Future Vision: The Emerging Politics of Water

4569528362_69e8ecef64Hello Space Cadets!

It’s February and that means that the leaden energies of heavy Capricorn will begin to lift somewhat and we come more into the renewal offered in Aquarius (according to the Babylonians the water bearer represented the renewing rains of Spring) and the gestating Vernal season offered in the symbol set of Pisces (in the Northern Hemisphere anyways, for those readers occupying the antipodal regions of Earth you will be emerging from Summer into Autumn). A preponderance of water energy dominates the symbolic landscape this month as we have Uranus in Pisces and Neptune in Aquarius forming a mutual reception (a phenomenon that occurs when a signs ruler occupies the opposite sign the planet rules, Uranus rules Aquarius and is in Pisces, whose ruler Neptune is in Aquarius, in mutual reception the symbols easily conduct their meanings towards each other forming a kind of synthesis). Further, both Mars and Venus will be in  Pisces and form hard aspect to each other later this month. Finally the symbol of the Realist (Saturn), which entered Scorpio in late January, gives us the very reality of emerging issues with water access and the politics of water, driven both by Climate Change and by a burgeoning human population. Saturn deals with social structures and Scorpio works with themes of collective power, it literally becomes the reality of water politics.

With that in mind water is becoming one of the most critical issues humanity will likely face next to possible Peak Oil, and other sustainability crises that our civilization must adapt to and address to continue largely intact over the long arc of time. Our already growing population is causing many issues around water to emerge, namely access to clean water free of saline, pathogens and pollutants (namely for food production, industrial application and personal use), civilization, nay society in general cannot function without the vital puzzle piece of water, it is a fundamental element of the equation.

Water is essential to every social, chemical, physical and biological process, energy rests on it, food production requires  it, our bodies need it for biochemical processes that ensure our survival, it is everything and when it becomes scarce or problematic geo-political turmoil ensues, water wars, water rights, and global cooperation or dissonance becomes paramount. While the issues of water are only currently minor; with the prospects of climate change and growing population converging this vital resource will become a more pressing issue in the years ahead, quite likely forming much of the international agreements we make collectively and further spurning technological innovations having to do with water (desalination, via graphene being the most salient example). With the symbolic universe mirroring the issues of water, this month of 2015 could signal the beginning of a political discourse on water that will grow in intensity in the years ahead (and correlates very well with current outer planet transits of watery signs)

February begins and ends in a Gemini moon placement (02/02: Full Moon in Gemini, and 02/28, waxing full moon in Gemini) , Gemini reflects the mediation between sense and perception and how these converge to create the subjective hologram of “Mind”, it forms the medium through which our experience has meaning, and becomes a narrative of our lives, it is also the cauldron in which culture undergoes change as the human imagination evolves and begins to shape the culture around it, just as it is shaped by the culture it emerges from. Keeping this very complex idea in mind this is a very active lunar placement that encourages us to evolve our ideas of what is held sacred. In our culture we have held endless growth (the reality is that in a closed system like Planet Earth nothing can grow endlessly without destroying itself or its life support systems in the process) sacred above all else and because of this we have painted most of our species into a corner, our ideals are killing us.

Take this moon to begin a journey where a change of heart and mind can begin towards a more sustainable cultural ethic, consider this an invitation for you as a person and for the world as a collective of minds, perhaps if we can begin to think of a new cultural vision, one that holds the life support systems of Earth, and human cooperation as sacrosanct above all other concerns (Neptune in Aquarius, says we can do it and use the dream to spur us on the path, Uranus in Pisces will deliver the technologies and innovations to make it possible, especially as they pertain to water).

Here then begins the month long laundry list of symbolic happenings (interesting that laundry is a vital human activity that requires water):

02/01: A Full Moon in Gemini (Described above). Converges with a Venus conjunction to Neptune. Both happen to be occupying the sign of the human collective, and also the sign said to be the Futurist, this is a unique placement in that the two energies fuse into one frequency, in a future oriented vessel, and Neptune is the higher octave of Venus! Which is to say that even in hard aspect this combination works miracles. Here’s how it could be said to shape the psyche: The dream of a sustainable future, anchored in ecological and technological innovations and human global cooperation can now be a dream shared by the masses, this one is for the 99%, and makes the diplomatic agenda geared towards creating the matrix of a sustainable collective future. There is some word of caution here about separating fact from fiction and refining the process but this opens the way.

02/02: Sun Sextile to Uranus: The Sun occupying the realistic Saturn ruled sign of Capricorn, and Uranus in Pisces signals that now is a time when social institutions can undergo innovation and revision and with any luck can align with a brave new world in which crisis becomes opportunity, it will give a radiance to sudden changes and ideas that have major social implications. (Granted, this is all about self-fulfilling prophecy it requires we believe it can be this way and then doing the legwork).

02/04: Jupiter retrogrades back into Cancer: Jupiter reviews the work it did while moving through the maternal sign. Perhaps it is here that humanity can reconcile itself to planetary limits and re-establish its broken ties to the planetary mother?

02/05: Mercury Sextile Saturn: what happens when two forces align and bring out the best in each other? Well isn’t that what we call sex? This is in essence what happens when this aspect forms. In this case with Mercury in Capricorn and concerning itself with realistic ideas and being in a Saturn ruled sign, the mind is hyper-focused on pragmatic concepts, when Saturn enters the mix they are more likely to collapse into reality, and become lived experience. Take those practical solutions to salient problems and apply them. Collectively it could mean thinking moves to dealing with problems surrounding society and its interface with natural systems (Capricorn), and how collective power can shape futures (Saturn in Scorpio).

02/06: Sun Opposition Jupiter: There is a tendency here to over-do, and expand beyond sustainable limits. It is in fact a perfect metaphor for our cultural obsession with endless growth and the accelerating pace at which we are altering our habitat. Let this aspect forming in our metaphoric language be a reminder of that, and that nothing can grow forever, especially in a closed system which is what spaceship Earth is. On the global scene perhaps we may begin to take account of the some of the egregious damage that our economic model is creating and begin to work towards alternatives.

02/08: Venus sextile Pluto: This aspect typically signals relationships and allainces that deeply transform the collective and those involved in them. Perhaps this day marks an event that becomes the beginning of a new direction for the human family? It does fall interestingly enough 4 days before the UNFCC Geneva Climate Conference on February 13th, 2015. It is a moment when all the world comes together to discuss issues with far reaching consequences, namely Climate Change. Individually it says we have a keener understanding of peoples motives, especially those closest to us.

02/09: Venus conjunct Chiron: Can we use technology to heal the deep collective wounds of the human heart? Venus conjuncting Chiron asks us this profound question, can we build a bridge between disparate people and end old enmities and vendettas, can technology be part of that process, can humanity be united in working towards a future vision of a sustainable and beautiful human future? Enough said.

02/11: Mars enters Pisces: Water wars: This could signal the first major debates over burgeoning water issues especially pertinent to those of us in California as we are facing a five year drought.

02/16: The Sun enters Aquarius: The focus turns to the future, to the higher uses of intelligence and to how the world’s resources can be shared by all in a human commons. Science in service to Nature, technology in service to humanity.

02/17: Venus enters Pisces: Venus is exalted here and gets everything she ever wants here, she wants eternal love and effortless connection. It is the deepest human yearning to love and be loved it is here that the passage opens to allow this to be.

02/19: Mercury sextile Saturn: 2015 has been off to an auspicious start in that the first two months of the have two of these aspects forming. This allows one to culminate and complete the work begun during the first one. Collectively it opens another opportunity to get to work solving practical problems in this case they will pertain to a sustainable future, and striking a balance with natural systems.

02/22: Venus conjunct Mars: This represents the flash-point in any critical water issues, these two energies merge (desire and action), and all in the watery sign of Pisces. Venus tends to soften the harder edges of Mars and means action may be indirect and diverted into many different areas. Rumors of water wars could surface but they will largely be dampened down by better agreements around allocation and usage being hammered out. A diplomatic approach is key to any action made now and especially over this critical a resource. If any conflict flares up now it will be worked out by the Venus Saturn trine 2 days hence.

02/23: Sun square Saturn: A perfect metaphor for a gridlocked political body, while the rest of us are demanding change and action pressing issues, leadership is dragging its heels and looking to protect powerful interests at the expense of the masses, if it seems that energy really becomes prominent on this day then perhaps this can stand as a symbol of it. The Sun which represents the self, and the collective self is looking to the future and wanting to make collective progress, leadership as represented by Saturn is remaining stuck and entrenched in old ways of doing things. The intersection point of this could be explosive with the potential for profound change. (If we so choose).

02/24: Venus trine Saturn: symbolically this signals a time when social institutions have easy communication with each other and are able to agree on accords that have pragmatic implications, it marks diplomatic successes at the international level and getting policy decisions made and implemented. If there were talks forming around the Venus Mars conjunction it is about now that some form of resolution is reached, perhaps if water is the crucial area we begin to hammer out an accord around water sharing for water stressed areas, keep your eyes peeled. Personally it can signal a commitment being made to something that involves others close to you.

02/25: Sun conjunct Neptune: The Sun empowers the refining process of Neptune and with Neptune in Aquarius it means we refine the dream of the sustainable future, we begin to flesh it out and to allocate the resources and technologies necessary to make it happen. It is the dream that technology can liberate us and allow us to live in balance with our world. A good day to plan for the future and to dream of what could be.

P.S. Mercury will be in retrograde until February 11th, so if it seems that things have a need to be triple checked, miscommunications abound or complex processes seem to get their works all gummed up this may be why, in any case plan for some turbulence, and be sure to be diligent, fill the pantry and gas tank just in case and ride the tide with the assassin at your side (to borrow a line from Siouxsie and the Banshees). These are also excellent times  for review, revision, and error correction before anything gets finalized, also excellent times to negotiate the terms of any agreement.

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