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(Author Disclaimer: This post was authored using Tropical Astrology, and predates the transition to sidereal 13 signs Astrology)

This one is a spicy meatball kids! The cosmos is very lively over the next month or so (well actually it will remain rather interesting for the next decade). This girl is on fire!!

Nov 2nd: The Uranus-Pluto square is exact today which can mean two things. When confronting power we may be completely bowled over by the immensity and intensity of said power structures that said there is always another way possible. Uranus in Aries is in the sign of creativity in motion and the individual as an institution as such it is empowered by the forward thinking and innovative energies of Uranus.

This one is a doozie as it is forming what is known in Astrology as a Yod configuration which is a triangle formed when two planets are 60 degrees apart and form an apex with another planet that falls within a 5 degree range of the vertice of the two planets. The word Yod is a hold over from the Quabalah and translates roughly to the finger of God. It is essentially two planets adding their energies to maximize the energies of the planet that the apex of the triangle is pointing to.

With Uranus in Aries being at the Vertex, the individual is actually being empowered by the evolutionary thrust of Pluto in Capricorn, and the Totalizing energies of Saturn in Scorpio to transform social institutions (think politics, religion, science, government etc…) to heal the deep wounds of humanity and to eliminate false separation, in essence we are being asked to assess our relationship to the social and natural worlds and begin to synch the two and have our collective agreements reflect the idea of interdependence and the need for our structures to serve all humanity and the entire community of life not just an elite that is parasitizing the rest of us.

The individual is uniquely placed to agitate for liberty and personal freedom, and also in a unique place to reinvent social institutions and the structures of ones own life. Confronted by the transformer energies of Pluto transit Capricorn the sign of collective institutions, individuals and people working in collectivity are uniquely empowered to innovate and transform the social institutions that guide our life. As we are each confronted with the corruption, rot and decay at the heart of our collective institutions, Pluto will empower our intention and actions towards purifying this decay and removing the poison to completely revamp these collective arrangements to better serve the masses.

A great time to do anything of an activist nature, and also great for those who are social designers and are of the mind to innovate social realities. The dynamics are intense, infused with a sense of urgency, and demand a mindful, analytic approach to activate the power generated by this fiery aspect for growth and real creation. Uranus is the target of this transit, and in the action oriented sign of Aries, you can feel driven to massively overhaul  parts of your life. With a reality based, honest assessment of what is required in your life (Saturn in Scorpio)

Individually this is a great time to become aware of where institutions and power structures have been limiting you and to confront the areas of your life where you feel powerless, Uranus and Pluto working in an explosive combination will empower your moves. That said be careful, this combination is similar to semtex explosives and if you are not careful with its energies you can either create the conditions for another 1960’s counter-cultural explosion or find yourself blown to ribbons, these boys are fun but they are both intense, shocking and surprising and should always be approached with care, they will show you a good time but you will not be left the same as when you entered. You may find yourself giggling at random intervals, and flush in the face just remembering all the things you and these two boys got up to.

November 3rd: An intense New Moon eclipse in sexy Scorpio. It occurs at 4:50am PST and this one is rather explosive. The moon will pass in front of the sun intercepting the orbit of the Earth around the Sun and the moon will be hanging out in the middle of it all. Eclipses are wonderful times of transition between cycles they mark a point where a dynamic process is ending and a new one is being born. They mark endings to great cycles and the origins of new patterns emerging. Being in the transformative sign of Scorpio we are encouraged to look deeply into our psyches and find the areas where a cycle of regeneration is ending and a new one is beginning what is particularly wonderful about eclipses is that their effects can be energetically felt weeks and months prior to and post of their initial ingress in the sky. That said a great time to plant new seeds for big cycles of development and a great time to tie up any loose ends and take a deep and fearless dive into our depths, explore your forbidden fantasies, and have the intensity of presence to all the stirring events of a live lived with full attention.

October 21-November 10th: The Deep Dive: The Mercury Retrograde is ongoing until November 10th. This one is proving to be a particularly serious one as in serious like a medical condition. There is a stellium, a grouping of three or more planets forming a conjunction aspect in a particular sign. Conjunctions mean that the energies of the various planets are fused into a single super-being.

They are all dressed up as Scorpio in their finest steam-punk meets gothic attire, and are all doing intensely sexy things with one another and we like that. Mercury is hanging out in his cave right now reviewing his Algebra sections before emerging again to run things at the planetary delivery service. This is a good thing to review, revise, and revamp anything in your thought sphere that is outmoded, outdated, or no longer serving your technical operations to their optimized functioning. He is in Scorpio so looking at behavior patterns that are blocking mental progress or obsessive compulsive thought habits that have you stuck in a self-defeating loop it is time to clear away the psychic garbage and sacrifice the redundant neural networks that are gumming up the works.

He is joined with serious Saturn which makes this clean-up project all the more reality based, crucial and serious, as in critical condition proceed with caution, make sure you think your words out carefully before saying them and that your motives are pure and above board otherwise Scorpios stinger will strike and bite you in the ass. Saturn is not a guy you fuck around with and he wont suffer fools who show a lack of discipline and being in a mysterious sign he will demand that you have the fearlessness to take a deep dive and clean up the psyche, he says get to work!! And rewards handsomely when the summit has been mastered, he is after all quite a prince and he accentuates the bright spirit we all are. He is an above board guy, and wont bullshit you he is dependable and while serious he has a big heart.

The two twin boys are teamed up by the mighty life-giving sun who is also hanging out in Scorpio until November 21st. The Sun is our sense of ourselves and in Scorpio gives impetus to investigating and shinning light upon the hidden spaces of our self. The bright shadows of repudiated talents and capacities will have the light shined upon them and will be able to rise during this transit, but it will require analysis with Mercury being in the mix and discipline with Saturn adding his gin to the cosmic punch bowl. For those of you boys and girls out there with sugar daddies or mamas this is a good time to do what they say, for you will be rewarded handsomely! The energy of the day is fearless investigation into the unknown and being ready to be blown away by your findings.

Venus Transitions: Queen of Heaven: Our fierce and beautiful sky sister, has been spending her days shooting her arrows into the great blue yonder and following her hearts desire has been stepping boldly over the event horizon into the singularity of the unknown. It is a fancy way of saying she has been wearing a Sagittarius loin cloth for the last three weeks or so. Today she is in the final degree of the sign, at that karmic degree called the anaretic where she cracks her heart open the widest to take in the great mystery and be enlightened by it. She will ingress into Capricorn over the next few days where she will slip into some sensible shoes and her best blazer and pencil skirt set, and hang out with her boy Pluto to work as a dynamic duo and get down to the business of transforming collective arrangements (yes, there is a theme emerging). If Pluto is up to purifying corruption it is Venus putting a human face on all of it and infusing a rather dry thing called infrastructure with the spirit that has it act in service to humanity and the animate world.

The two will form a conjunction over the next few days which will last the rest of the month. They will be working as one. It is a good time to collectively examine the social and connective elements of our arrangements to figure out how they can better serve the masses. Individually it signals a time when we need to exam and transform our own connection to the social world and how that world acts on nature. We are being asked to open our hearts in an intensely practical way to do our part in evolving the human project! A tall order but with Venus and Pluto by our sides we can get much done and cut way down the deep structures, and make enduring connections (which is Venus’ impetus). Again it will be all about making practical connections and the watchwords are brevity with impact. Not a good time to mince words or not be clear with intentions.

That, kiddos wraps up another edition of the ASStrology report for November. It will prove to be a powerful month if we all play our cards right with many cosmic echoes which will reverberate for many moons to come.

 P.S. I will be broadcasting this on my friend HiC Luttmers monthly radio show!! It will be recorded Wednesday evening and will air Sunday! It is always an exciting show so do have a listen. (r)evolution with HiC, Sunday November 10th, 2013 10:30am Here is the link: http//:www.blogtalkradio.com/fireflywillowslive/2013/11/10revolution-with-hic


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