Kingstar (Sadalmelik)


(WARNING: To avoid a TLDR, scroll to your sign and read from there)

Sadalmelik (Alpha Aquarii) is one of the stars of the constellation Aquarius which graces the later half of February’s Solar transit through the ecliptic. In Arabic, the language of the culture that named the star it means Kingstar. The king star will be a metaphor for February, in that the passing of David Bowie represents one of the king stars of Earth passing into the infinity.

The tragic passing of David “Bowie” Jones is the inspiration for this month’s post and recently he was immortalized as a constellation in the Virgo sector of the sky, with Spica as the crowning star in the formation (it will still be called Virgo but the Starman will be reunited with the stars that inspired his art, he was high grade star debris to be sure). A few caveats to this, it is not a constellation officially recognized by the International Astronomers Union (the sky is already divided up into 88 constellations and they have been named).  That said it is a wonderful permutation of cultural astronomy to come along in a good while.

Along these .lines each sign will be given a David Bowie Song and each aspect a series of lyrics from Bowie’s discography. (Interesting there is a Bowie song playing as I write these words).

5456748089_8bf6dc9da6_o Aries: April 19th-May 13th: Fame

Aries is a pioneer, they often start things and forget to finish but that is what you have persevering signs like Taurus or Aquarius for. Aries, likes attention not to the same extent as Leo, mind you, but I digress. This month Aries gets the world’s mouthpiece  whether they are a star of stage and screen or a blogger who has five readers, and you all do well to carefully create the image you wish to project to the world as this month a poorly thought out statement made in a public forum could go horribly wrong, much like the debacle of Charlotte Rampling calling the lack of Oscar diversity a form of reverse racism. On the other edge of things, Aries, it also means it is your time to sparkle, starting that emerging venture could really blast you to the stratosphere as unexpected help emerges from the world wide mediums (read: Internet).

Further you may get by with a little help from your friends, as they may be coming out in droves to lend your voice to a higher profile. Pull your chosen tribe close to you this month, and conspire with them to get up to the creative mischief you rams are so famous for! It  may involve, explosives, vodka, cat-suits, chocolate, airline tickets and caution tape, but then no one got famous by sitting quietly waiting for it to come, if you want your 15 minutes you have to make a wave or three.

World Leader, Scientist, Spiritual Leader, Cultural Creative and Activist Aries: Use the platform of your fame or notoriety to suggest radical departures and innovative strategies. Have a startup you want to launch that will provide drinking water to developing nations,  now is the time to start it and tap your friends for the seed capital. A collaborative project that bridges the gap between movements and exploits their overlaps could be wildly successful at this juncture, much like Libra bold actions that bring issues into world prominence are called for at this time.

Days of Intensity: 3rd, 7th, & 10th.

626px-PSM_V32_D530_The_golden_horns_of_taurusTaurus: May 14th-June 19th: Space Oddity

Taurus would rather stay close to home, preferably with a sexytime lover, a blanket, and a good wanton soup than go out exploring outer space. That said February is not going to let you rest and stay in watching Netflix and chill. No Taurus something of the explorer streak is biting you in your luscious behind. Foreign cultures, faraway lands, and new frontiers beckon. If you are financially sound enough perhaps you can purchase a reservation for the maiden voyage of Virgin’s first space flight part of their Virgin Galactic division? That is perhaps far-fetched what is not is booking that secret foodie trip to Europe you have wanted to engage for years, or even just reading a book that takes you on a long strange trip away from the familiar. February is demanding that you make inroads to radically move out of what is known and explore the long distances of the unknown.

The world may ultimately be pushing you in this regard anyway as every time you turn on the TV this month or log-in to Facebook someone will be enchanting you with stories of travel to other countries or even in long flights of fancy into the imagination. I will go so far as to say that if you are in a line of work that involves trans-national policy that a trip may be tied to furthering your ambitions., and may become an essential asset to career evolution.  For those of you who don’t there is always the trip down the street that leads you to a small shiny object that when touched takes you an impossible journey, it happened in a Disney movie once!

World Leader, Scientist, Spiritual Leader, Cultural Creative and Activist Taureans: If you happen to be in a position of decision making capacity than I recommend that any policy that id enacted or any new tactic takes a broader focus than others have in times past.  Decisions at the national level must reflect realities at a planet wide scale, it pays to give an f@#k about the people on the other side of the world, otherwise they will be the ones who will hurl their justified anger when they are fleeing environmental crises engineered by political apathy, and deferment of action. Now is not the time to pursue xenophobic and isolationist strategies, increasingly  we must recognize that there is a pattern that connects us all.

Days of Intensity: 5th, 7th, 18th, & 29th.

Gemini_7_in_orbit_-_GPN-2006-000035Gemini: June 20th-July 20th: Changes

Gemini as part of the Dioscuri forget they have a dark twin, the other side of their nature. Mercury was messenger and unlike any of the other gods he can borrow  Pluto’s helmet of invisibility and travel to the Underworld to act as psycho-pomp and ferry the souls of the newly departed, to their final resting places. I mention this as Gemini is on a month long initiation to transform themselves in a profound way. We are not talking superficial and largely cosmetic changes (a facial with extractions is not a profound change, granted it does wonders). No instead, we are discussing changes so profound it changes Gemini at its core, and puts them into contact with inexorable forces and the invisible intelligences of the Multiverse. Gemini may find themselves feeling blown open, and Gemini can explore the sexier side of its dual nature. They can also face every existential fear and annihilate anything that has been stopping them from their evolution, it is destruction leading to renewal, much as a volcanic eruption leaves in its wake the potential for renewal, as is often the case after the conflagration.

It may be exposure to unusual or unfamiliar customs that brings about this change, perhaps Gemini falls in love (or lust) with a neighbor in their building who hails from a culture or land that is many moons removed from the local consensus culture. Said Gemini, is invited to dinner for an array of tantalizing foods that awaken parts of their palette they never knew, and then later is entreated an evening of love-making exploring all variations of the Kama Sutra. What it is to say is that something foreign to Gemini becomes the catalyst that enchants them into a deep transformation of their identity, just be mindful of any cultural appropriation you might be vulnerable to, it is okay to transform, it is not your right to steal.

World Leader, Scientist, Spiritual Leader, Cultural Creative and Activist Geminis: your task in February is to change the world as well as yourself in whatever small yet profound ways that you can. Even if it is as simple as getting a timely message to the masses that leads to a change in the cultural arc of entire societies. The bolder actions are favored over the purely symbolic.

Days of intensity: 5th, 14th, & 26th.

cancer-312400_960_720Cancer: July 21st-August 8th: Five Years

Cancer can be a guarded sign, retreating into its portable habitat whenever the environment around it becomes inhospitable. Cancer potentially spend February dealing with the subtleties of other people. Relationships make a high prominence for the Crab this month with the sun traversing along the seventh house. Cancer is wise to watch out for the unbalanced projections that others may inadvertently place on Cancer, as it is time when the crab is vulnerable to it, Cancer must also be on guard that they are not projecting repressed qualities onto others that they do not wish to acknowledge within themselves. Morse so Cancer has to come out of its shell a little this month a deal with people using the skill sets of diplomacy, tact, and non-zero sum game. Cancer does not like to compromise at the expense of security and may have to. The good news is this Cancer can always invite others to the comfort of their own home, where the environment can be regulated so as to be more amenable to these sensitive souls. The links you forge with others now will pay dividends in ways that are imperceptible at this time.

Along these lines, the time is ripe for Cancer to collaborate with others on projects of far reaching consequence. It is a great time to get close to others and figure out where true loyalties lie, it is also a time when partnerships must be carefully chosen as they can carry inexorable consequences and reversals will be harder to engineer later.

World Leader, Scientist, Spiritual Leader, Cultural Creative and Activist Cancers: you are tasked with the burden of preserving humanity’s habitat (which we are negatively altering in alarming ways) and it goes much farther than that as it requires recognizing deeper relationships to non-human life-forms, and the inert and active forces of creation itself. A rock is not just a rock but is an assemblage of sub-atomic particles interlocking in vastly complex design, it is a kind of sentience. It is this understanding that guides any collective actions you take this month. It is vital that even uneasy alliances be made, we are at a moment in human history when unilateral cooperation is essential to survival and it is you who will make this message a cultural imperative.

Days of intensity: 22nd.

leo-310997_960_720Leo: August 9th-Sepetmber 15th: Loving the Alien

Leo abhors routine, it bores them incessantly, they would much rather have someone else do it so they can do other fun and  pleasurable things, which are part of Leo’s charm, we love them because they want to have fun. That said, the floors still need to be swept the sheets changed, and the laundry folded. The leonine task for February is to create clean crisp routines, and to establish a budget that properly reflects what they actually earn versus what they think they earn. In this regard, housekeeping is on the highest order whether it is cooking the books or  washing up, and while there may be an app for that, Leo however needs to take initiative and figure out how they can do these things themselves efficiently (no one actually enjoys these things). Leo will be rewarded by a clean house and the benefits don’t stop there. Besides the physical housekeeping psychological housekeeping is suggested here as well, removing the detritus of worn ideas is extremely  helpful too, so seek out new viewpoints and perspectives this month.

Leo further is encouraged to go and talk to strangers and make new friends. Leo much prefers the closeness of one on one interactions but it seems that the symbols are compelling them instead to open up to a broader circle, and love the seemingly alien in their locality. They will find themselves enriched by new perspectives on old problems as provided by other people. Loving the alien and facing the strange will have the inverse effect of creating an intimacy unmatched.

World Leader, Scientist, Spiritual Leader, Cultural Creative and Activist Leos: The elites of the world have made a real mess of things everything from the economy, to putting the environmental life support systems into critical condition. The Leo task now is to clean up these messes and put in place policy to prevent future catastrophes which will be far more damaging and much harder to rebound from. Prevention is key as cleaning up a mess before it becomes a mess is much more cost and time effective than ameliorating a bad situation which could have been avoided. Fossil fuel industries must be held accountable for Climate Change as well as governments and other bodies who are contributing to the problem, the Leo task is to call this out, and bring attention to it.

Days of intensity: 3rd, 5th, 7th, 17th, & 20th.

2446333332_7477427996_zVirgo: September 16th-October 30th: Fashion

Virgo is a sign that always has a very high-definition image, dressed impeccably, even if the fabrics are bottom shelf, paper bag. Virgo  also knows how to get the most done, if you need a database scrubbed and Climate Change solved in time for dinner and a diplomatic summit, Virgo is your lady. February entreats Virgo to shed the false modesty they are famous for and to let the freak flag fly. Much like Libra they are being asked to engage in self-expression, and outright teen-age rebellion. This will look very much like usurping those who declare themselves masters and rulers of the rest of us. Virgo will generally do it through subterfuge and more subtle approaches but they will be efficient and elegant. The computer age started when Uranus was traversing Virgo, and as such I envision that for those who are technically inclined, that they could take a page from Mr. Robot and initiate the long awaited debt jubilee by wiping the corporate accounting ledgers that track the world’s illegitimate debt (a common person can dream!). Perhaps, that is a little too ambitious, and Virgo will simply finds ways to declare temporary autonomous zones.

Virgo will do so in an industrious way, it will be a cascade of systematic changes to everyday sub-routines that will give increasing ground to taking back both personal and collective autonomy and in age of oligarchy and institutional control any small rebellion that gives empowerment back to where it belongs is a victory, however minor, it is a cascade of these small reclamations that pile up and change the vector and move towards a critical mass which catalyzes a chain reaction, and the whole system can then be reclaimed while illegitimate power crumbles.

World Leader, Scientist, Spiritual Leader, Cultural Creative and Activist Virgos: Perhaps you recall the idealism of the 1960’s unless of course you are a Millennial (born after 1980) in which case you only studied it in school in social studies so it is not particularly real for you.  With that said your month task, (as well as the general Virgo life arc) is to design efficient systems that are fair, equitable, and impervious to corruption and serve all of humanity and the living community of the planet, a tall order. All of that 60’s idealism is now brought down from Heaven and made real in the nitty-gritty red-hot chaos of existence, and remember if it isn’t intersectional than it isn’t shit! Equality is not a one size fits all proposition because we all have differing inequalities to contend with, so a system has to address those particulars. Virgo being as meticulous as it is will handle this with little resistance.

Days of intensity: 5th, 14th, & 26th.

Libra-bonattiLibra: October 31st-November 22nd: Rebel Rebel

Libra has bad PR, often described as being indecisive and lacking initiative, that is wholly unfair and February will infuse an energy into Libra that will allow them to redefine this uncharitable characterization. With the sun transiting the fifth house self-expression and rebellion, indecision takes a backseat to autonomy and a decidedly more vociferous approach. Libra will be taking no prisoners, much like evolution. Autonomy  takes a back seat to more diplomatic approaches and Libra won’t be brokering any bullshit. Autonomy, to the point of give me liberty or give me death.

Libra will be tussling with tribal legacies and the heavy hand of ancestral ties along with a strong need for rebellion and autonomy. It is a creative period, as Libra deals with ancient karma and unwinds the hold that history has on their present they may find themselves brimming with explosive creativity. Perhaps there is that one skeleton in the closet from the family past that needs to be excised use art as the vehicle for transformation, self-expression as reification and relinquishment of ancestral memory.

World Leader, Scientist, Spiritual Leader, Cultural Creative and Activist Libras: Consider this your clarion call to engage and debate unpopular opinions and initiatives, the world is crying out for bold solutions and daring policy initiatives. Humanity is facing too many converging crises for delay tactics and rolling the clock forward on making real changes, you need to now advocate positions that will most likely make the elites antsy, tough! The world does not need to pander to the profit motive it needs a livable future, I suggest starting with the global carbon tax as suggested by James Hansen formerly of NASA, it will put a real dent in climate change projections and make sure we meet the terms of the Paris Climate Summit.

Days of Intensity: 3rd, 5th, 7th, 10th, 13th, 18th, & 29th.

Scorpius_BackgroundScorpio: November 23rd-November 29th: Moonage Daydream

Scorpio is a master at the art of change in fact as a fixed sign they become fixated on transformation to such an extent that they take the adage “adapt or die” very much to heart. Along these lines I have one thing for Scorpio to do in February, change your mind it is starting to smell! A change in perspective does Scorpio a universe of good. Scorpio can brood and go to dark places and end up stuck there, what is being called for now is to recognize the value in the darkness and to use it to change and integrate what is hiding there. The imagination is the guide for February as it is a creative place where difficult issues can be contended with and solutions allowed to surface to seemingly insoluble problems. Basically, change your mind!

Scorpio loves the depths and has a fearless dive into them often, and this month is no different as Scorpio may find itself contending with genetic legacies. Everything from the hidden genetic mutations in your personal genome to repressed family secrets is up for grabs under this transit. Dealing with unresolved karma will do wonders and lead to a change in mind that will provide a needed course correction for those going down seemingly self-destructive pathways. Should Scorpio find out they have a biological tendency towards certain conditions, it may be time to change certain habits, easier to do with a change of perspective first!

World Leader, Scientist, Spiritual Leader, Cultural Creative and Activist Scorpios: Your task for February and 2016 is to call out the Kleptocracy that has become the world financial system. Scorpio is equipped with the tenacity and research skills to dig so deep into the downtown bullshit machine and reveal secrets in a Snowden or Asange fashion. A little closer to home, corruption in the local community is a favorite topic and some activism can certainly be brought to bear there as well, think globally, and act locally as they say!

Days of intensity: 3rd, 5th, & 20th.

Rondanini_Medusa_Denkm985Ophiuchus: November 30th-December 17th: Station to Station

Ophiuchus is the true feminist of the zodiac as it represents the feminine serpentine wisdom that the early patriarchs attempted to repress (which might also explain why it was not included in the Roman reiteration of the zodiac). Along these lines the task of February is to unearth this ancient wisdom, known as the “the other way of knowing” and to utilize this reconnaissance to liberate these repressed elements in the human psyche. In a word I am calling on you to trample the patriarchy, like the punk rock unicorn that you are. What this might mean is questioning your individual privilege and figuring out where you stand as an ally to the myriad of social justice movements sweeping the world right now. For those less of an activist bend it could translate into being more open to embracing new values that better reflect a traditionally more feminine and gentle approach to life. You are in a process of deeply questioning and changing your mental frameworks. The old systems of thought simply don’t hold up to the scrutiny of future history, which is weighing heavily on you.

Especially pertinent if there has ever been any sense of gender imbalance in the family line as well as the historical arc of humanity, and we know for certain there has been. Ophiuchus has the tedious task of calling it out and taking steps to put people onto equal footing, this involves a fight as we are seeing. There is a sense now that you are empowered to heal the pain of ancestral memory and to acknowledge your own complicity in perpetuating these systems and stereotypes (and to some extent we all do, even the most thoughtful among us).

World Leader, Scientist, Spiritual Leader, Cultural Creative and Activist Ophiuchans: The world does not need more mainstream, centrist and moderate political platforms any longer. Either the framework at hand intersectional and creates a united front among human diversities or it is useless. We do not need more bland and vague promises about how our converging crises will be addressed by 2060, we need to act now! The world is tired of inequality in all its forms and Ophiuchus is meant to play a leading edge role in changing this.

Days of intensity: 3rd & 29th.

Sagittarius2Sagittarius: December 18th– January 18th: Looking for Satellites

Sagittarius is a sign that is associated with the law, ethics and philosophy so it should hardly be surprising they will spend February wrapped up in issues relating to ethics, and how they create value in the world. The world currently uses money as the ultimate measure of value but with Sagittarius this rubric is far too limiting. There are effects that simply go beyond monetary quantitation, and have an inherent value money never touches, Sagittarius is elucidating this principle. In a word the archer is seeking things of value that go beyond the measurable. Such assets include time, love, empathy, wisdom, experience, etcetera…

From this emerging awareness of greater value comes the intense desire to carve out time and space (the same thing really) to create the products that emerge form new thinking. Not to mention needing space to think in general as they develop their grand ideas. I highly advise the Archer take a small moment of each day to contemplate the bigger questions guiding their lives and whether being a wage slave in pursuit of an ephemeral and increasingly non-existent security is worth it, or whether we might be better served singing the star seeds in our hearts, and spending our time constructing a world where the feverish pursuit of profit is not the ultimate aim of life.

World Leader, Scientist, Spiritual Leader, Cultural Creative and Activist Sagittarians: Money is not the ultimate measure of value in this world. A functioning ecological system, time for culture making, and the bonds we share with each other are far better measures of existential value and as Spock said on Star Trek: “a sentient being’s optimal chance at maximizing their utility is to lead a long and prosperous life.” With that in mind your task now is to ensure that this possibility becomes available to the vast majority of the people on the planet, there is a long way to go on that front so of course this task will not be limited to a single February but now is a good time to start as any.

Days of intensity: 5th & 10th.

capricorn_psd_by_itsflotsam-d8h8a3lCapricorn: January 19th-February 15th: Ziggy Stardust

Capricorn generally has a strong sense of self, and yet at the same time is experiencing an identity crisis, These days Capricorn is either wildly embracing the annihilation of what they once knew themselves to be, or they are fighting it tooth and nail and trying to hold onto some semblance of what they knew themselves to be (much as those in power are also attempting). The clinging will not ultimately work as this transit will continue to blow you open (fighting it will mean you get blown apart). The imagery is intense but so are solar transits. On top of this the Sun is moving in the territory bringing its regenerative properties. You are engaged in February in redefining yourself against changed realities whether it is social pressures (from emerging cultural currents), or from more personal circumstances.

More so the change in the self and identity is also leading to a major transformation in ethical and value systems. The values of your family, nation, race or history simply aren’t holding up to scrutiny any longer. You are recognizing that a more international perspective is called for in an increasingly interconnected world as well as ones that better integrate a more diverse and intersectional human identity, good on you Cappi for doing this vital work, it’s not easy nor will it be complete by the end of February but this month can certainly advance it.

World Leader, Scientist, Spiritual Leader, Cultural Creative and Activist Capricorns: I imagine many of you both individually and collectively are experiencing a sense of eroding identity, some of you are refreshed by the change others terrified. Gone are the days when elites could conduct their nefarious schemes without the intrusion of public scrutiny as technology has enabled everything to come to light. The masses are fed up and are not taking this anymore, those in positions of hegemony will experience a fall from grace as the pinnacle of what they have founded their sense of self on is rapidly disintegrating. Take heart it is time now to redefine what it means to be human in a more complex world and to embrace the intersecting identities that many of will have to grow accustomed to, that is most of the revolution right there, redefining our self and our values to better reflect reality.

Days of intensity: 3rd, 7th, 14th, 26th, & 29th.

urlAquarius: February 16th-March 11th: Starman

Aquarius has the distinct superpowers of being the holders of the future and its legacies (and the responsibilities) as well as the legitimate power of having the capacity to provide for what people truly need. A metaphor, imagine a vast pool of water and in the distance a land parched by the dryness of an arid climate, a means is devised to transfer the water to this parched land and its thirsty inhabitants, a conduit is made that funnels the water where it is needed and replenishes any that is not used, Aquarius is the conduit, and it holds life in its hands. I bring up this imagery because Aquarius is also a star in the sense that that is the card associated to the water bearer in the tarot, and that stars contain all the elements for life in their fiery hearts. Aquarius is spending February ensconced in this dream, this understanding, and is reclaiming the power of its cosmic heritage. As Aquarius digs into the depths of its evolutionary potential the sun with its regenerative powers is giving the water-bearer a deep recharge, similar to how an aquifer is recharged by the return of the vernal rains.

To add to this Neptune is dissolving the Aquarian rough edges into a harmony that is refining the essence of this sign into full potency (think how crude petroleum must be refined before it is useful as an energy substrate). Aquarius is doing shadow work in essence they are dredging through their blind spots and integrating material that is has been negated and hidden because it could not survive the world’s scrutiny.

In this deep work Aquarius is engaged in a redefinition of its identity. Aquarius must contend with the dark and terrifying specters that emerge when a shift in identity is occurring. Namely it is working with the archetypes of the future, the terror, the crisis, the fact that the future could go horribly wrong, the center won’t hold, things fall apart, in the widening gyre. Aquarius must integrate the terror of what could happen in a brave new world where Jevon’s Paradox, meets the tragedy of the commons, and the destructive side of humanity.

Here the water-bearer contending with rumors of wars, emerging diseases, the misuse of high technology, shortages of water, energy, petroleum, and food, Climate Change, and the possible collapse of civilization, it is a terrifying place but Aquarius must face it all fearlessly and hold strong to the positive vision of the future so that we can navigate the crisis and emerge on the other side in the Eco-Technic Era ( a centuries long proposition) where humanity has a created a truly sustainable civilization.

World Leader, Scientist, Spiritual Leader, Cultural Creative and Activist Aquarians: So much of the identity crisis that humanity is facing has to do with the fact that we are now having to contend with the inherent limits of our planet. Humanity is now undergoing a redefinition of what it means to be human and how to live on a world with finite limits. It falls to you Aquarian leaders to trail-blaze the path to the future, to demonstrate to others how to avoid falling into the trap of despair, and to have the courage to provide what is truly needed, and to maintain the vision and actualization of a sustainable future, it’s in our hands as Bjork says.

Days of intensity: 5th, 7th, 20th, & 26th.

Vitrail_Chartres_Zodiaque_210209_03Pisces: March 12th-April 18th: The Prettiest Star

Pisces is a dreamer and a massively creative soul, sensitized to the subtlest of energies from the subterranean to the stellar. What everyone likes to forget about Pisces is that they take those dreams and weave them into reality, they are dream weavers. February gives them the task of taking the ephemeral and making it solid. The dreams have a touch of the future and a lot of the science fiction element to them. Pisces is quite literally taking the memes and archetypes of the greatest sci-fi visions and bringing them into flesh and blood existence. I invoke this will be a creative period for Pisces and they will be getting plenty of support from friends, allies and a potential patron or two. The mind is not limited to just the collective future but Pisces is also contemplating their own future as well and taking concrete steps to actualize long-term goals, the kind that require delayed gratification.

February is also a great time for the fishes to reconnect with friends and co-conspirators in the Great Work. Pisces always thrives better with plenty of social support, and this time is no different. The future is a community endeavor that requires the individual actions of many actors, and it is this framework that becomes plainly obvious for Pisces. Collaborate, collaborate, and collaborate!

World Leader, Scientist, Spiritual Leader, Cultural Creative and Activist Pisceans: You are the ambassadors of humanity to the non-human world and the stars. The universal perspective of your namesake is needed in this world more than at any other juncture of human history. You are in a unique position to naturally see the inherent unity in life, the trick now is to bring that vision to a fractured and deeply unequal world so that Earth looks more like Eden.

Days of Intensity: 5th, 20th & 26th.


Aspectarian: February:


03: Mars in Libra sextile Pluto in Sagittarius: Keep your electric eye on me Sun in Capricorn Sextile Saturn in Ophiuchus: I would sit and blame the master.

05: Venus Conjunct Pluto in Sagittarius: The year of the diamond dogs.

Sun in Capricorn Sextile Uranus in Pisces: Turn to face the strange.

Mercury in Sagittarius trine Jupiter in Leo: I was running at the speed of life.

Venus in Sagittarius square Uranus in Pisces: Always crashing in the same car.

07: Sun in Capricorn square Mars in Libra: I want certainty.

Venus in Sagittarius sextile Mars in Libra: Mannequins with kill appeal.

10: Venus in Sagittarius trine Jupiter in Leo: She doesn’t know if you’re a boy or a girl.

Mars in Libra sextile Jupiter in Leo: At the center of it all.

14: Mercury enters Capricorn: Now, not tomorrow.

17: Sun enters Aquarius: Space Oddity

18: Venus enters Capricorn:   A new career in a new town.

20: Sun in Aquarius conjunct Neptune in Aquarius: Ground control to Major Tom.

Sun in Aquarius square Pluto in Sagittarius: I am a Blackstar.

22: Full moon in Leo: I’m on fire.

26: Mercury in Capricorn sextile Uranus in Pisces: The stars look very different today.

29: Venus in Capricorn sextile Saturn in Ophiuchus: Everybody drank a lot of something.  


Five Planetary Alignment: Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Mars, & Jupiter: The Stellar Pentagonal: This is more astronomical than astrological

“Under the peculiar optics of the future, fiction is a default perception and the task at hand is the construction of reality from outlandish elements.”

-Prometheus Jones

Starting from January 20th, and lasting until February 20th there will be a rare alignment between five planets. It will be apparent for about 80 minutes prior to sunrise and will be visible in both the Northern and Southern hemisphere. The planets involved will be Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Mars and Jupiter and can be seen by falling the arc of the sky between Scorpio, Virgo, Libra, and Leo. Following the stars Antares and Spica will help to orient viewers to the alignment. Traditionally planetary alignments were symbolic of great transitions and upheavals that ultimately redefine practical reality. This is mostly speculative, in that vein if there are any outstanding radical departures to be made in the interest of a more authentic life, use this symbolic period as an opportunity to tap into your own personal wisdom (and shadow) and author the next chapters. For those of us attuned to the subtle symbols perhaps it is time to take a stand on any number of humanitarian and ecological issues currently facing us (hint, hint, nudge, nudge). There are no shortage of issues to choose from and believing an individual cannot make a difference is non-sense, it is only through individuals acting in cooperation that the world is ever changed, and it is long overdue.

Sun conjunct Neptune: Science Fiction Dreams: February 20th

“We live in a world ruled by fictions of every kind … We live inside an enormous novel … The fiction is already there. The writer’s task is to invent reality.” The world as text.

-J.G Ballard, Crash

The most impactful of the personal aspects for February will be the conj7unction between Sol and Neptune. It empowers the individual into refining the more subtle parts of self into a better clarity, even while it confuses. In this case as it traverses the Aquarian sector of the sky we are dealing here with collective dreams of the future, and the science fiction realities that emerge out of them when realized and materialized. This type of transit enlivens the imagination to realize far reaching dreams of the distant future, the visions of how humanity and society will be centuries from now. Will we have expanded into space? Will we have destroyed ourselves and left the Earth a wasteland? Will we be living in impossibly technical cities? Will we have reached a level of civilization that we could be considered highly advanced? Are we on our way to Alpha Centauri our closest cosmic neighbor? Will we be in the process of re-wilding earth using technologies which emerged in the 21st century and have been refined to such precision that we are like Gods and can bring life to barren places? Will we return our own battered planet back into an Eden?

Irrational Convergence

“The dreams have arrived, all of them: instantaneous, global communication, virtual immersion, biotechnology. These were the dreams. And calm and curious, pointing out every new convergence, Ballard reminds us that dreams are often perverse.”

-Zadie Smith

These optics will seem like reality at this time and more realizable than other times when our subtle perceptions are not so attuned and heightened. This phenomenon can best be called irrational convergence, or perhaps even synchronicity as it seems that is how wild imaginings seem to be manifesting through a series of meaningful circumstances. The transit through Neptune will last until 2023, the conjunction with the sun will have an orb of about ten days in each direction starting with a direct orb on February 20th. This is a good time for reflection and for clarifying the patterns we are each working to build our personal and collective future, the question to keep at the forefront is what am I doing in this present moment of the Nowever to create the future? Dreams may seem ephemeral until they become the white hot chaos of reality and collapse their wave function into experiential magnitude. The dreams may seem radical and perverse but is those kinds of iconoclastic visions that the world needs most.

In a brave new world the perversity of our dreams realized is the exact locus at which the most meaning and enjoyment emerges, it is the strangeness of our dreams manifested that make them so enlightening even as we confront extraordinary consequences, and vastly outlandish realities, existence is a long strange trip when the chips fall where they may. Dreams only become reality through pragmatism and hard work, so remember that there is practical part to any endeavor. Use this as a guide for a dreamy and pragmatic month ahead!

That’s a wrap Cosmonauts!

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