The Other New Year: It’s 2014 Witches!!

Image courtesy of NASA

Image courtesy of NASA

(Author Disclaimer: This post was authored using Tropical Astrology, and predates the transition to sidereal 13 signs Astrology)

Welcome to your January ASS-trology report, and a warm welcome to this screaming infant of a New Year 2014! It is often such a trifle how we humans are so keen on addressing time as it if where a living thing that has a developmental arc, I suppose it is s trick our minds play on us as we are creatures that are born, develop and then terminate over an arc like period of evolution.  With that said there is no time like the present to discuss what is in store for the month ahead.

January 1st: A Remote Chateau:

We begin this galloping New Year with a New Moon in the highly practical sign of Capricorn. The moon is on the longest arc of its journey in this sign and is furthest away from its home. It is a placement where we collectively struggle with our true feelings and resist showing them in public. It encourages us to initiate a practical approach to emotions, drives and instincts. There is a tendency towards feeling useful and productive and a struggle to feel that there is reciprocity for the efforts put forth. A reluctance to deal with the messy side of emotional life is indicated here, and yet that is exactly what needs to be done. If there is a tendency over the next lunar cycle to come off as cold and calculating it is useful to address this, and find a practical and pragmatic approach to dealing with feelings as they arise over the next month. It’s also a great time to get the ball rolling on ventures of any kind whether it is finding a sanctuary to rest your laurels or tending to financial realities, the enterprising Capricornian energies will all lend a hand.

Along with the new moon in Capricorn is a conjunction between Mercury and Pluto at eleven degrees Capricorn it reminds us to transform our language in practical ways so as to speak in a manner that is on topic and makes the most impact in the fewest words possible, in summary brevity with impact. Expect these elements to flavor the atmosphere of the first half of January as these contacts tend to echo in quiet whispers over the long frame.

January 3rd: Unsinkable Demands

This day begins a roller-coaster of planetary relationships, here is a laundry list: Pluto squares Mars at 9 degrees Capricorn and 12 degrees Libra respectively. The Warrior (Mars) is fighting for Justice and fairness and is being confronted by the pragmatic concerns of the consensus reality of social institutions. Pluto is attempting to purify the corruption in the collective arrangements that set the parameters of social reality and Mars is working to fight for fairness and justice the two are going head to head and making ransom demands. These are actually powerfully creative contacts; the friction they generate is actually a creative tension that demands substantial and far reaching action. On a personal level it is saying that we need to address and confront the limits of our relationships and figure out how to advocate for arrangements that create fairness and harmony. It means addressing any hidden motives or agendas and also finding practical solutions to addressing any power imbalances. Are you giving all you can or taking too much? It is a question of balancing the scales.

To add to the existing square there is a Sun Square to Mars as well, with the Sun also in Capricorn and Mars in Libra. In this case our sense of identity is tied to our ideas around fairness and balance and it is something we will find ourselves fighting for over the next week or two.  If you find you are a bundle of energy it is because two unstoppable power sources are competing for supremacy in this locked in configuration. The Sun is demanding a pragmatic approach to daily realities and Mars is adding fuel to that fire. The best way of dealing with this transit is to channel the excess energy into creative and constructive avenues. If you find yourself picking fights with your intimates over a misperceived slight against a personal idea of fairness it is wise to stop and assess whether or not the injustice is valid or invented. The excess energy saved from these conflicts can be funneled into workable solutions. To add to this fun little party is Mercury in Capricorn opposition also to Jupiter in Cancer at 15 degrees, if you find yourself being overly verbal or effusive in discussing your feelings this could be why, while it is good to talk about feelings it is also a way to avoid feeling them sometimes silence is the answer.


January 5th: Going to Excess

Jupiter in Cancer and Sun in Capricorn in Opposition at 15 degrees: These two planets normally work quite well together but they are in opposition each screaming their demands from opposite sides of the table. Jupiter is in the sign of its exaltation (a party being thrown in Jupiter’s honor) and the Sun is sitting in the opposite sign, these are two crucial fulcrums on the wheel of the zodiac as they represent the dynamism between the masculine and feminine creative energies the trick to dealing with the opposition is to unite the heart (Cancer) with the head (Capricorn). Both Cancer and Capricorn deal with practical realities the difference being that Cancer deals with inner ones and Capricorn deals with exterior ones. The pitfall to watch out for is a tendency to over-promise and under-deliver. This aspect can cause an excessive approach to indulging transitory moods and emotions and ignoring our real-world responsibilities the energetic effect will be felt for at least two weeks out from the ingress so being vigilante of this tendency will go a long way.

January 6th: This isn’t my first time at The Rodeo Bucko!

Mercury in Capricorn sextiles Saturn in Scorpio at 20 degrees: It’s always lovely when these two boys go at it with each other (remember a sextile is the equivalent of two energies making love to each other). Mercury lends his natural mischievous nature to the serious and somber resonance of Saturn. It will be much easier to discuss and communicate in a practical way any hidden motives with Saturn digging deep in Scorpio and coming up with articulated ways of mastering the murky waters of mutual entanglements and Mercury broadcasting in crisp and precise ways, discussing any ulterior agendas will prove ridiculously easy, and will have deep impact with few words. It may mean that a creative and tactful way will be found to tell a loved one to knock off a manipulative tactic or even to tell an intimate a deep, dark fantasy you would like them to oblige you in. Just make sure you use your words to heal and keep it simple.

January 7th: Explosive Creativity

Mercury and Venus are Conjunct at 23 degrees Capricorn: The communicator speaks the language of connection and does so in a precise way. If there was any a time to discuss where a relationship is going this is a good day to do it. Make sure the words are sweet and short and communicate deep feelings in a simple way. It is also an excellent time to ask practical questions about where the joy in our life is and then to tell others about it so they can conspire with us to manifest that joy.

January 8th: Violet Wand

Jupiter in Cancer opposes Mars in Libra at 15 degrees: A tendency to relish challenges and eagerly seek them out. A burst of energy comes into play today that has us eager for success and happy to tackle any challenges. In this case our emotional energies are focused on the pursuit of mutually beneficial agreement creation. Whether you are dealing with personal or public issues with other people there is a surge of enthusiasm and energy to tackling the challenges related to balancing many conflicting desires. A diplomatic approach coupled with an expansive desire to nurture will go a long way towards coming to an accord and once you have you may find others being affectionate and amorous towards you and basking in your charm, and don’t be surprised if your lover(s) are feeling particularly frisky towards you.

January 11th: The Terms of Engagement

Venus in Capricorn sextiles Saturn in Scorpio at 21 degrees: Venus and Saturn are natural friends in the zodiac as it relates to Saturn being exalted in a Venus ruled sign. When these two team up and make love it can be a most perfect union. If you wish to go deeper with someone in your life now today is an excellent day to make those intentions known; also a great day for signing contracts or making agreements both personal and collective. Keep the terms simple, be forthright, honest and on point and a good outcome is assured, avoid getting weighed down in extraneous details. Mercury will also be entering Aquarius today, if there are any creative projects in the works that involve communication to the masses it is a great day to take leadership on them and broadcast them to the world at large. Mercury is very comfortable in this humanitarian air sign; don’t be too shocked if some rather unusual and surprising news is received today.

January 16th-17th: Shock Therapy

Full Moon in 26 degrees Cancer and a Venus in Capricorn square Mars in Libra at 18 degrees:  The moon goes into its zenith today in Cancer the sign of its natural home. If you notice that you’re especially attuned to emotional tides and fluctuating moods this is most likely why. You may find that you are organizing your closets in the morning, cuddling with a loved one by midday, and dancing on the beach while the sun sinks beneath the horizon. It may be unnerving to be so fluid that said it is wise to trust in the tides pulling at the edges of your heart.

A dynamic moon lends itself naturally to and Mars and Venus square which occurs today, a time of intense passion and creativity. These dynamic energies are constructively funneled into any pursuit that is creative especially if it has practical applications; don’t be surprised if the libido is off the carts today as it tends to add energy to the erotic nature.

To add to this crackling energy we find Mercury in Aquarius at 8 degrees forming an exact sextile with Uranus at 8 degrees Aries. Don’t be surprised if you find you cannot shut your mouth and that your ideas all seem to be highly creative, Aries is creativity in motion and Mercury in Aquarius means those ideas can easily translate to the masses if you happen to work in technological fields it can be a great time for spontaneous innovations to emerge.

January 20th: Brain-Freeze

The Sun makes a quantum leap into Aquarius and we get a blast of invigorating reason after a long tide of murky feelings and vague journeys into the more nebulous realms of feeling and perception. Here our star rises and we shine in the light of aspirations and collective dreams for all of humanity. It is an uplifting time as we know deep in our bones the renewal of Spring and the long sleep of winter is coming to a close (in the Northern hemisphere anyway). Flashes of insight and wildly exciting ideas are the dominant themes of this solar transit.

January 30th: Practical realities

New Moon in 27 degrees Capricorn: We come full circle again with a new moon in a double dose of Capricorn to set off the next month of planetary tides. Referring back to the January 1st energetic feel, again we find ourselves grappling with feelings and needing to initiate projects with practical impact.

That wraps it up for January in a nice hefty package. I will see you all next month here.

Be sure to tune in Sunday January 12th at 10:30am for a recorded version of this report, as I deliver my Monthly segment on my pal HiC’s podcast:



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