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Welcome to March and the next turning of the great Earth wheel in its trip around the Sun. We move now into the quickening times of Spring and the Vernal Equinox for those of us dwelling in the Northern Hemisphere (North of the equator, for faster reference) and the more retiring and slumbering times of the Autumnal Equinox and the fall season for our fellow space travelers dwelling south of the Equator here on Spaceship Earth. As one half of our planetary home moves into the dark times and the other half moves into the light times; these seasonal differences create the reason for the season which is of course axial tilt as the Earth rotates along its center.

It promises to be a time of “Vernal/Autumnal Awakenings” with an intense and much anticipated Uranus-Pluto square, which goes live March 16th, and will reverberate with its cosmic echoes long after the direct square and hopefully represent a crucial turning point for the human species. The on ramp to the said square could potentially feel like atmospheric re-entry, not unlike what a satellite undergoes when if falls out of orbit and crashes through the layers of the planets skin, it must withstand crushing gravitational forces, intense air resistance, exponentially accelerating friction which generates unbearable heat, and then terminal velocity at 32 ft per second per second, before slamming into the first  law of Newtonian Mechanics, and having an encounter with the tensile forces of either land or water (depending on its de-orbiting trajectory), most encounters with this at terminal velocity don’t end well. That said even though it may feel like entropy and utter destruction the outcome is most certainly better and more favorable when the dust settles, remember the only constant is change. Which is to say it could be an intense month with a rapidly warming on ramp to the Uranus-Pluto alignment which goes live March 16th:

The litany of re-entry:

Mercury sextile Uranus (a repeat of last month!) converging with a Mercury opposition to Jupiter, both of which fall March 1st on. The sextile between the mind planet and its higher octave is summed up in the term from Hakim Bey, “sperm and firecrackers” and feels just about the same, call it the pornographic pop-shot configuration if the mind goes off the rails and ideas seem wildly out of left-field this might be why. It’s a ground breaking aspect, and in the lust goat sign it might take a turn towards the erotic as well as challenging the status quo at the institutional level. Touching off this embrace is a Jupiter opposition which means that our ideas could metastisize out of control, and memetic offspring can be unleashed on the world at a time when they could easily spread beyond established limits, this can be a mixed blessing in that innovations abound for sure, but not every innovation is good. Technology has it wonders, but when out to nefarious uses it can trounce hard won liberties that are difficult to get back, critical thinking and advanced understandings are critical during this period, so as to ensure the roll out of these powerful catalysts minimizes harm and maximizes pleasure.

Venus gets t have some fun this month, starting March 4th, she touches off into a trifecta of cosmic inflations. The lustrous goddess will conjunct Uranus (already making receptive aspects to Mercury), square Pluto, and Trine Jupiter, she is playing with the big girls this month. Sweeping changes and wrenching transitions are signaled here. If it feels like relations are in a pressure cooker and there is tension between evolutionary tendencies and liberatory ones this could be why, things are helped along with Jupiter magnifying these concerns to larger than life status that said it could mean that the tensions we have been seeing between the 1% and the rest of us could intensify, and this could set up a perfect storm of events that could give some serious firepower to the emerging Uranus-Pluto Square later in the month.

The eleventh comes sweeping in with three major aspects, Mars conjuncts Uranus, and Squares Pluto, this is often an explosive combination as Mars moves through its weakest sign (Pisces). Some astrologers correlate this configuration to violent events in the world, I am more likely to point instead to vociferous revolutionary acts with far reaching implications. Perhaps some civil unrest is in the cards, hopefully civil disobedience is in order that will have the compressive forces of the old guard acting down on it, hopefully even when the powers that be turn the screws, the revolution doesn’t turn into all out rioting. In any case we could see global conflicts heat up some, I would pay special attention to the ISIS conflicts unfolding in the Middle East. We might witness some push back from revolutionary and democratic forces in the world in response to some of the darker events that have unfolded in months prior, I refer specifically to the nightmare that was Copenhagen. It has certainly roused the West to some of the more insidious happenings unfolding reflective of both religious intolerance, and colonial mindsets that have led to wars over resources and ideologies.

With that firepower we blow into the Uranus-Pluto Square and reach peak intensity, if this were re-entry this is the point at which the outer materials of our satellite would be white-hot and potentially losing structural integrity. This is a crucial moment when a great deal can happen it is the start of something radical if so chosen and could mark a major turning point culturally, granted if we choose to activate this self-fulfilling prophecy. To be fair it merits its own category:

What has it all been for? The Cultural Imperative of the Uranus-Pluto Years

This year marks the last of these synodic movements in the heavens but certainly not the last of the liberatory legacies they have bequeathed us with, a little review is in order to clarify the more salient trends that will hopefully become the roots of a new historical pattern, one that is egalitarian, feminist, earth centered, scientifically erudite, democratically led, and whose spiritual ethos is grounded in imminence and the ascendancy of the world we find ourselves in. Let this be a genuine bifurcation in Humanity’s history with as much meaning as the emergence of Agriculture, The Industrial Revolution and the Digital Revolution, let this be the turning point for the human species when we truly became civilized, began to work in partnership, raised the holiest of hells in the name of our best ideals, with no one subjugated to anyone else, and led only by the concerns of social justice, technical innovation and rooted in an understanding of collective sustainability and rooted in the rules by which our biosphere is governed. Science in Service to life, technology designed for liberation, and a culture rooted in partnership, restorative justice and an egalitarian stance.

Perhaps it is what all of this tumult is ultimately about, what was begun in the Sixties the last time Uranus and Pluto were in tense aspect is culminating and once again reshaping our cultural contours, only now at a higher frequency, we have come full circle and with any luck can begin to establish these seemingly historical trends into solid new social structures that have enduring value (or not, the choice as always is ours). For a deeper exploration into implications see my other post.

To cover the more mundane aspects of the Square (granted not mundane when seen from the earth-shaking and iconoclastic catalyst that most of these events portend). Perhaps, you remember last month’s post dealing with the emerging politics of water? Interestingly enough it appears our first glimmer has emerged with the current water crisis occurring in Sao Paulo Brazil. From the details it appears that our mismanagement of our planetary resources is showing cracks in the edifice that could easily spiral into major crises and possible collapses later on. Demonstrative of this powerful configuration all existing crisis points could intensify and become catalysts for new trajectories.

Down Stream

March 20th marks the Vernal/Autumnal Equinox in Pisces. Pisces is currently the cipher that marks the seasonal transition from Earth’s axial tilt.

The 18th through to the 24th of March will feature two powerful conjunctions which could refine the World Vision to its highest definition and begin to align the vast majority of our species towards ultimately more sustainable and just solutions. Mercury will conjunct with Neptune in the sign of humanity’s ultimate liberation from our own limitations (Aquarius) and then go on to do the same with Chiron which will hopefully gear our minds towards the solving of long-standing grievances related to our social contract. The 1% must be aware that at some point their insistence upon bolstering a system which serves only to concentrate the wealth of nations into their hands is ultimately unsustainable, as considerable rioting in the UK in 2011 made apparent. When the pitchforks are at their door, the social reality they have engendered will prove ultimately to their detriment. In any case consider this a kind of singularity which allows us to open to the possibility of living out a completely different vision one in which the resources of our world are seen as a commons and are distributed accordingly.

The month finishes with a Venusian feel as the saucy scissor sister squares Jupiter on the 27th and trines Pluto on the 30th and well in a word shit gets real. The Jupiter square could feature personal desire coming into conflict with the immensity of the world in transition. We might want to forge ahead on our own rebelliously but the immensity of the world could weigh us down with responsibility (not to mention with Saturn in Scorpio, we are seeing a reckoning, a confrontation with collective will and the weight of social and political systems in chaos feels all too real! For realities that are constructed we humans seem to live and die by our cultural narratives, perhaps culture is our most potent technology). However, with Venus trining Pluto, it seems our desire nature will ultimately align with the power of the collective and global movements demanding more accountability and democratic management may gain the upper hand, of course the opposite could also happen, we are empowered to act only in so far as we believe we are, much of what we experience as limitation is born from our disbelief in the possibility of alternative realities.

That is March in a nutshell my fellow space travelers, I will see you all next month same stellar time, same stellar channel, yours in revolution!


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