Wild Horses


(Author Disclaimer: This post was authored using Tropical Astrology, and predates the transition to sidereal 13 signs Astrology)

Welcome to the Lunar New Year 2014!! We begin our asstrology report with a wild gallop through the introduction of the year of the Horse. We will cover everything occurring from the 1st of February to the 9th of March.

Expect to see unrelenting and rapid changes in all areas of human endeavor, leaps in communication technologies and techniques, and also massive adjustment in social patterns. Individually look carefully at relationships over the next year with a focus on mutual agreements, expect things to move with swiftness. People will be moving in and out of phase with you over the next year and conflicts could arise if there is too much investment in things staying the same as we know they never do. Embrace the new and innovative but do keep your wits about you, life may move fast but we are built for these times.

February 1, 2014: Aquarius New Moon: Ganymede rides a white horse

We finished out 2013 in some fairly murky territory as the water snake finished its meandering course through the heavens and now we gallop into the year of the horse on an Aquarius new moon. We are better equipped now to deal with the murkiness as this moon infuses our emotional nature with some detachment and objectivity which lets us rise above the fray and see the bigger picture. It is actually a perfect salvo for the year of the horse as this moon will roll in like a wild horse and will shake up the heavy atmosphere lightening it and making things more buoyant. There is  of course is a caveat we must be careful not to run rough shod over our loved ones as we are slightly less attuned to our impact on others feelings, and so conflicts could erupt if we fail to be thoughtful.

February 2-25, 2014: Venus in Furs

Venus stations and goes direct starting February 1st and conjoins a conjunction with Pluto. Our lady of love is kind of badass right now as she dons a fur some thigh high boots, and some serious punk-rock swagger. Capricorn you see is the ultimate kinkster of all the signs, even more so than his buddy Aquarius. Venus is incredibly pragmatic here, and has a mind towards practicality. This last retrograde was largely a doozy for many of us due to its nature it went through a sign that brings back themes of the past and time, it wouldn’t be surprising if many of us felt haunted by our romantic past. Perhaps we began to revisit old flames and realized that maybe the one that got away could have been the One. It was all about rousting our romantic skeletons, and confronting ways of being in relationship we were reluctant to face as we looked less than golden in their harsh light. We can thank this Saturn ruled sign for that turn of events (Saturn being time), that said she is now direct and we are ready to move forward with new horizons in our relating and connecting to others. Perhaps, we have become more practical in our approach or have set new standards and are being far more selective than in years past, this is all resonant to the frequency we collectively find ourselves on.

January 1-February 15, 2014: Venus Conjunct Pluto: Love Changes Everything:

To add to the energy of the Venus station, we find her emerging back into the light of day with the God of the Underworld at her side. This usually speaks to an emergent process of integration at a structural level as Pluto deals with the depths. In this case it is the bedrock of our ability to relate which is undergoing massive transformations. We are asked to thoroughly clean our skeletons and lay our past romantic ghosts to rest and let go and purify ourselves of any of our lingering yearnings for the romantic past. We must purify anything that putrefies and rots our heart, and touch the base of our heart’s innocence once again. Venus is our heart and Pluto is its purity, we must now be pure of heart, sparkling wound and shining scar! The perspective is this; our heart-break is actually us breaking open.  The mantra could be Leonard Cohen’s croon “Anthem”: “Forget your perfect offering, ring the bells that still can ring, there is a crack in everything it’s how the light gets in.”

January 26-May 31, 2014: Jupiter Opposition Pluto: Boundary Violations

This transit forms aspect with the Venus/Pluto conjunction having us raise questions around boundaries. Lines, borders, restrictions, regulations, and distinctions are useful until we deal with the purgative crucible of love. Drawing lines in the sand is nice but rarely is it ever that straightforward. Relationships are not just agreements but they are structures, states of being and the borders of those states can easily be renegotiated at any time and sometimes from only one of the parties involved, so long as there is mutual agreement. So, what happens when there is something that we can’t agree on, does that threaten the ground on which we stand? Conflict, and here we are ambivalence and opposition all wrapped into a neat little package and then wrapped with a huge flashy bow by Jupiter in Cancer.  What can you expect possibly some conflict and some obsessive patterns that seem to want to hold on for dear life.  Collaboration and letting go of negative history is absolutely essential to surviving the firepower inherent in this transit, otherwise Jupiter will put a big magnifying glass on it and confront you with it until you purge it.

February 7-March 1, 2014: Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius: System Failure:

Mercury once again goes into his first retrograde of 2014, this time in the social sign of Aquarius. Collective arrangements and future visions go into revision mode. Now is a time to top off the tank, get things repaired, and gird your loins, this retrograde will make friends over-scheduled and calling on you for a release valve. Do make those happy hour dates, and dish, we review the efficacy of our friendships at this time and seek to root down into the centering effect that they have on our lives. A great time for reviewing old memories and calling old friends and making play dates.

March 1-5, 2014: Jupiter Retrograde in Cancer: The Heart of Innocence

Our boy Jupiter makes a back-step on the cosmic hopscotch table, into the sign of where he is celebrated with one rager of a party, don’t be shocked if you find yourself feeling blown open, sensitive and very tender. This kind of retrograde can open hearts and allow us to touch our emotional roots. Now is an optimum time to get emotional needs met and to ask our beloveds to hold us, and take off some of the load. We all may be cuddlier than normal and may need one of those hugs that can sometimes turn into lovemaking.

March 9-April 12: Pluto-Uranus Square: Freeway On Ramp:

We approach the Event Horizon of the Pluto-Uranus Square series going into direct square on April 12th, 2014. Currently we are crossing the singularity in an approach vector. We will inevitably feel the cosmic echoes of being pulled closer to the crucible at the center of this singularity. If the sixties started a revolution this series of aspects is the other shoe dropping. Collectively we can expect to see similar movements to Arab Spring although with far more vigor than we have seen thus far. Expect that it will utilize the same technological channels and be open to the possibility of seeing a series of technical leaps and innovations especially in the area of communications technology. Existing conflicts may flare up in this on ramp period coming to a head on the day of the exact square. The power structures will continue to be confronted by individuals demanding justice and will likely be pushed to make concessions, this wont be enough for the fired up masses as they will demand a remake of society and its currently corrupt institutions. Individually we will be confronted with what our role is in the cycles of history are and we will be called on to reassess what impact we make on remaking society. It’s potent stuff stay tuned…

Join me and my fellow traveller HiC Luttmers February 9th, 2014 at 10:30am for a broadcast of my monthly Asstrology report by following us down the rabbit hole here:




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