The Summer of Love and Chaos 2013: The Grand Sextile


The Grand Sextile formed by two intersecting trines.

(Author Disclaimer: This post was authored using Tropical Astrology, and predates the transition to sidereal 13 signs Astrology)

The Summer of Love and Chaos 2013: The Grand Sextile:

It has arrived! It is July 29th, 2013 and here we are in the great opening of the Star-Portal, a turning point for our culture for those of us who are open to receiving this influx of the Shakti current, as the Goddess continues to shimmy into our cultural imagination. A crucial moment for our culture has opened up via the continuing Uranus-Pluto square, the upheavals of the direct squares we have been experiencing since 2011 (think Occupy, and the Arabic Summer). An important bifurcation point has been reached in our culture where the people are demanding a just world and business as usual is defunct. This momentum directly mirrors the creative chaos of the 1960’s Pluto-Uranus Conjunction in Virgo. This is in essence the other shoe dropping.

This grand sextile forming is the intersection of two trines in water and earth respectively. This creates a vortex of Shekinah energy which is emotional and practical all at the same time. Our visions and dreams of a just world can now come into manifestation as we have the grounding energies of Earth to pull it into space-time. The last time this formation emerged was February 27th, 1945 when the world declared the end to the worst war in human history (at that time). A détente was declared and the fighting stopped, ushering in an era of relative peace and the first fledging attempts at creating a more unified world (i.e. the United Nations which was formed in 1948, and the European Union which formed the same year with the intention of unifying Europe so the fighting would never happen again).

This Grand Sextile is being formed by some powerhouse planets which makes it a great time to be receptive and open to these subtle and yet powerful forces coursing through the cosmic sky. To begin with the apex of the current transit we have Saturn in Scorpio at 4 degrees. Saturn is the Strengthener, the power of reality, lived experience, maturity, the ability to make visions real, the capacity to hold boundaries and the limitations that define profound meanings (I have a not so secret crush on him). In the sign of the deep dive he is giving us the capacity to transform our shadow into the light of a new world. Moving along to the Neptune angle, we have the Mystic transiting through it’s native sign Pisces. Neptune is the power to dream, generate, and gestate new visions of realities yet to be born. Here he is dignified and given his highest expression in this sensitive and affectionate of signs. It is our compassion that is tuned to high resonance through this aspect. Finally we arrive at three planets transiting through Cancer, the sign of the mother. Jupiter bestower of blessings and boons, giving us the ability to expand into our deep emotional horizons, and journey fearlessly into the unknown (he’s a magnifying glass). Delectable and playful Mercury the communicator who gives us the language to articulate justice and care for all people’s and planet earth everywhere. We arrive then at Mars rutting animal of desire, our will, our self-assertion, the part of us that takes initiative, he is wearing the face of mother justice who will protect her children at all costs (Thank you Chani Nicholas for the image of Shark Mother).

At the apex of the intersecting earth trine we have the lovely Venus in the sign of the Virgin. Here she is giving us the practical tools to connect deeply to others and to be in possession of our deepest self. We then find Pluto the Transformer who is the power and intensity of deep transformations and total regeneration (the surrender of the deep dive), moving through Capricorn sign of the achiever. The energy here is the power to transform all our governmental and cultural institutions to make a new collective life possible. We will be witness to more corruption and it falls to us to clean it up. Finally the moon, where we hunger and are nourished, our instinct and emotion and the roots of our psyche is in the sign Taurus, the home of its exaltation (it is in its joy here and is celebrated). It is telling us to honor our bodies, and take care of our deepest needs so we can be strong advocates of justice and care in a world gone mad.

The power of the deep feminine is now in our grasp. Will we take the call individually and collectively and march forth into a new world? Or will we let this moment pass into the apathy of the dustbin of history, trapped in our old cultural stories which are bringing us to the brink of extinction, this dear reader is my inquiry for you this Grand Sextile season.

A Shout-Out to Chani Nicholas and Astrobarry for these insights:

Check em out! They are hot stuff!

Addendum: the energetic reverberations or cosmic echo of this transit will continue to be felt long after it ends, especially for those that integrate its energy into their etheric body, and seek to activate its essence into the cultural mindset at large.


One response to “The Summer of Love and Chaos 2013: The Grand Sextile

  1. I love the idea of this is the time when the other shoe drops. Such amazing change and reform happened after the first. Time to step into it together and make the world and ourselves into what we know we are capable of! Thank you for this amazing most. I know about (this much) of astrology and having it so clearly laid out is such a treasure!

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