A New Dawn: Notes on a Pluto-Uranus Square (Part 2): Collaboration is Key!


(Author Disclaimer: This post was authored using Tropical Astrology, and predates the transition to sidereal 13 signs Astrology)

To continue where I left off from the previous post, I am empowered to discuss how this applies to my generation of Pluto-Libra folks (Born 1971-1984). The world ahead will prove an interesting one for us for two reason. We are the generation who will bear the brunt of most of the responsibility for this transformation as we are the generation born under an initiating sign (it’s an angular sign signaling the beginning of a new season). We are an intensely collaborative generation, being the origins of social media technological platforms and using the Internet as a connective device. We gave rise to Facebook, Myspace, Etsy, and all the various ways we connect in the digital realm.

Collectively we carry the imprint of starting something original and wholly liberating. Furthermore we are also the collective who will experience most of the consequences of our choices as will the generations coming up: the Pluto-Scorpio’s (Born 1984-1995, with some overlap), and the Pluto-Sagittarius’ (Born 1995-2008). The legacy we leave determines their chances, it is up to us to leave a beneficial one. That said the flavor of the coming transitions is as such.

The effort towards individual rebellions will intensify and become amplified, it will emerge in surprising and shocking ways that are wholly innovative (anticipate a wild new form of political theater, ala Critical Mass style). A spotlight is shinning on the deep inquiry surrounding an individuals’ contribution to the social-justice/human evolutionary project. (Remember that Libra signifies Justice and Fairness and these are singular obsessions to our generation, powerful drives we are here to regenerate). We no longer acting as autonomous agents have the hall pass of “I am but one individual, what can I do?”. The responsibility is now ours to figure out a workable answer to that question, indeed what can I do as an individual that will start a ripple into the collective pool?

It is certainly true that one individual cannot change every aspect of consensus reality, it will make a difference to the one’s that we do serve (for every life we do touch we make a profound difference to that individual). We must also be mindful that we are not acting alone. We are slowly changing the cultural institutions we are enmeshed in working collectively in unison on collaborative projects we are capable of changing everything!

This is the Pluto-Libra moment (And the fact that on the other end of Libra is Aries is even more fitting with the planet of liberation transiting that sign for a stretch). It is our time to individually and collectively collaborate in what our forebears the Pluto-Virgos (Born 1958-1970) shook loose for us (Virgo a mutable sign is responsible for transitioning one season to the next, how this works in social evolution is they transform outmoded structures through liquefying and dissolving them). It was they who gave us the service economy, the computer-age, the Green revolution, the leaps in medical science, the holistic health movement and the technological infrastructure that have connected our world and made global society possible (these are all Virgoan themes).

It is our time to work the Libra-Aries axis and pull-on our strengths to act as individuals towards initiating a new collective arrangement. It will be the legacy of this square we leave to the Pluto-Scorpios and Pluto-Sagittarius’. The Pluto-Scorpios are the sign of the active transformation, the operation of Scorpio and will finish what we started for ill or good. The Pluto-Sagittarius’ will transition what is accomplished by the Pluto-Scorpios into the raw materials for a new cycle initiated by the Pluto-Capricorns (Born 2008-2023).

We are the go-betweens, and mediators, a transitory generation between these two important cohorts (Pluto-Virgo and Pluto-Scorpio), acting in our Libran functions as initiators and diplomats to a new world arrangement. A contract based on fairness, justice, equality, and a balanced relationship to planetary and human resources. We are taking the baton passed to us from the Pluto-Virgos who created a new order through service that benefits everyone, the function of Virgo.

Our times carry the signature of the 1960’s (the cultural-revolution initiated by the Pluto-Leo’s born 1946-1957) this is the other shoe dropping. The cosmic echo of this square will remain long after the transit ends, that which we fear of it we must become curious about to cut to the deep structure at root and regenerate our collective arrangement. My scribbles here are only the beginning, they will appeal to a certain audience. I am appealing to those who are fearless, those who have little or no stake in the status of quo or consensus reality as it is now. They are the only ones free enough to act (and we are the majority).

For some lovely brain nibbles and spiritual musings read my friend Austin’s blog:



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