisces as you are among the few humans on this planet reminiscent of the characters from the show Sensate. Able to feel the joy and pain of others as your own, a stunningly sensitive empathy that can predispose you to a need to escape, hopefully avoiding the chemical means to do so. Whether you are caught up in the epidemic or are concerned for those who are, your task is to turn compassion into revolution and use your immense creativity to turn the tides of history. Pisces holds the energy of the cosmos in its archetype and so it is uniquely endowed with the capacity to change big cycles and initiate new processes.

We are fortunate to be at a point in history of a turning point, a crossroads where there is still the option of choosing which path we go down. On one hand is the dystopian trajectory of the status quo and on the other another possible world, one in which the current reality is thoroughly discredited a reality I like to call the Accelerando. It’s an aeon in which our technology is pressed into the service of improving life for the teeming masses and not a self-appointed elite. One with an economy designed for the rank and file, where countervailing power has emerged to tame the casino Capitalism that has defined our dystopian age.

It is yet to be born, and it is currently gestating in the womb of historical precedent awaiting the moment of its birth. It is calling to all of us to midwife it into the light of day. Resistance will be vital if we are to turn the tide of this dystopia and create the world that is Pandora’s promise, the final butterfly of hope imprisoned under the lid of a paradoxical box.

Space Cadets that wraps up the post for this month! I will see you all next month same channel, same frequency.

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