Inception Date: Equinox of Humanity


“People want to believe that there is a tropical island or a cave in the mountains where you can hide, but that is not true anymore. Like it or not we are all connected to each other.”

-The Traveler, John Twelve Hawks

Greetings Space Cadets!

March is the inception of the Equinox, for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere we find ourselves now entering the period of the vernal flowering and the start of Spring, in the Southern Hemisphere, they are experiencing the autumnal maximum and the start of the dark half of the year. These balance points throughout the year are symbolic of times of redressing an imbalance because they are the experience of equal day and night hours (equinox translates to equal night, and at this time the day and night are nearly equal in length). They are points in the year when there is an open invitation to align with natural cycles and to attune to the logic of your own body if it means slowing down or speeding up then that is the message. They also mark times or renewal as they along with the solstices signal times when seasons are reaching their peak creativity, in essence these are transition moments of renewal, change, upheaval, and birth, which is the working definition of an inception date.

That are species is facing a collective equinox calling for the inception of a new definition of what it means to be human and what a truly sustainable society looks like. There are certainly a plethora of issues to choose from in the contemporary world, which can aptly be summed up as falling under Social Justice and Climate Change. Social Justice goes hand in hand with Climate Change as both of these are the singular public health threats that humanity faces in the centuries ahead and it is by far our greatest existential (risk) crisis/opportunity. The reason both are the twin catalysts in our collective evolution is because the two are inextricably linked and exacerbate existing social conflicts, the fact that one can threaten to destabilize society itself and bring humanity to the brink of its own extinction raises the importance of these interlinked polarities.

Inception of a new humanity can begin now or at any date, and circumstances are forcing our hands anyways, whether unrelenting technological upheaval, ecological crises, or other collective movements calling for course correction, humanity will need to redefine itself in a new inception of its potentials. There an array of issues that are calling for us to begin anew, Climate Change, the Syrian crisis (further exacerbated by the United States illegitimate self-defined, role as Global Cop, Judge and Executioner, no one asked us to be this), The 2016 Presidential Election (which at best is turning into a farce), the emergence of the Anthropocene and attending that is the 6th mass extinction event that for the first time in natural history is the result of another species (us).

Further, adding to these tensions are cogent movements and demands for equality in the face of 5 centuries of colonialism and conquest. Visionary movements like Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, and efforts to initiate Resource Based Economics and end the financial choke-hold that moneyed elites have over the global economy. We are at a juncture in the history of humanity that is summed up well in the symbology of the equinox, a time of crossroads, a time to strike the balance, to make the ultimate choice extinction or apotheosis?

What follows is a standard deviation from my usual litany and a deeper focus inspired by the presentation Healing the Core Wounds of Humanity presented by Orion Foxwood, and the Old Time Goodspell Feri Tent Revival hosted by Jenya Turner Beachy and the Dust Bunnies coven at Pantheacon 2016. The planetary inspiration for this post will be Uranus, cipher of revolution, upheaval, radical departure, rebellion, altruism, iconoclasts, social justice and paradigm shifts.  This to reflect the Equinox of Humanity, our turning point and inception date into the Eco-Technic Ethic. I invite all of you representatives of raw animal grace (to borrow a phrase from Jenya Turner Beachy) to take the inspiration that is the symbol of Uranus and apply it to the solar cipher you are born under to inspire the work you will do over the next few years, which is to say may March  and the months that follow be your inception date story!

AriesAries: April 19th-May 13th: Embrace Paradox

Aries, generally you are fearless and go where angels fear to tread, and usually you go in with guns blazing. I am encouraging you now to take a less impulsive avenue and instead look within the scanner of yourself. I want you to go where you are most conflicted, and were the battle lines seem drawn, to a place where you have to confront paradox. Why you suppose am I offering you this challenge? It is because we cannot address the deeper wounds of humanity if we cannot hold paradox and seeming conflict to take a more diplomatic approach to the human project. There is considerable need at this juncture of history for a balance of outrage and ethical accounting tempered by diplomacy. Interesting that the planet said to have rulership over Aries is currently in Libra the sign of diplomacy. In essence go to where you are conflicted and strike a balance, for the only way to not become your wounds is to face them, and it goes the same for humanity.

Change Agent Aries: Your task is the most important one we face as species deeply riddled with historical conflicts and suffering from mass post-inquisitional stress disorder. You now must go the heart pf the conflicts erupting all over the world and hold the paradoxes they represent. The conflicts exist because of the tension created by the defenders of the status-quo and those who know change is on the wind, your task now is to end the fighting somehow and find the balance that allows for a truce, long enough to get us past our differences and engineer solutions that are equitable and fair and address longstanding inequalities. In a word, elites may try to impose their oligarchy on the rest of us, your task is to not let them and that means going into the heart of darkness and not becoming it, in essence holding the paradox.

Rams, your days of intensity: March 5th (Mars in Libra square Mercury in Capricorn ), March 12th (Mars egresses Libra), March 14th (Mars in Scorpio opposition Moon in Aquarius), March 15th (Pluto in Sagittarius sextile Mars in Scorpio).

TaurusTaurus: May 14th-June 19th: Universal Serial Bus

Taurus, you are the USB device that is uniquely capable of plugging into the hyper-frame of Earth, which is to say you connect to the biophysical computer that is the crystalline substrate of our rocky world Earth. It is a time in which you are re-sourcing, and renaturing yourself, and preparing the world for a new era, through a better understanding of the resources you have within yourself and quite literally the ones present in the planet. The project at hand is to do a complete assessment of existing resources, and know exactly how much of everything is present, and from their build a better foundation for your life. Part of this is recognizing your relationship to the collective, and it means a need to shift the paradigm from a culture of hyper-individuality to one of collective concern for the commonwealth we all share. What I mean is this, you must begin to see yourself as more than the skin-enscapulated ego and realize you community, your world, and its interlocking systems are your new membranes, and like your body they too need good hygiene, call it radical self-care.

Change Agent Taurians: Our global economy is predicated on resource exploitation, the conquest, enslavement and alienation of people, the concentration of the commonwealth into the hands of tiny elites, and presents the biggest threat to our species survival. Your task in international policy decisions is to recognize this and suggest the structure of a new economic order one based on an honest accounting of available resources and predicated on efficiency, sustainability, conservation and accessibility. This will go along way to ameliorate longstanding economic inequalities and ergo their related social maladies. I suggest starting with advancing the idea of a Universal Basic Income, it is an idea that has been debated for centuries and has shown promise in various pilot projects including in Canada in the province of Manitoba in the early 1970’s with the roll-out of Mincomeand also in the city of London which launched a project to give money to homeless people and track what they did with it. In both instances it nearly eliminated poverty and leveled the playing field and allowed those struggling to finally get ahead and improve their economic outlooks, now imagine if we did that on a global scale, that is your challenge. Bringing Taurean abundance to the masses, utilizing technological abundance.

Bulls your days of intensity: March 11th (Venus enters Aquarius), March 15th (Venus in Aquarius  square Mars in Scorpio), March 20th (Venus conjunct Neptune in Aquarius), March 21st (Equinox and Venus conjunct Neptune in Aquarius), March 26th (Venus in Aquarius opposition Jupiter in Leo, Venus in Aquarius square Saturn in Ophiuchus), March 27th (Venus in Aquarius sextile Pluto in Sagittarius), and March 30th (Moon in Opiuchus in  square Venus in Aquarius).

GeminiGemini: June 20th-July 20th: Atlas Obscura

Gemini, you are fond of building conceptual models of reality, which is what thinkers, scientists, and other thought workers do. The one thing many of these technicians, you included, forget is that a model does not describe the reality in question it only describes the features of it our current paradigm can conceive of, and is at best incomplete, which is to say the map is not the territory. Your inception task is to get outside of the conceptualizing and to deal with reality in all of its chaotic white hot intensity. Instead of escaping into what you think you know about the world, I am inviting you to discard your preconceived notions and to instead deal with the raw, unfiltered realities. In this task it will re-center you and orient you towards the pragmatic realities that you must contend with, both in your personal life and in your contribution to the human project. There has to be a recognition of the limits that models of reality impose.

Change Agent Geminians: Singularly you have a difficult task ahead of you. Gemini in its Uranian phase is wielding the hammer that smashes the mirror of illusion that has been cast over the world by the ceaseless babble of an over-culture gone pathogenic. Much like the 1984 Apple commercial in which we see an Orwellain scene smashed by the hammer of truth that pulled an enthralled audience out of a perceptual stupor. Your task Gemini, is to shake the whole world out of the stupor marketed by the downtown bullshit machine of the financial elite, pulling the strings of the world currently. It will not be an easy task but paradigm shifting never is, especially when you are convincing a deeply deluded and damaged species to deal with the realities it must contend with in order to have a chance at emerging on the next evolutionary stage. Humanity is much in need of a wake up call so we can begin to address the selective pressures we have generated for ourselves, as they are very real with dire consequence, as one of the signs dealing with perception it falls to you to alter the perception towards course correction.

Twins, your days of intensity: March 5th (Mercury in Capricorn square Mars in Libra), March 11th (Mercury in Aquarius conjunct Neptune in Aquarius),  March 15th (Mercury in Aquarius opposition Jupiter in Leo, square Saturn in Ophiuchus, & sextile Pluto in Sagiattarius), March 19th (Mercury leaves Aquarius), March 20th (Mercury enters Pisces), March 23rd (Full Moon in Virgo).

CancerCancer: July 21st-August 8th: The River of Life

Cancers, your symbol holds the keys to the natural history of the world, it is the vessel of all the permutations of DNA that have ever emerged in the multiverse. Along these lines you are the embodiment of the River of Life (as we all are, as we all come through the genetic stream that gives us our physical being). You are engaged in tracing down the various ancestral lineages of both yourself and the human family, and dis-entrenching the legacies that are borne from them. It means you will have to dig deep into the realms of the forgotten histories of your and the world’s ancestors, right up to the first stars that exhausted their fiery hearts and provided the basic elements from which our bodies are constructed atom by atom. What I mean is you are exorcising the last 500 years of colonial history and giving those dispossessed of their history a sense of their identity.

It’s your deep task in life, and the one I encourage you to turn your mind to. This task, begin with tracing your own lineage, and then build up to the suppressed and forgotten histories in the shadow of colonialism. There will be some of you who find you have been dispossessed of your own history and for you I suggest looking into the archaeological and anthropological literature to find those histories as well as other writers who have traced it in creative ways. Knowing your origins is important to understanding your praxis in the world.

Change Agent Cancerians: For those who make the policy we guide our actions by your task is to make reparations and concessions to those who have been so wronged by a colonial juggernaut that continues today. You can do this by listening to the stories of the people most affected by this cultural erasure, recognize that to some extent we are all suffering from post inquisitional stress disorder (to borrow a phrase from Orion Foxwood), and mostly remember that if you are in a position of influence, check your privilege at the door.

Crabs, your days of intensity: March 8th (New Moon in Aquarius), March 9th (Sun conjunct Moon in Aquarius), March 11th (Moon conjunct Uranus in Pisces), March 13th (Moon in Aries trine Jupiter in Leo), March 14th (Moon in Aries opposition Mars in Libra), March 15h (Moon in Taurus opposition Saturn in Ophiuchus), March 23rd (Full Moon in Virgo) & March 30th (Moon in Scorpio square Venus in Aquarius).

LeoLeo: August 9th-September 15th: Delete the Elite ! We are Monarchs of our own Flesh

“Many Gods No Masters (a variation on No Gods in heaven  No Masters on earth, or No Gods, No Masters, an old anarchist and labor slogan)”- Alley Valkyrie

Leo gets the most exciting inception task in the Anarchist toolbox, they get to call out the elites controlling the world, and it is because their emblem is the sign of royalty. The lion has a deep ancestral memory of what it is to rule and the illegitimate imposition of a power structure upon the masses which has spawned revolutions throughout history. Leo’s intimate awareness of this dialogue means it is uniquely equipped with a critique of power and a desire to call out its excesses. What’s more it is a sign fit for leadership because in its long social evolution it has had to integrate what it means to be a leader, it is to stand on equal ground with your community and show the way through demonstration and joining the collective in its endeavors, which is true authority.

Change Agent Leo’s: Leo, your inception (Uranian) task is to question authority at every chance you get. If you happen to be in a position of authority than you must question yourself and your effectiveness in truly leading. Are your policies or suggestions reflective of the people really want? Or are they laws being made without their consent or awareness to buttress the claims of hegemonic power. It is a pertinent question that you must address yourself with. Further in an age when laws are made that do not protect people but instead protect power (the public had no say in the passage of The Patriot Act, The Trans Pacific Partnership or Citizens United just as an example). What this raises is the legitimacy of the argument of “Rule of Law”, if the laws that are being passed don’t protect the people they are meant to serve then the laws have no value. In essence because you have an ancient memory of oppressive rule you are uniquely in a position to raise the question, and what’s more to speak the language of liberation which says no gods in heaven to control us and no masters on earth to rule us. The elites do not have the power to rule us, even if they are holding all the cards, their rule is illegitimate without us empowering it.

Lions, your Days of Intensity: March 8th (Sun in Aquarius opposition Jupiter in Leo), March 9th (Sun conjunct Moon in Aquarius, opposition Jupiter in Leo), March 13th (Moon in Aries trine Jupiter in Leo), March 15th (Mercury in Aquarius opposition Jupiter in Leo), March 20th (Jupiter in Leo trine Pluto in Sagittarius) & March 26th (Venus in Aquarius opposition Jupiter in Leo).

VirgoVirgo: September 16th-October 30th: Nature-Culture Interface

Virgo, naturally you imagine that technology can mimic biology and that it can fit seamlessly into the natural world because you see no distinction between culture and nature. In your conception culture much like the human being is an epiphenomenon of nature, which is to say the both of them emerge from the natural world. Along these lines you have your work cut out for you, as both personally and collectively you are elucidating the non-duality of nature and culture and working to re-design the social environment so it reflects that non-duality. I never said it was going to be a simple task, but you dear Virgo are so fastidious, that you’ll have it done before dinner and will have solved the problem of inequality to boot.

Change agent Virgos:  Your ease with technology is hardly surprising in that the last time that Pluto and Uranus were conjunct each other was in Virgo and we saw the dawn of the computer age, rise of the service economy, the green revolution, and the technological transfer of advanced medicine, agriculture, and hardware to the developing world. The revolution it spawned continues now unabated as said developing nations are now poised to surpass performance of the ones that provided the initial technology transfers. The most emergent problem now is reorienting said technology to reflect planetary limits and to respect the integrity of the bio-sphere, this is now the new Virgoan challenge. No big deal you simply have to align policy, industry, and technical knowledge to reflect that Earth has limits, destroying the biosphere is not a practical or intelligent business decision, and basically re-design the economy soup to nuts.

Virgins, your days of intensity: March 5th (Mercury in Capricorn square Mars in Libra), March 11th (Mercury in Aquarius conjunct Neptune in Aquarius), March 15th (Mercury in Aquarius opposition Jupiter in Leo, square Saturn in Ophiuchus & sextile Pluto in Sagittarius) & March 23rd (Full moon in Virgo).

LibraLibra: October 31st- November 22nd: The Illusion of Isolation

Libra, Western Civilization has long labored under the illusion of separation. It goes right back to the founding myth of our culture the concept of being exiled from the Garden of Eden. In its most recent incarnation it has taken on leviathan proportions, been exported all over the world and has left us alienated from each other in an age where we have never been more interconnected. It seems you dear Libra are assigned the task of using your natural diplomacy, grace and charm to gentle nudge humanity away form this cultural obsession with a hyper-individualistic endgame towards a more egalitarian society in which people feel a sense of connection to each other and to the planet that they have their being on. I advise you begin at home, with yourself, many of us are alienated even from the most simple of pleasures of our soft animal bodies that radiate out into collective alienation, so dear Libra I encourage you to begin the process of re-connection, of plugging back into that human mainframe.

Change Agent Libras: For those of you Libras that decide the fate of many of us I advise this, you begin to act as a bridge between people, as a diplomat and ambassador between warring clans. In an age when people are building walls between one another we need people to start building bridges, here then is your task. You can begin by challenging the policy decisions that keep much of the non-industrialized world enslaved economically and socially to the supposedly more “developed” nations.

Scales, your days of intensity: March 5th (Mercury in Capricorn square Mars in Libra), March 14th (Moon in Aries opposition Mars in Libra), March 15th (Venus in Aquarius square Mars in Scorpio), March 20th (Venus conjunct Neptune in Aquarius) March 21st (Equinox and Venus conjunct Neptune in Aquarius), March 26th (Venus in Aquarius opposition Jupiter in Leo & square Saturn in Leo), March 27th (Venus sextile Pluto in Sagittarius) & March 30th (Moon in Scorpio square Venus in Aquarius).

ScorpioScorpio: November 23-November 29th: Extinction Event

Scorpio is uniquely unafraid of the dark, and is willing to deeply think about the possibility of what a human extinction event and endgame of our species could play out. That said it is something Scorpio will work passionately to avert, because it can pre-conceive disaster it is primed to prevent catastrophe. This is done in their personal lives as well as the arena of collective values an area Scorpio excels at. I encourage all nascent Scorpio’s as part of their inception date project is to reach into the recesses of their imagination and find the power that lives there, it is the power to transform the world. It is an intense directive to be driven by in life, Scorpio’s tend to be intense people.

Change Agent Scorpios:  Endemic to Scorpio is the capacity to work with shared resources and collective power. Along these lines Scorpio is recognizing a societal need to conserve and better manage resources that industrialized societies are squandering at alarming rates through overconsumption (Paul Erlich of Population Bomb fame got it wrong, it isn’t population that is the lynchpin as demographic transition is fast approaching human population to a stable state and then decline, instead it is hyper-consumption and Jevon’s Paradox that are the culprits).

This misguided approach is perpetuated by a kind of cheap materialism, wherein the precious material resources of the planet are transformed into near worthless artifacts that have little essential value or utility, only to be summarily discarded, more simply we call it planned obsolescence, and it is the madness of our age.

Scorpio your Uranian task is similar to your solar opposite Taurus, to bring attention to this profligate waste and advocate for the philosophical, economic, and dare I say spiritual underpinnings of an alternative system which views the material fruits of the planet as assets and ergo create an economy that produces essential goods and utilities, that are designed to last generations, made modifiable for novel improvements in design and technological development, and endlessly recycled at the end of their product lives (ideally we would design things that are indestructible and don’t have a product life end). No longer will the discarded bodies of these products become the detritus that ends up in oceanic gyres and wasting precious resources on non-essentials. This alone by creating dramatic reductions in consumption would make considerable inroads towards avoiding a human extinction crisis. It’s a tall order but you are uniquely designed for such an ambitious trajectory.

Scorpions, your days of intensity: March 5th (Mercury in Capricorn Square Mars in Libra), March 7th Sun in Aquarius sextile Pluto in Sagittarius), March 14th (Moon in Aries Opposition Mars in Libra) & March 15th (Mercury in Aquarius sextile Pluto in Sagittarius & Venus in Aquarius square Mars in Scorpio).

OphiuchusOphiuchus: November 30th-December 17th: Agent of Change, Chaotic Attractor

Opiuchus in their very essence is a catalyst for change and can’t help doing it as they are born with an energy that upsets the assumptions of the dominant society, a society that is in the midst of a collective madness that it must begin to wake up from or it will forfeit its future. Ophiuchus has the inception task of being the wake-up call. Whether this is done privately or publicly is up to you (I recommend publicly, but some of you will have limitations imposed on this possibility). I suppose to summarize I am encouraging you to figure out what it is that you are most passionate about changing in the world, I mean the one injustice that irks beyond reason, and outrages you. When you have that figured out I want to then investigate exactly how you can change it, what it will require and then do it in the most outlandish way you can think of, make it seem like you did with magic and make it look effortless and beautiful. A few suggestions can be found in the writings of Hakim Bey, specifically his book Temporary Autonomous Zone. You are a chaotic attractor by origins, I am now asking you to activate the potential.

Change Agent Ophiucans: Like Scorpio, Ophiuchus deals in collective power (you are twins in the zodiac being so close to one another on the starry wheel). Your differentiation from Scorpio comes in that you are adept primarily with the perceptual circuits that underlie social intrigues and dialogues. As a Medusa sign (the closest mythological proxy) you shape the image (Medusa could turn to stone anything that gazed upon her). Your Uranian task is to dismantle the Patriarchy and the hierarchical culture of domination it has spawned. It will be done in a way as if to seem almost like magick, which is to say you do it wielding the technologies that shape perceptions, and as we know perception is reality, in this case you are changing the subjective directives of the over-culture you are enveloped by. Arthur C. Clarke’s third law which states that: Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, is not just a statement, it is a directive and one that guides you.

Your Uranian task is to wield the tools of technology to re-orient an innately exploitative society towards a more relational and interactive society. A critique of current uses of technology is the first priority, the current implementation and creation of tech are geared towards warfare, invasive surveillance, and a false security, reflective of dominant themes of the parent culture. Your angle of attack is to change the objectives of the cultural dialogue so that people are no longer subject to illegitimate chains of command and future technologies that work with the biosphere and to human flourishing as opposed to ones that entrench hegemony and destroy lives and the environment. It is your role in the creation of an Eco-Technic civilization, and the social paradigm that is the seed of its emergence.

Snake-bearers, your days of intensity: March 6th (Sun in Aquarius square Saturn in Ophiuchus), March 15th (Moon in Taurus opposition Saturn in Ophiuchus & Mercury in Aquarius square Saturn), March 20th-31st (Jupiter in Leo square Saturn in Ophiuchus) & March 26th (Venus in Aquarius square Saturn in Ophiuchus).

SagittariusSagittarius: December 18th-January 18th: Eden in Mutual Reception

Sagittarius, you Archers have a unique symbology that speaks to philosophy, religion, the higher uses of intellect, and foreign lands. You also have an interesting task in the Uranian inception. Pluto is currently traversing your cypher and blowing it open albeit subtlety and in ways you cannot perceive until it becomes unmistakable in its far reaching impact. Along these lines your task is the utter transformation of the Sacred assumptions the world has based itself on. Currently there is much in fighting between religions and philosophies that does not have to be as they have common origins and many of the same objectives which is to relink the individual to the Source of all minds. Sagittarius, this is your clarion call, to find the common ground between all people everywhere and to not allow our differences to divide us any longer.

It will mean some difficult transitions and conversations and the acceptance that demographic shifts are occurring that is changing the spiritual make-up of the world. I council you study as much as you can of the spiritual and philosophical traditions (as those who identify as non-believers may balk at religion but have no problem with philosophy) of the world’s cultures and do so in a way that respects the integrity of those traditions and at the same time allows you to find commonalities that unite the disparate groups in a cohesive framework. Perhaps I am suggesting a world centric philosophy with a strong ethic toward the inherent sacredness of the natural world that we are an expression of, it will fall to you to elucidate the details.

Change Agent Sagittarians: For those of you in international diplomacy and politics, the direction you may be taking is in areas of religious tolerance and freedom. You are called to defend the inalienable human right to freedom of religion and ergo freedom from religion. This stems form a deep understanding that all philosophies from the most religious ones stemming from Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, to the most secular of humanisms and existentialisms, the traditions of micro-nations and forgotten people   and the spiritual but not religious philosophies that are pertinent to a growing demographic of the non-affiliated.

Archers, your days of intensity: March 7th (Sun in Aquarius sextile Pluto in Sagittarius), March 9th (Sun & Moon conjunct in Aquarius opposition Jupiter in Leo) & March 20th (Jupiter in Leo trine Pluto in Sagittarius).

Capricorn2Capricorn: December 19th-February 15th: A House Undivided

The empathy museum an idea suggested by philosopher Roman Krznaric, is designed to help people learn about themselves by seeing the world through the eyes of others. So why the focus on empathy? Capricorns can be ruthlessly ambitious at times & have a need to attune to the sifter side of life. Empathy is the opposite of introversion a distinctly 20th century method of attaining self-knowledge. Outrospection, is a radical idea predicated on the fact that people actually learn more about themselves not through internal reflection but through actively seeking other’s perspectives and reflecting back at themselves. It is an idea long overdue and possible a salve to many of the social problems we face in a highly competitive, hyper-individualistic Capitalist society in which we pursue economic dominance at any cost including ones to our fellow humans. We are a world in which the human species is a house divided and it is destroying us utterly. What’s interesting is that this world of competition correlates to the symbol sets of Capricorn climbing the mountain steadfastly and alone, unfortunately this position no longer serves a globally interconnected world that operates at planetary scale.

Capricorn you’re climbing a new mountain now and it is a race to the top to figure out how best to see the world from other’s perspectives. You are pioneering the distinctly 21st century social capacity of active empathy, and along these lines redesigning the socio-economic matrix that underpins the world system. In essence you are co-creating a new world order in which empathy is the value of primacy and soft skills are emphasized above climbing artificially constructed social hierarchies.

Change Agent Capricorns: It would be difficult to further elucidate your inception date task as it seems it is pretty much spelled out above, that said for those who have any influence on power and the lever pullers of the world, I will advise this. The artificial categories we humans have created to divide one another are illusory. They are not a valid reason for the denial of basic human rights, social and economic justice, or the continued terrorizing of individuals and communities who differ from each other in superficial ways, our differences are a source of diversity and strength, a kind of insurance policy, your job is to lateralize the world so that each and every one of us has an equality of opportunity, as in a level playing field.

Goatfishes, your days of intensity: March 5th (Mercury in Capricorn square Mars in Libra), March 6th (Sun in Aquarius square Saturn in Ophiuchus), March 15th (Moon in Taurus Opposition Saturn in Ophiuchus & Mercury in Aquarius square Saturn), March 26th (Venus square Saturn), March 20th –March 31st (Jupiter in Leo square Saturn in Ophiuchus)

AquariusAquarius: February 16th-March 10th: The Gift of Fire

Aquarius, the story of Prometheus holds a special meaning for you, namely your planetary ruler Uranus exhibits many more of the traits of Prometheus, than those of its namesake. Dreamy Neptune is traversing your stellar neighborhood the mind now turns towards the softening of boundaries & to the confronting of the Promethean wound, namely dealing with the trouble that has emerged since technology emerged in a culture with an ethic of exploitation. While our technology rapidly develops and we begin our diaspora into outer space, the conditions on our home world deteriorate rapidly and are undone by the ministrations of our own hand and the mis-use of the technology gift. We cannot spread out into space with our exploitative mindset lest we use up our world only to use up others we discover in our migrations through the Universe. We must take responsibility for the health of this world, and repair the damage we have done here before we can go a steward other worlds. This is the inception task for Aquarius, to begin to shift the ways in which we use technology and put it to the service of the higher uses of intellect. Aquarius is guided in its idealism by a vision of re-creating Eden.

The illusion of separation that has come with our development of self reflexive consciousness and technology has blinded us to the fact that we were never exiled form Eden and paradise is a place that still exists in our future experience. We are not relegated to a lost past of an Edenic world, it is what we have yet to create. A day is emerging when we will place our hands into the stream and it will run clear and clean, we will put our hand on the body and it will be healed and made whole again, and finally we will place our hands on the soil and it will explode with exuberant life. Aquarius, you guide the world in this vision and remind us to maintain the humility that helps us avoid scientific hubris and cultural chauvinism, so that we are reminded to stay humble as we attain the unimaginable heights. That we can re-integrate and regenerate the Earth as we spread the virus of life out into space and across the universe. Many of these concepts emerged out of the presentation by Orion Foxwood at Pantheacon 2016, Healing the Core Wounds of Humanity. 

Change Agent Aquarians: You are tasked with setting the policy frameworks that will lead humanity towards a more responsible and wise use of technology so that it may become a boon to our species and honor the integrity of our home world’s life support systems. You’d be wise to investigate the work of Nick Bostrom and the Future of Humanity Institute which investigates the impact of emerging technologies (emphasis on Artificial intelligence) and the possible existential risks facing our species. From this investigation will emerge evidence based policy instruments which will truly safe-guard our world and bring us closer to the Edenic vision of the Aquarian imagination.

Waterbearers, your days of intensity: March 4th, (mercury enters Aquarius) March 6th (Sun in Aquarius square Saturn in Ophiuchus), March 7th, Sun in Aquarius sextile Pluto in Sagittarius), March 8th (Sun in Aquarius opposition Jupiter in Leo, New Moon in Aquarius), March 9th (Sun in Aquarius conjunct Moon in Aquarius), March 11th (Mercury conjunct Neptune in Aquarius), March 15th (Mercury in Aquarius opposition Jupiter in Leo, Mercury sextile Pluto in Sagittarius, square Saturn in Ophiuchus & Venus in Aquarius square Mars in Scorpio), March 21st (Equinox & Venus conjunct Neptune in Aquarius) March 26th (Venus in Aquarius opposition Jupiter in Leo, Venus square Saturn in Ophiuchus), March 27th (Venus in Aquarius sextile Pluto in Sagittarius) & March 30th (Moon in Scorpio Square Venus in Aquarius).

PiscesPisces: March 11th-April 18th: Turn and Face the Strange

Pisces, with Uranus blasting through the cypher of your sign your imagination is being upended and in the strange light of the future you are on a journey through the most outlandish possibilities of a completely new world. Science Fiction will be a far more reliable guide to future than any state of the world report, and said reports will seem more like sci-fi anyway and Pisces with your wild and deeply creative imagination you can envision any future scenario from the breathtakingly beautiful to the most nightmarish dystopia. You are a sensitive creature so sometimes the imagining can overwhelm and lead you to escapism, I advise avoiding that detour as the world needs your wide angle perspective more than it has ever needed it before. Pisces is the eyes of the Multiverse and can see through time and space in ways that the other signs cannot. Your inception task is to trust the wild imaginings and bring even the most outrageous visions into reality. If it means you have to face the bizarre and be mesmerized by it than so be it.

Change agent Pisces: For those of you in power who fall under the auspices of the Fishes. Your task is to take the wild imaginings of possible futures and begin to flesh them out. It has been stated that politicians would be wise to read science fiction as it would make them accept the future without struggle and hesitation. This is precisely hat you are up to you are readying the world for the strange light of the future so they will accept it without fear. It is a world of rapidly accelerating changes and the breakdown of massive systems which are leading the species to the brink of extinction. A world in which new systems that reflect radical course corrections are emerging to replace systems that meant certain annihilation. Given these dizzying realities your task is to lay down a practical framework for these radical departures to occur without friction o the delay tactics that politicians are prone to defaulting to, you are uniquely qualified to do it as you can see the contours of what this brave new world looks like.

Fishes, your days of intensity: March 11th (Moon conjunct Uranus in Pisces), March 12th (Sun enters Pisces), March 20th (Mercury enters Pisces), & March 21st (Equinox followed with Venus Conjunct Neptune in Aquarius).

That’s all Cosmonauts!

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Addendum-Other transits of note:

March 8th features a Solar Eclipse on the South Node in Aquarius: A time of renewal always marks the periods of Solar Eclipses, symbolizing one thing being taken out of the world to make room for another, in this case with Aquarius on the riding the bleeding edge it looks like something technology, science, or human rights related, and given that those have been the source of much upheaval in the world, here is hoping it manifests as perhaps a new human rights movement, or the apotheosis of an existing one. In any case it signals some new development in the area of human altruism. With it being on the southern lunar node perhaps we are seeing the eclipsing of the hegemonic assumptions of the entrenched elites finally losing their grip on the cultural imaging and more of us waking up to the economic slavery we are all subject to. An Astrologer can dream.

March 22nd will feature a lunar eclipse in Leo. How appropriate that this cosmic synchronicity occurs a day after the Equinox, right after a time of balance and realigning followed by a renewal of the heart and instincts in one of the more warm, intimate, and affectionate signs of zodiac. Once again the themes of elites come up again. The moon is often a symbolic stand in for the body politic or the people in their teeming masses and perhaps this lunar eclipse will once again reinforce the energies of the solar eclipse, ergo an eclipsing of the elitist stranglehold on power we see in our culture and an empowerment of the people rising up against systems of oppression (one can hope). Power to the People, Monarchs (Leo) of their own skin!





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