A NEW SKY: Your December ASStro Report, 2013


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(Author Disclaimer: This post was authored using Tropical Astrology, and predates the transition to sidereal 13 signs Astrology)

Sagittarius New Moon: Enthusiasm and the Global Perspective

The underpinning for the entire month trajectory is infused with the enlivening and wide angle lens of the Sagittarius. A feeling of loads lightening and adventures beckoning will be the general mood. Sagittarius in particular gives us a more global perspective it has the effect of lessening distinctions and seeing where things intersect and connect, it sets its sights into unknown frontiers and takes existing knowledge into a holistic discipline, it is akin to how the three distinct branches of science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) can all be combined into a single discipline by their intersections and the way in which each address’ higher magnitudes of complexity.

For instance, if Physics marks the basics of atomic structure, from there molecules can form leading to chemistry, which can later coalesce into cell clusters creating organs, which creates organisms which is biology’s purview. With each layer of complexity a new scientific frontier can be explored and they are inextricably linked as one cannot be explored without first laying out the range of the former.

This becomes the overarching theme for the month of December, even with other planetary transitions into the more serious and reality oriented symbol of Capricorn.

Geszunde: Mercury in Scorpio sextile Mars in Virgo


These two boys are so cute when they get together, much gets done and in harmonious aspect such as this the two are making love to each other. Mars is in the sign of service and at his most useful. When in Virgo there is a tendency to have much work and service to be done so Mars impulse towards action is funneled into useful work and pursuits. Virgo being the sign, of health work and service, encourages us with active Mars to examine critically our daily health habits and make adjustments is our labor serving our health and the health of the world itself? Mars will inspire us to act in these areas. Mercury is in his depths during this sextile and is asking us to reveal all of our hidden motives and secrets, because he is sharing a close space with Saturn, its serious!! Saturn will leave no rock unturned and Mercury will say it all unabashedly and with total purity. Be sure your actions are above board otherwise you could get a nasty blowback from your own potentially manipulative machinations. When these two come together so harmoniously sparks are apt to fly keep this in mind as ulterior motives could have explosive results.

Baseless Words: Mercury in Sagittarius Square Neptune in Pisces


The Thinker (Mercury) is confronted by the Mystic (Neptune) not of this realm, and in the sign of its rulership. They are in a tense stalemate for the next three days, and will create an echo where we are confronted by our dreams and ideals and a need to integrate them into our minds. We are living in a dream world created in our own minds. A more positive manifestation of this aspect is to use our imagination as a tool in our thinking processes, to use our dreams as a kind of organizing principle for our minds. Misleading communications can be a problem at this time if we are not paying attention to minutae, this can lead to misunderstandings of the tallest order. With Mercury gaining the global perspective in Sagittarius, and Neptune being in its native sign these characteristics are amplified, both Sagittarius and Pisces are disposed of mysteries and worlds beyond this one. This is a good time to communicate your ideas about the unknown just be very clear in your communications and be mindful of details.

Shocking Revelations: Mercury Sagittarius Trine Uranus in Aries


Prometheus and Hermes or in their Romanized versions Uranus and Mercury are naturally harmonious friends and sometimes lovers. When they are hanging out in a trine they are feeding each other in heaven. Uranus is in the sign of creativity in motion and the spiritedness, and he wants to act, he then, hooks up with the Thinker in Mercury in a sign of philosophy and expanded horizons and the two end up in an explosively creative dialogue. This is a lovely time for any working in cutting edge fields such as technology, science, or political organizing, as surprising revelations and ideas can manifest at this time. For the rest of us this is a time to entertain wildly iconoclastic ideas and to act on them. Perhaps you have an interesting idea about a new way to look at an ancient concept, now is a good time to act on that hunch.

Penetrating Insights: Mercury semi-sextile to Pluto:


The two boys are flirting shamelessly with each other starting December 11th and will be felt for about four days out from the start date of this transit. Pluto is shaking things up by removing the corruption in our institutions and clearing the ground for a new world, Mercury is exploring unknown frontiers and communicating his dispatches from the growing edge. With the mercurial insights of unknown frontiers harmoniously mixing with the powers of evolutionary transformation in Pluto, we are seeing the articulation of new concepts and ideas about how to create new collective arrangements and social structures that will evolve humanity to a higher level of functioning. Take this opportunity to communicate a bold idea you have about restructuring the public spheres of your life you will be surprised by how far reaching it could be in initiating needed changes in those areas.

The Final Frontier: Mercury in Sagittarius Quincunx Jupiter in Cancer


A quincunx is considered a tense aspect similar to a square although milder, it usually signals a need for adjustment. In this case we have Jupiter in the sign of his exaltation Cancer, which is to say he is being celebrated, and we have Mercury in a Jupiterian sign. In essence the transit is asking us to adjust our ideals (Jupiter) to reflect our emotional needs and drives (Cancer), and to align our minds with our ideals. It is a great time to examine what role you play in nurturing others and the collective world around you how do you nourish the world? Our ideas are increasingly leaning towards unknown frontiers and as such our drives are being shaped to fearlessly step into the limitless and become the mother of new worlds. Perhaps you are working on a special project that benefits others. More practically it encourages a focus on the relationships where we are nourished and where we nurture, and to align our ideas along those lines.

Practical Realities: Mercury Semi-sextile Saturn


When Mercury and Saturn hookup in harmonious aspect to bring out the best we see an important archetypal axis and this is our outlook on the world. Mercury is our perceptions and Saturn is the “real” world of our social matrix. A more optimistic perspective is being asked of our perceptions of practical realities. Saturn is in Scorpio asking us to penetrate deeply into the bedrock of our worldly perceptions to find out if they are built on strong foundations. With Mercury in the sign of ascent we are being asked to take what we find in our depths, at our core structures and use them to build towers into the sky. Beyond metaphor, we are being asked to dredge up our hidden capacities and use them to build more optimistic outlooks about the world around us, and to practically apply them to be of service to the world. How can we take practical realities and use them to liberate ourselves into a happier daily routine. How do we connect our practical ideas to global realities, and the crises of our times.

The Pattern that Connects: Mercury Semi-Sextile Venus-Capricorn


Mercury and Venus actually hooked up at one time in mythology and when they did they gave birth to the Hermaphroditic being known as Hermaphroditus. When they hookup in the sky it often leads to the synthesis of new ideas that are radically divergent from the expected perceptions. In this case with Mercury going into wild speculation and Venus being more pragmatic of late we are seeing the ability to take expansive ideas and connect them to the matrices that unite us all in the commons. Perhaps you are entertaining ideas of how to bring people together more effectively to solve collective problems? This is an excellent time to connect with thoughtful others doing the same and collaborate towards working on those areas.  Personally, it asks you to examine your ideas around boundary expansion and find practical ways to connect with others and collaborate with them on needed projects. Romantically as Venus is also about fulfillment it is a good time to expand your ideas as to what love is for you.

Rebel Rebel: Mars-Libra Opposition Uranus Aries


When these two boys hang out in dark basements making explosives they usually project out into the world. They do this because they want change. The revolutionary tendency of this aspect is very strong and rarely is focused inward. This marks a time lasting about four days in which we will all be questioning our social reality the purview of Libra.  There will be little patience for static traditions conventions and patterns of acceptable social lifestyles. An anti-authoritarian attitude will be in evidence and a tendency to being inconoclastic in questioning the status-quo and critical of those in authority. Hypocrisy from social leaders will irritate and the criticisms will be swift and scathing. A great time to liberate yourself from stilting conventions that are making unrealistic demands of you and going your own way; bold, brash, and pioneering actions are especially rewarded during this time, just try not to do it during Holiday Dinner around the table with family then again maybe that is actually the perfect time to act.

Dreamy Visions: Mercury Sextile Neptune


A time when the imagination takes over the mind and we find ourselves having an imaginative mind! Inspirations come very easily and with little difficulty but the spigot has a hard time turning off so you may find yourself lost in these reveries. Neptune dissolves the boundary between regular perceptions and those coming from parallel worlds and realities, the inspirations that come from the intangible realms. This is a great time to clarify your spiritual practices and to examine where your thinking is around the big phenomenon that connects us all. A great time for scientists as some of their best insights could emerge in calm moments or well- timed dreams.

Unconventional Actions: Mars Square Uranus


Square aspects motivate creative tensions that push needed changes into manifestation. In this particular tension our minds are being confronted with the unmistakable impulse to change and innovate. Uranus is pushing us to act on our wildest ideas about virtually everything, we get the added benefit of novel technologies aiding us in that quest (when Uranus is in Aries we collectively often see the emergence of surprising new innovations and technology rapidly, as evidence the last time this transit was occurring was during the Industrial Revolution, where new technologies emerged at a blistering pace). Personally it is a radical reconfiguration of our window on the world, our minds are being remodeled if we will choose for that to happen. These effects will be felt for three-four days (Mercury moves fast so the transit arcs aren’t felt for long)

Evolutionary Impulse: Mars Square Pluto


This square is a ransom demand that acts us to examine injustice lack of fairness and corruption in all of our social realities and to act in ways that purify the corruption and evolve our institutions. Personally it will signal a need to address unfairness within our relationships to others; whether the unfairness we are experiencing is directed at us or what others present to us. It will demand without mercy, that we act in ways to ameliorate these imbalances or it could result in explosive confrontations with far reaching effects.

Fighting our Minds: Mercury Square Mars


We finish out 2013 with a need to act on our ideas, no longer can they remain photonic ghosts floating in our neural spaces they now have to become action and lived reality. That said, hold your horses!! Mercury always demands attention to details and minutae so make sure you look before you leap. That said it will be the most pragmatic and practical ideas you want to act on, the things that will streamline your routines and make your life efficient and far more effective. Don’t waste another minute you are on the cusp of a singularity of a new year!

Be sure to tune in this Sunday to HiC Luttmers Revolution Radio and listen for my monthly report (and don’t hate I don’t have a radio voice!)



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